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jvblascoguys how do u put things in the context?09:19
jvblascoi know how to get them09:19
jeancavallojvblasco: Depends on the context :D09:19
jvblascojeancavallo: lol09:19
jvblascojeancavallo: what do u mean?09:19
jeancavallojvblasco: you can use with Transaction().set_context(kw=value, ...)09:19
jeancavallojvblasco: if you are running some code and want to change the context09:19
jvblascojeancavallo: wouldn't that overwrite my current context?09:20
jeancavallojvblasco: It would update it09:20
jeancavallojvblasco: and the with statement would make sure you'd be back to your original state after09:20
jvblascowith the kw variable isn't it?09:20
jeancavallojvblasco: the keyword you want to add09:20
jvblascojeancavallo: i c09:21
jeancavallojvblasco: If what you want is giving context to O2M childs, you can use the context argument of fields.One2Many and feed it Pyson09:21
jvblascojeancavallo: btw through a wizard, do i have access to all stateviews during the process?09:21
jeancavallojvblasco: fields.One2Many(..., context={'my_key': Eval('move')})09:21
jeancavallojvblasco: What do you call "During process" ?09:22
jvblascojeancavallo: lol, still didn't find any need for that, but will keep it in mind09:22
jvblascojeancavallo: imagine i have a wizard with 4 stateviews and 3 transtions09:22
jeancavallojvblasco: My use case is default values depending on the parent09:22
jvblascojeancavallo: executes secuentally, may i in the 3rd transition the values from the first stateview?09:23
jeancavallojvblasco: ofc09:23
jvblascojeancavallo: just with form = self.view1?09:24
jeancavallojvblasco: yeah09:24
jvblascojeancavallo: omg, wizards are really powerfull then09:24
jeancavallojvblasco: They are09:24
jeancavallojvblasco: Just wait till you start to play with StateActions09:24
jeancavallojvblasco: :)09:25
jvblascojeancavallo: don't even know what they are, but after function fields, and wizards...09:25
jvblascojeancavallo: and the easy flask integration (nereid, flask-tryton)09:25
jvblascojeancavallo: i don't really know why sometimes ppl uses web frameworks, that don't provide things like a workflow engine, state machines and really usefull stuff for doing computations.09:26
jvblascoand interacting with a user09:26
jeancavallojvblasco: web frameworks are a trend right now09:27
jeancavallojvblasco: that is all09:27
jvblascojeancavallo: btw thnx so much for the help. Someday i'll play with the actions as i need them09:27
jvblascojeancavallo: yeah, it must be09:27
jeancavallojvblasco: np09:28
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jvblascojeancavallo: i find fun startups going with web frameworks and spending tones of money later on for the enterprise software, cause they realize that creating the software for managing the enterprise is far too complex to implement it09:28
jvblascojeancavallo: yet things like tryton exist, and the entreprise part is the most complex by far09:29
jeancavallojvblasco: More sad than fun :'(09:30
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jvblascojeancavallo: yeah, but i find laughing better than crying lol09:31
jvblascojeancavallo: ;)09:31
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jvblascoguys, while going through different wizard steps, if i set an attibute in the context will it be kept through all the process?10:12
jeancavallojvblasco: depends on how you set it10:12
jeancavallojvblasco: :)10:12
jvblascojeancavallo: lol, using Transaction().set_context(kw=value, ...) would keep kw through all the wizard?10:13
jeancavallojvblasco: nope10:13
pokolijvblasco: why you need it in the context? IMHO it's better to pass it trough the wizard itself10:13
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jeancavallojvblasco: pokoli: yeah10:13
jeancavallojvblasco: Just add a field on a step10:13
jvblascopokoli, jeancavallo: i need to keep track of how many times the user goes through a window10:13
jeancavallojvblasco: add an integer field on the view and increment it in the default10:14
jeancavallojvblasco: is what I would do10:14
jvblascojeancavallo: with the default?10:14
jeancavallojvblasco: default_state_name in the wizard10:14
jeancavallojvblasco: is an instance method10:14
jeancavallojvblasco: in which you can access everything10:15
jeancavallojvblasco: the Transaction thing earlier is to be used in a with statement, so it is reset when you exit the block10:15
jvblascojeancavallo:  and why using the default_state_name?10:16
jeancavallojvblasco: It is called everytime you enter the State View10:16
jvblascojeancavallo: i mean is it called everytime the user changes a stateView?10:16
jvblascojeancavallo: any state view?10:17
jeancavallojvblasco: it is default_<our_state_name_here> :)10:17
jeancavallojvblasco: So you can have one method per state10:17
jvblascojeancavallo: great! Thnx so much for the info, it REALLY simplifies some things ;)10:17
jvblascojeancavallo, pokoli: thnx so much for the help guys10:18
jeancavallojvblasco: tryton usually provides a simple way to do things :)10:18
jeancavallojvblasco: Except if you try to do really weird things10:18
jvblascojeancavallo: yeah, that's what im noticing since i started developing harder with tryton10:18
jvblascoi cannot really w8 for workflows play10:19
jvblascobut it will have to w8 a little bit10:19
jvblascoworkflows seem so simple and powerfull, that i'm sure it will be lots of fun10:19
jvblascothnx for the help ;)10:20
jvblascoand is the default method called b4 rendering the view?10:21
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jeancavallojvblasco: yeah10:27
jvblascojeancavallo: great, thnx ;)10:28
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sisalphello, seems installing project on demo server 3.0 never ends11:03
sisalpthe point I wanted to check is about resource assignment to a project : what kind of resource can be assigned ? users, employees, parties ?11:05
sisalpfinally, module install ended successfuly11:07
sisalpseems the answer is in timesheet which relates to employees11:09
sisalpcan anybody confirm ?11:10
cedksisalp: what do you mean by "assigned"?11:10
jeancavallosisalp: looks that way to me11:10
sisalpcedk: I expected resource assignement, I see a relation to employee timesheet, sounds ok11:12
sisalpcedk: the demo is still very slow11:13
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sisalpcedk: I guess the beauty of project is the "work" concept, I remember it was discussed , but I have to do my homework and understand what it was about ;-)11:16
cedksisalp: timesheet are not assignation11:17
cedksisalp: maybe it is the allocation from the module project_plan?11:18
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cedksisalp: for the slowness, it is because the server runs also the unittest11:24
cedkwe are looking to buy a new one with the Foundation11:25
sisalpcedk: the question from the prospect was : Do I need a user account for all my employees who contribute to projects ? I understand the answer is no.11:25
cedksisalp: no except if he wants the employees to use the application11:29
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jvblascois it normal that after creating a model with a o2m relation, that relation is a tupple instead of a list?13:18
cedkjvblasco: yes, it is immutable13:23
jvblascocedk: i'm finding a tupple in the o2m after saving the model (which creates it)13:28
jvblascocedk: here the code
jvblascocedk: it's the first time i find i cannot append to a o2m field13:30
cedkjvblasco: yes, it is immutable13:31
cedkjvblasco: but from your code, why are you saving twice?13:35
cedkjvblasco: why not: systems_plan.extras = form.extras13:36
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jvblascocedk: oh, didn't know it could be done that way13:46
jvblascocedk: good to know ;)13:46
jvblascocedk: it worked like a breeze, thnx so much13:51
jvblascobtw how do i access the string part of a selection field?13:51
jvblasco('db_value', 'string')13:52
cedkjvblasco: you don't13:56
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jvblascowhen i get a model from the db and it has a o2m field, does that field always get constructed as a tupple?16:25
cedkjvblasco: yes16:28
jvblascocedk: and how would u recommend me to add resources to a o2m field?16:29
jvblascocedk: something like appending or maybe there's an add() method i don't know about16:30
cedkjvblasco: convert to list and set the new list16:30
jvblascocedk: that's what i wanted to avoid, anyway if it's the only way, all good ;)16:32
jvblascocedk: just wanted to know if there's a better (maybe more elegant) way to do it16:32
jeancavallojvblasco: Depending on what you want, you may just "write" it16:32
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jeancavallojvblasco: but that is a db action16:33
jvblascojeacavallo: if converting to a list and appending is an accepted way to do it, im all good16:43
cedkpokoli: did you test your translation changes?17:16
pokolicedk: didn't test lastest review, did I break something?17:18
cedkpokoli: can not create any translation17:19
pokolicedk: let me check17:21
pokolicedk: are you getting a selection error?17:22
cedkpokoli: no lanaguage is set17:25
pokolicedk: Just uploaded
cedkpokoli: mine:
cedkpokoli: I don't where is the best place to set the missing field17:33
pokolicedk: just put my comments on review17:38
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jvblascosee u tomorrow guys ;)18:38
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