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pokolisharoonthomas: it's not possible to have a per site base.jinja for nereid_webshop? I can't manage to override it's logo block10:40
sharoonthomaspokoli: its possible10:51
sharoonthomaspokoli: you can have a folder in the templates directory with the 'name' of the website10:52
sharoonthomaspokoli: nereid first looks for the website template folder, followed by the root template folder10:52
pokolisharoonthomas: that's what i'm doing for home.jinja, but it doesn't work with base.jinja10:56
pokolisharkcz: maybe I'm missing something :S10:56
pokolisharkcz: sorry, i was talking to sharoonthomas10:56
sharoonthomaspokoli: i think I know why... in your home.jinja can you change the extends line ?10:57
sharoonthomaspokoli: {% extends + '/base.jinja' %}10:57
pokolisharoonthomas: home.jinja is working perfectly10:58
pokolisharoonthomas: I try to have a customized logo per webside, so I override the logo block in base.jinja10:58
pokolisharoonthomas: But i get the old logo. If I override home.jinja, the logo gets displayed on the home page but not on the other pages10:59
pokolisharoonthomas: so I'm wondering how to change the logo for all pages10:59
sharoonthomaspokoli: am i right in thinking that the structure of your templates folder for the app is 1:'templates/', 2:`templates/site1/..`, 3:`templates/site2/...`11:00
pokolisharoonthomas: yes it is11:02
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sharoonthomaspokoli: in that case create a templates/base.jinja with just one line {% extends + '/base.jinja' %}11:02
sharoonthomaspokoli: and ensure that there is a base.jinja in each folder11:02
pokolisharoonthomas: let me try :)11:02
sharoonthomaspokoli: template inheritance is a little tricky.... and we need some good documentation about these trivial cases11:04
pokolisharoonthomas: worked perfectly! thanks11:07
pokolisharoonthomas: you saved my a lot of time, because we where thinking in duplicating all the code in order to make logo work :P11:11
sharoonthomaspokoli: glad i could be of help... would be great if you add a gotcha or wiki of nereid webshop ?11:14
pokolisharoonthomas: wiki not enabled for nereid-webshop11:15
pokolisharoonthomas: If you can enable it i will try to document the issue :)11:16
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sharoonthomaspokoli: created11:51
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pokolisharoonthomas: here you have :)12:03
sharoonthomaspokoli: you are aware that you do not have to copy templates at all to a new application's template directory right? It picks up from tryton package folder12:07
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pokolisharoonthomas: I'm using the tryton package as template folder12:08
sharoonthomaspokoli: cool12:09
pokolisharoonthomas: to use a custom folder I have to override the TEMPLATE config in, don't I?12:12
pokolisharoonthomas: I think you missed the link on the tweet :P12:12
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sharoonthomaspokoli: ah! hangover12:19
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pokolianyone knows if there are some issues with numeric search on sqlite?17:55
pokoliI'm searching for lines with debit <= Decimal('75') and I'm getting lines with debit 10017:55
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yangoon1pokoli: what do you get with: debit <= 75 ?18:12
pokoli yangoon1 the correct result18:12
pokoliyangoon1: thanks, I'm wondering if this will cause problems on postgresql :(18:14
pokoliyangoon1: trytond expects Decimal, so I can not cast :(18:18
yangoon1pokoli: do you access via trytond/python-sql?18:19
pokoliyangoon1: Yes, I'm doing a search on account.move.line18:20
yangoon1pokoli: weird, sounds like a bug18:20
cedkpokoli: they are unittest about searching numerci fields18:22
cedkpokoli: did you look at the real SQL query executed?18:23
pokolicedk: I know about unit test, I executed it on my local server and they passed18:24
pokolicedk: So I'm wondering if the unit test still miss something18:24
pokolicedk: I have the python-sql generated tuple18:24
cedkpokoli: how the debit was filled?18:25
pokolicedk: the debit field is filled by another account.move.line instance18:27
pokolicedk: something like ('credit', '<=',
cedkpokoli: that doesn't fill anything18:29
pokoliACTION is wondering why they case breaks and doesn't break on unitest18:29
pokolicedk: what do you mean by fill?18:29
cedkpokoli: created18:32
pokolicedk: 'debit': Decimal(30),18:32
pokolicedk: maybe If i use Decimal('30.0') should work properly?18:33
cedkpokoli: how is it in SQLite?18:34
pokoliids 2 and 4 are the ids of the results i get, id 8 is the line where i get the credit to generate the domain18:40
cedkpokoli: I guess your search query is too complex for the data interpolation of sqlite18:41
pokolicedk: that's the domain i'm searching for [('reconciliation', '=', None), ('account', '=', Pool().get('account.account')(5)), ('debit', '<=', Decimal('75')), ('credit', '=', 0)]18:41
cedkcredit = 0 is useless18:43
cedkpokoli: indeed I suspect sqlite to do a string comparison18:47
pokolicedk: Just replaced with ('debit', '!=', 0), which is wath I'm searching for and I get the same problem :P18:47
cedkpokoli: so '100' <= '75'18:48
pokolicedk: I will try to create a test case and fill a bug with the test case18:48
cedkpokoli: I'm not sure we will be able to fix sqlite18:50
pokolicedk: I understand, no problem18:52
cedkpokoli: perhaps casting both side into float for search?18:54
pokolicedk: thay may do the trick18:57
cedkpokoli: or succeeded to get sqlite compare string like this: '100' > '075'18:57
pokolicedk: I think it's easier to cast18:59
cedkpokoli: or ask sqlite maintainer about this18:59
pokolicedk: Here is the breaking test
cedkwe store in Decimal as blob:
cedkotherwise they are stored as float and we get rounding issue19:02
cedkpokoli: I would prefer to add a new test case19:02
cedkpokoli: instead of changing existing19:03
pokolicedk: I will create new one :)19:05
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pokolicedk: just uploaded the new test case19:14
pokolicedk: if stored as blob they can be casted as float?19:15
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aziI'm trying to connect to a tryton server on a linode.  i've installed tryton 2.2.4 via debian stable aptitude, created my pg user/pass, updated /etc/trytond.conf with the pg settings and /etc/init.d/trytond restart, but the client still says 'no server detected' when i try to access the ip.  if I turn on web-dav on 8080 and restart, I get an empty http site at server:8080, but still nothing on :8000.  Ive tried setting the log setting in /etc19:22
aziIs there anyone on here with the expertise and a moment to point me in the right direction? I would be hugely appreciative.19:22
yangoon1azi: first of all, version 2.2 is quite outdated, I would recommend a backport from debian.tryton.org19:24
aziUnderstood and thanks for the reply!19:25
yangoon1azi: feel free to ask again if you still run into problems19:25
aziMy default mo is to work with the version in repo until i need something greater, but i'll pull the latest.19:25
azicopy, thanks for the responsiveness:)19:25
pokoliazi: I will recomend you 3.0 :P19:25
yangoon1azi in case you didn't know:
pokolicedk: casting on both sides seems to do the trick for solving the issue19:31
aziThanks yangoon, i've had that open in the back, i just hadn't thought to check the repo versions... upgrading to 3.0 now.19:36
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aziOk, so I'm running tryton-server v3.0.2 with no modules as downloaded from for wheezy on the linode, and tryton-client v3.0.1 from same source on my dev machine.  I've set the PG settings in /etc/trytond.conf and restarted to the following log: [Tue Mar 04 18:51:20 2014] INFO:server:stopped19:56
azi[Tue Mar 04 18:51:21 2014] INFO:server:using /etc/trytond.conf as configuration file19:56
azi[Tue Mar 04 18:51:21 2014] INFO:server:initialising distributed objects services19:56
azi[Tue Mar 04 18:51:21 2014] INFO:server:starting JSON-RPC protocol on localhost:800019:56
azihowever, when I go to the client, put in the server url and port 8000, I still get 'unable to connect to database' :-/19:56
azido I need to explicitly start the server at ip:8000 instead of localhost:8000?19:57
yangoon1azi if you are not on the same host, put :8000 in trytond.conf19:57
yangoon1server currently listens on localhost19:58
yangoon1azi: and if you are not able to connect to the database, there still could something be misssing in your postgres setup (pg_hba.conf)19:59
aziOk... we're getting places.  now when I try to connect, a progress bar shows up and then quickly disappears to the same 'Could not connect to the server' but the server logs :[Tue Mar 04 18:58:50 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"20:00
azirechecking postgres configuration20:00
yangoon1azi: finally you seem to be ready to create your first tryton database;)20:01
azichecking pg_hba.conf, as I am still getting 'cannot connect' in the profile manager.20:02
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aziOK... I modified pg_hba.conf to allow host all all, restarted pg and the server, but I'm in the same spot.20:17
azipg_hba.conf: #host    all             all            md520:18
azihost allall0.0.0.0/0md520:18
yangoon1azi: do you have a tryton role in the postgres?20:19
azistill getting [Tue Mar 04 19:16:40 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1" every time I click on my 'test_tryton_server' profile.  The progress bar loads for an instant, but then returns 'unable to connect', I'm going to see if I an find a client log20:19
aziI have one that I configured, client_tryton, as specified in the guide.20:20
yangoon1azi: does it have a password?20:20
aziyes.  for the hell of it, I'm going to redo that whole portion of the program with a new user20:21
azijust to make sure I recalled the password correctly.20:21
aziShall the new roll be allowed to create new roles?  no, correct?20:23
yangoon1no, it just needs permissions to create databases20:23
yangoon1if you want to do so;), so usually yes20:24
azihmm... I seem to have totally missed the last line of tryton/wiki/setupandstart:20:27
aziCreate a databaseCancel login windowClick on File>Database>New DatabaseFill the form and click on CreateLogin with the user "admin"20:27
aziwhen adding the new database, it asks for a password it says is in /etc/trytond.conf, yet when I scan it I can't see it, and the database password doesn't work.20:28
yangoon1azi: :) (20:01:48) yangoon: azi: finally you seem to be ready to create your first tryton database;)20:28
yangoon1azi: password of tryton server is in trytond.conf and by default 'admin'20:29
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aziAlmost there!20:45
aziThe database creation worked, then when I went to profiles and clicked, it could see the database!20:46
aziseems like the only thing I'm missing is the default admin password.20:47
aziyangoon1, thank you so much for your help20:48
aziI'm in!20:48
yangoon1azi for login you use the password you provided for the database (while creating it)20:48
yangoon1azi: welcome!20:48
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