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hiaselhanshi there12:46
hiaselhansi have a question once again12:47
hiaselhansis it possible to disable form_print button per domain?12:47
hiaselhansfor example in 'state' = 'draft'12:47
cedkhiaselhans: no12:54
cedkhiaselhans: but in trunk, you can use a button12:55
hiaselhansok cool, like cls._update_buttons()?12:58
hiaselhansi meant12:58
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freeqi have a question.. i am installing GNU Health which includes Tryton on Ubuntu 12.04.. I have followed all instructions, started the tryton server . now I am connecting from Windows Tryton client and when it's trying to fetch the Databse list it results in "Could not connect to server"15:33
freeqhowever when I check on the server end I see this:15:33
freeqgnuhealth:~/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.0.2/bin $ ./trytond15:34
freeq[Mon Mar 10 14:01:58 2014] INFO:server:using /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.0.2/etc/trytond.conf as configuration file15:34
freeq[Mon Mar 10 14:01:58 2014] INFO:server:initialising distributed objects services15:34
freeq[Mon Mar 10 14:01:58 2014] INFO:server:starting JSON-RPC protocol on *:800015:34
freeq[Mon Mar 10 14:02:05 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"15:34
freeq[Mon Mar 10 14:02:07 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"15:34
freeqso it seems as though the connection is coming through15:34
freeqnot sure what's going wrong15:34
freeqany ideas?15:34
nicoefreeq: it's the database connection that is up not the client to the server connection15:35
freeqmakes sense.. is there any log file where I could see in more detail what's happening15:37
freeqthe thing is, in the Tryton version coming with GNU Health the config file has most lines commented out15:39
freeqI am not sure if that's correct15:39
freeqthe instructions don't mention that I would have to change anything like db_type15:40
freeqbut it's commented out15:40
corrofreeq: there are default values for the settings. For example default db_type is 'postgresql'.15:49
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corrofreeq: and GNU health questions you should probably better ask in #gnu-health15:51
freeqcorro: thanks.. tried there yesterday but it was a bit inactive.. i figured the issue may be somewhere on the Tryton server config or something15:51
corrofreeq: I don't know the GNU health installation instructions, but it looks like there is a problem connecting to the database. Do you have a local or a remote database server?15:51
freeqit's local15:51
corrofreeq: can you connect to the db using the psql command line tool?15:51
freeqbut i have to say i didn't do any config except setting up the gnuhealth DB and user15:52
freeqi think GNU Health sets up the rest15:52
freeqto be honest i'm not really a Tryton/Postgres expert :|15:52
freeqsince it's a vserver I also have the option of using another distro, Debian or CentOS, any of those work better with Tryton/GNU Health than Ubuntu?15:52
freeqcorro: not sure.. how would I do that? the DB name is "gnuhealth"15:58
corrofreeq: just try 'psql'15:58
freeqpsql: FATAL:  database "gnuhealth" does not exist15:59
freeqi did create it according to instructions15:59
corrofreeq: try this command again: su - postgres -c "createuser --createdb --no-createrole --no-superuser gnuhealth"16:00
corrofreeq: but as root user16:00
corrofreeq: not the gnuhealth user you seem to work with right now16:00
freeqok will try16:01
freeqroot:~# su - postgres -c "createuser --createdb --no-createrole --no-superuser gnuhealth"16:01
freeqcreateuser: creation of new role failed: ERROR:  role "gnuhealth" already exists16:01
corrofreeq: guessed so... well then let's create just the database: su - postgres -c "createdb --owner=gnuhealth gnuhealth"16:03
freeqas root right?16:03
corrofreeq: yes16:03
freeqnow it connects to the database if i type psql16:04
corrofreeq: start the server once again and try to connect16:04
freeqsame issue still :(16:06
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:05:24 2014] INFO:server:using /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.0.2/etc/trytond.conf as configuration file16:07
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:05:24 2014] INFO:server:initialising distributed objects services16:07
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:05:24 2014] INFO:server:starting JSON-RPC protocol on *:800016:07
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:05:29 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"16:07
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:05:31 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"16:07
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:05:33 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"16:07
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:06:25 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"16:07
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:06:33 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"16:07
corrofreeq: did you start the server as the gnuhealth user?16:07
freeqcould there be an issue with packages or versions?16:08
freeqi did upgrade from 10.04 before, since it's a VPS I had to do the upgrade and couldn't install from scratch16:09
freeqthe thing was on a previous image (unrelated to the current) I did get the connection to work on Ubuntu 10.04, but then could not install the modules.. i figured would be better to upgrade to 12.04 at that point16:10
freeqso i restored 10.04 image clean and then did the upgrade16:10
freeqfollowed by install of GNU Health16:10
corrofreeq: looks like the gnuhealth package is pretty self contained, I don't think the problem is related to your system.16:11
freeqwould it be useful to check postgres logs?16:13
corrofreeq: could you please post the trytond.conf on (or something similar)?16:13
freeqbtw, thanks for all the help so far, appreciated16:13
corrofreeq: you're welcome16:13
freeqthis is the standard one, I only changed "jsonrpc = local:8000" to "jsonrpc = *:8000"16:16
corrofreeq: looks correct, default values should be fine if you're able to log in via psql16:17
pokolifreeq: you must set your db_user and db_password for the gnuhealth you created to access postgresql16:17
freeqok I can try that16:19
freeqwould the db user and password need to be equal to the username and password of gnuhealth user?16:19
freeqor is that independent?16:20
corropokoli: not necessarily if he uses peer authentication?16:20
pokolicorro: AFAIK peer authentication is disabled by default16:21
freeqi am connection from a remote client btw16:22
pokolifreeq: corro frist thing I will try is to connect to Postgresql manually from comandline16:22
corropokoli: did already work using peer auth16:22
freeq~/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.0.2/bin $ psql16:23
freeqpsql (9.1.12)16:23
freeqType "help" for help.16:23
freeqgnuhealth=> help16:23
pokolifreeq: in which user are you runing postgresql?16:23
freeqah you mean the server16:24
freeqi guess root, how can i check?16:24
pokolifreeq: yes, the server16:24
pokolifreeq: can you run trytond from the comandline, just type ./trytond in the bin folder16:25
freeqroot:/bin# ./trytond16:26
freeq-bash: ./trytond: No such file or directory16:26
freeqtryton is installed within the GNU Health installation though16:26
freequnder gnuhealth user16:26
pokolifreeq: so run under the gnuhealth user, in the ~/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.0.2/bin folder :P16:27
freeq~/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.0.2/bin $ ./trytond16:29
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:29:47 2014] INFO:server:using /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.0.2/etc/trytond.conf as configuration file16:29
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:29:47 2014] INFO:server:initialising distributed objects services16:29
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:29:48 2014] INFO:server:starting JSON-RPC protocol on *:800016:29
pokolifreeq: All seems ok. Can you connect from the client and create a database?16:30
freeqnope.. i get the "Could not connect to server" error16:31
freeqalthough i do see the connection on the server16:32
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:30:23 2014] INFO:server:starting JSON-RPC protocol on *:800016:32
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:30:27 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"16:32
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:30:30 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"16:32
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:30:36 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"16:32
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:30:39 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"16:32
freeq[Mon Mar 10 15:30:44 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"16:32
corrothese are attempted connections to the server. Trytond retries failed attempts five times by default (hence the five connects to template1).16:33
corrothere must be a db connection issue, but I don't really see why16:33
freeqare there any useful logs to check for more details?16:35
pokolifreeq: corro I imagine that peer is only enabled for local sockets, and tryton is ussing a tpc-socket for connecting postgresql16:36
pokolifreeq: could you try psql -U gnuhealth -h localhost gnuhealth16:36
corropokoli: that's not the default behavior of trytond, it uses peer auth by default16:37
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freeqthat command seems to be doing nothing16:39
pokolifreeq: have you changed any config in the postgresql configuration?16:40
pokolifreeq: could you paste the output of: netstat -putan | grep 543216:41
freeqnothing comes back16:43
freeqdidn't change anyting either in postgresql config16:46
freeqclean install16:46
pokolifreeq: so your postgresql is only listening to local socket, so you can't conect to it16:46
freeqok, how do i change that?16:47
pokolifreeq: in postgresql pg_hba.conf16:47
freeqseems i have 2 postgres dirs16:49
freeqfind / -name "pg_hba.conf"16:49
freeq9.1 and 8.416:50
freeqcontents of pg_hba.conf of 9.1:
pokolifreeq: it's enabled on line 3916:54
pokolifreeq: so I guess your running 8.416:55
freeqhow can i see which one i'm running?16:56
freeqpg_hba.conf for 8.4:
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