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grasbauerhi - any gtk gurus available? switching from calendar to form raises "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'parent'"  -  which is caused by "return"  What means group in this context?11:08
cedk_grasbauer: group of records11:11
grasbauercedk_: ok - no idea how to debug this ...11:14
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cedk_grasbauer: without traceback, I have no idea11:25
grasbauercedk_: it only happens if I click on the first event in a calendar ...11:27
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cedk_grasbauer: it is strange that the record has no parent11:36
cedk_grasbauer: could you test on trunk11:36
grasbauercedk_: ok - but what means parent of record in the client?11:37
cedk_grasbauer: the parent in regards of one2many relation11:37
grasbauercedk_: ah - ok11:38
cedk_grasbauer: here it is a test to know if it is the record to save or the parent11:38
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grasbauercedk_: so I guess I know what is the reason: if i switch to the calendar the domain is the current month - but there is also shown the last date of the previous month with an event11:40
cedk_grasbauer: please fill a bug11:41
grasbauercedk_: hard to explain  - will do it in german ;)11:42
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param_Hello Folks18:09
param_I am getting following error in tryton : trytond.model.fields.many2one in sql_format AssertionError18:10
nicoeparam_: can you be more specific18:10
param_i am trying to remove a user who already has some values attached to user18:13
param_so When I try to delete it throws an error18:13
param_I check on google, saw this link
nicoeWhat's the traceback18:14
grasbauerparam_: are you calling a method?18:16
param_i am calling a method18:16
grasbauerparam_: the value you set should be None18:17
cedk_param_: you are writing False to a Many2One which is not a valid value18:17
cedk_param_: Many2One is a foreign key, not a Boolean18:17
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param__Sorry, my net got disconnected18:19
cedk_param_: freenode web gateway is not really the best client18:20
param__When i called the delete user method it gave me an error : trytond.model.fields.many2one in sql_format AssertionError18:21
param__@cedk_  what other options ? other than freenode web gateway ?18:22
grasbauerparam__: you set False as new value - but you should set None18:22
cedk_param__: we need the fullstack to help you18:24
param__@cedk thanks for the list18:25
param__@grasbauer : I am trying that to set it to none18:26
param__thanks grasbauer : It got fixed, thanks a ton18:28
alisonken1lapmorning cedk_18:35
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alisonken1lapcedk_: if I may ask - what timezone are you in?18:36
cedk_alisonken1lap: CEST18:36
alisonken1lapok - we're about 9 hours apart then18:37
alisonken1lapprobably why I don't see much activity here when I'm working18:37
alisonken1lapI just started evaluating tryton after openerp7 (change to subscription model messed up my evaluation since I took longer than 2 weeks)18:38
alisonken1laplooks pretty good so far18:38
alisonken1lapbtw - I've created slackbuilds for trytond-3.0.3 and tryton-3.0.2 - seems to work pretty well ootb on slackware so far18:39
alisonken1lapI've read on google groups that 3.2 should be out this month - hope it goes well with the new version18:40
alisonken1lapI noticed there's a point-of-sale module in development - something I've been looking for18:42
cedk_alisonken1lap: the usual way18:42
cedk_alisonken1lap: don't know too much about this POS18:42
alisonken1laponce I get the hang of tryton I'll be looking at the pos module closer18:43
alisonken1lapthe one thing I did notice so far is the lack of US style of some things - like EIN v. VAT18:44
alisonken1lapas I dig a little deeper into tryton, I might be able to help with some of these differences18:45
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alisonken1lapcedk_: btw - the admin manual I found on one of the mailing list postings is for v2 - is someone looking at updating the admin manual for v3?18:46
nicoealisonken1lap: That's the problem with documentation there are so few of it and it gets unmaintained.18:49
nicoealisonken1lap: But at the TUB this year people we're talking about a doing a github project to manage it.18:50
alisonken1lapas noted, I might be able to help with some of the dev and docs18:50
nicoealisonken1lap: you should ping sharoonthomas or jcavallo when they are around about that18:50
alisonken1lapnicoe: do you know what timezone they're in? I have 2 logins here (one laptop and one home) so may miss any pings18:51
nicoealisonken1lap: Jean is in the same timezone as we are (he's from Paris)18:52
alisonken1lapah - ok. I'm PST/PDT, so about 9 hours behind thne18:52
nicoealisonken1lap: Sharoon is in India18:52
nicoealisonken1lap: but he's travelling a lot18:52
alisonken1lapI used to travel a lot - then I retired from the navy :)18:52
nicoealisonken1lap: anyway here is the github project
nicoealisonken1lap: but it's already 2 months old18:53
nicoegot to go18:54
alisonken1lapthe only caveat I would have is I don't  have access to windows or mac18:54
grasbaueralisonken1lap: that's elysian19:03
alisonken1lapgrasbauer: for the docs?19:03
grasbaueralisonken1lap: not having mac or windows ;)19:04
alisonken1lapI think the last time I worked on a windows machine was windows 9519:05
grasbaueralisonken1lap: so you should take a tour in windows 8 - you will be impressed :-D19:06
alisonken1lapgrasbauer: I've looked at windows 8 - my son just got a laptop not too long ago. Not impressed really19:06
alisonken1lapwindows 7 showed some promise, but MS decided to keep with a central registry and they're inteface could still use some major rework19:07
grasbaueralisonken1lap: everything works magicly - also the submissions to NSA19:07
alisonken1lapunfortunately, they continue to "improve" they're interface so you basically end up relearning every year19:07
alisonken1lapthere is that :)19:07
alisonken1lapback on topic though19:08
alisonken1lapI've just spent several days installing tryton and trying to learn how it works19:09
alisonken1laphard-to-find documentation and no reasonable information being on just starting is making it rather 'interesting' to figure out19:09
grasbaueralisonken1lap: volunteers always welcome. the most people here seems to work hard on real projects - so documentation and marketing is a little bit underweighted. Every tryton conference we are talking about this issue and it becomes better year by year19:14
alisonken1lapthe next question would be "how different is 3.0 and 3.2?"19:27
alisonken1lapany docs will have to address that issue as well19:27
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alisonken1lapgrasbauer: how busy are you atm?19:29
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grasbaueralisonken1lap: very busy :)20:13
alisonken1lapI have days like that :)20:14
grasbauerare there limitations of table.not_null_action in modul extensions? It seems not to work ...20:24
grasbauergrasbauer: sorry for the noise - it works like a charm20:34
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alisonken1lapok - now I'm gettin "Server version mismatch" - trytond-3.0.3 server and tryton-3.0.2 client21:13
alisonken1lapI would think that the 3.0 would be sufficient (since x.x.y => y=bugfix andx.x=>version)21:14
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pokolialisonken1lap: which version do you have?21:40
pokolialisonken1lap: you can use the mailing list or the irc chat in order to resolve your questions :)21:40
alisonken1lapfound out - was playing with ssl certs and it looks like it cached some stuff21:44
alisonken1lapseems to work now after reinstalling21:44
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