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ritonlajoiei have a hard time getting into understanding the python code for the modules15:18
ritonlajoiewhat module should I read and try to debug/understand to get what it is about ?15:18
pokoliritonlajoie: hi what do you want to achieve? What knowledge base do you have?15:21
pokoliritonlajoie: have you read the docs on ??15:22
ritonlajoieI'm trying to get into ERP programming15:24
ritonlajoieI thought Tryton should be a good choice15:25
ritonlajoieI can program in python on problem though.15:25
ritonlajoieI have been to the documentation, but the 'development process' page is kind of light for me$15:25
ritonlajoiefor example in the country module, there is that method search_rec_name15:27
ritonlajoiethe code there, I have no idea how I could have get it myself :p15:28
cedkritonlajoie: it is the searched of a Function field15:28
pokoliritonlajoie: would be great if you can give us some hints on how to improve the docs, and even better contribute some patches :)15:35
ritonlajoiepatches I couldn't, since I just got into the codebase and don't understand it lol15:38
ritonlajoiewhat I like in documentations, is walk throughs15:38
ritonlajoieor things like, what classes are mandatory in the modules, what they do, what arguments to they take, with concrete examples15:39
pokoliritonlajoie: has talking for patches for the docs, you can found all here
ritonlajoieright now I'm reading the country module, seems good but as I said with the pastebin, I have no idea what this method does actually. Maybe I should debug this stuff15:39
pokoliritonlajoie: i encourage you to use the search function on the docs when you don't understand anything15:42
pokoliritonlajoie: for rec_name:
ritonlajoiebtw on this page, the 'module index' link is 404 (the link at the bottom of the page)
pokoliritonlajoie: can you fill an issue on the bug tracker?15:44
pokoliritonlajoie: thanks :)15:51
ritonlajoieyou are welcome15:52
ritonlajoiesubmitted 2 issues and 1 wish :p15:52
pokoliritonlajoie: have seen it16:03
pokoliritonlajoie: not sure if the first one is an issue :P16:03
ritonlajoiemaybe not16:04
ritonlajoieI just think a link named 'Source' in the context of a software should get to the source code of the software :p16:04
ritonlajoieI think I just understood that it's actually the source of the page16:05
ritonlajoieI'm dumb16:05
cedkritonlajoie: thanks to not prefix issue titles but use component16:07
ritonlajoieah didn't see that, sorry16:08
ritonlajoiecedk what component name is used for the documentation ?16:11
ritonlajoieshould I put 'doc' ?16:11
pokoliritonlajoie: yes, it's the soruce of the page16:17
ritonlajoiepokoli:there is no component named doc16:19
ritonlajoieI have another issue to post related to the doc16:19
ritonlajoieshould you create this component ?16:20
pokoliritonlajoie: let's wait for cedk opinion :)16:20
ritonlajoieok :p16:21
cedkritonlajoie: each doc is linked to a component16:21
ritonlajoieis anyone of you working on windows ?16:24
ritonlajoieinstalling py2exe with easy_install leads to an error since some installed files are recognized as viruse by MSE. weird huh16:25
pokoliritonlajoie: no windows here :)16:25
ritonlajoielucky guy16:26
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pokoliritonlajoie: why you say this? you're free to use another operating system when you want16:29
ritonlajoienot at the office no :p16:30
udonoritonlajoie: hi, did you look at
ritonlajoieit 404 also :p16:30
udonoritonlajoie: ?16:31
ritonlajoieI get that on this page Page "HelloWorld" Not Found16:32
ritonlajoiedo you get something else ?16:32
udonoritonlajoie: yes, a wiki page16:33
ritonlajoieah I get that :16:33
ritonlajoiePage "HelloWorld" Not Found16:33
ritonlajoieSelect an existing page from the project's list.16:33
udonoritonlajoie: Strange16:34
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ritonlajoieyes lol16:35
ritonlajoiecan you ctrl+R on the page ? maybe it's in your cache16:35
ritonlajoiefrom Home I get the same 404. Saw this link many times on the net but it always 404 to me16:36
udonoritonlajoie: No, it works for me. But maybe it's the the nation wide adult filter :D16:37
ritonlajoiewhat do you mean ? you are from the UK ?16:37
ritonlajoieI'm not :p16:37
udonoritonlajoie: no, Iam german16:38
ritonlajoiethere is a porn filter in germany ?16:38
ritonlajoiewow I didn't know that..I know that you can't access most youtube music videos though16:38
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udonoritonlajoie: No, I don't think, because I can see the page, but you not:
cedkritonlajoie, udono: it is because some days it was translated in french and now google always try to provide the french translation even if it is gone16:41
cedkritonlajoie: try to force english with the parameter: ?wl=en16:41
ritonlajoieah it works16:42
ritonlajoielol :p16:42
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perillahello tryton community, I have one question..18:11
perillahow can I install an trytron 3.0 module on a tryton 3.2???18:11
pokoliperilla: you can install like usuall, but it's not guaranted to work18:14
pokoliperilla: which module are you talking about?18:14
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pokoliperilla: from natnic's bitbucket?18:47
pokoliperilla: AFIU it may work installing in 3.2 but can not ensure anything18:48
pokoliperilla: feel free to open issues on bitbucket and we will try to solve it ASAP18:49
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cedkperilla, pokoli: I never understood the usage of this module18:51
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pokolicedk: we use it mainly for reporting18:53
pokolicedk: when our customers sends goods to their customers they usually give a report on which the value of the goods are represented18:54
cedkpokoli: why not send the invoice18:56
pokolicedk: because the user that give the goods normally it's not the same that generates the invoices18:56
pokolicedk: an hi may not have access to invoices18:57
cedkpokoli: I can understand for the price, it is already there but not the other field19:02
cedkpokoli: taxes  field are probably wrong19:02
cedkpokoli: price has sense for insurance, cross-border stuffs etc19:04
cedkpokoli: but you seem to try to show a invoice from the shipmen so better to show the invoice19:04
pokolicedk: this was done before account_invoice_stock module19:04
cedkand access right has nothing to do because you already show a kind of invoice19:05
pokolicedk: so i think we can get the data from the invoice now, and it will better19:05
cedkpokoli: even unit price was there before19:05
cedkpokoli: not you can not get the data from invoice19:05
pokolicedk: unit_price yes, but we need it with taxes19:05
cedkpokoli: you have to use the invoice if you want to show the invoice data19:06
cedkpokoli: it makes no sense because taxes are base on invoice rounding19:06
pokolicedk: but the invoices can be grouped and then it don't represnt the same amount as the shipment19:07
cedkpokoli: yes that's why it must be the invoice19:08
cedkpokoli: if you want to show correct taxes19:08
pokolicedk: i agree that this is not the best module we have :P19:09
pokolicedk: because of rounding on invoice may be diferent that in shipment?19:09
cedkpokoli: yes19:11
pokolicedk: understood, thanks19:11
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perillacedek: on my work we have a software  for accounting, actually I need only a software for stock control, but the person that control stock wants to have a way to compare the shipment with the total of invoice19:19
perillaI was an OpenERP developer on Ecuador, but I evaluate Tryton and I think that technologically is better19:21
cedkperilla: how do you plan to do that?19:23
cedkperilla: to compare you need to have both in the same system19:25
perillawith puchase and stock module, I want to input a purchase (with taxes and discounts) and with this information generate the and use this information with stock_valued module19:32
cedkperilla: what do you want to compare?19:34
perillatotal invoice with total on shipment (with stock_valued)19:40
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pokoliACTION has broken tryton: Ran 124 tests in 0.573s FAILED (errors=93, skipped=2)20:10
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