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cedkgrasbauer: hi, how is going with the website?10:17
grasbauercedk: in progress ... think I will finish this week10:19
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hiaselhanssharoonthomas, pokoli: good day, one quick question:13:19
sharoonthomashiaselhans: hi13:19
hiaselhans sharoonthomas, pokoli: what is the plan to continue on tryton docs?13:19
sharoonthomashiaselhans: its continuous, there are constant updates and there are contributions too13:19
hiaselhansi see..13:20
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hiaselhanssharoonthomas: i am refering to #47 and #4813:20
hiaselhansas i would like to add some more, but need to wait for those still...13:21
sharoonthomashiaselhans: I understand your perspective but at the same time the need to have some kind of best practice. So thinking of a separate quick start and retain the more detailed installation steps13:22
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: i understand your perspective aswell, but i dont think it is good to get stuck on this topic..? virtualenv is mentioned 3 times, and we can keep in mind to expand the topic13:23
sharoonthomashiaselhans: don't like being stuck on it either and its bad for progress13:24
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: thanks, i agree :)13:24
sharoonthomashiaselhans: what do you think of having a separate quick start ?13:24
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: perfect, i would be perfectly happy to have it like that also13:25
sharoonthomashiaselhans: ok, let me try and get this sorted right away....13:26
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: but maybe it would be a lot easier to just put things like that on a todo list so we can get to the next point13:26
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: thanks a lot!!13:26
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: we can also put your docker container on the quickstart list, as for the modern developer it might be the easiest way to just "look at it" :)13:27
sharoonthomashiaselhans: I can add that to the TODO13:28
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: thanks!13:28
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sharoonthomashiaselhans: what do you think of the quick install guide of django and the subsequent complete installation guide ? and
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hiaselhanssharoonthomas: yep, i think thats perfectly fine to distinguish...13:52
sharoonthomashiaselhans: cool, thanks for the feedback13:53
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: very welcome, if there is something to write/expand/rebase, just write13:53
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: i mean, just tell.... ill be back in an hour..13:55
sharoonthomashiaselhans: sure13:55
sharoonthomascedk: was neso ever packaged for osx ? do you think its useful ?14:07
cedksharoonthomas: it was but it doesn't work anymore14:13
sharoonthomascedk: ok, but dmg's are readonly... is that why ? is it because you need a packager ?14:16
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pokolisharoonthomas: thanks for merging tryton-documentation, I didn't have time to review it :)15:29
sharoonthomaspokoli: I am sending another PR with a quick start and the current one updated to be a detailed guide. please do review when you get 10 mins.15:31
pokolisharoonthomas: i will try to review today, but can guarantee anything :)15:32
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pokolisharoonthomas: I'm reviewing while fixing some scenarios, so i can be as fast as I want15:50
sharoonthomaspokoli: cool, i am fixing all the issues you have pointed out15:51
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pokolisharoonthomas: you can wait until I finish to push them :P15:52
sharoonthomaspokoli: sure, just ping me when you're done ;)15:52
pokolisharoonthomas: finished :) for me you can merge directly once fixed16:09
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sharoonthomaspokoli: fixing everything16:22
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pokolisharoonthomas: can see it on github, but i trust you :P16:25
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hiaselhanssharoonthomas: thanks for the effort on the docs, nice!16:51
sharoonthomashiaselhans: :)16:51
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: what do you think about #48? i made the relational fields to map tryton users, so we can introduce to transaction16:54
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: also i have split up in two seperate inherent modules in a seperate branch so we can introduce developers step by step from scratch...16:55
sharoonthomashiaselhans: reading16:55
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: thanks, no worries take your time... :)16:55
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: (its functional, tested on tryton)16:56
sharoonthomashiaselhans: IMHO party is the more appropriate model for the example than user16:58
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: true, so i revert and pr the refractored instead?17:00
sharoonthomashiaselhans: sure17:00
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: how can i explain transaction?17:04
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: can i compare to a session in web?17:05
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: the docstring isnt too understandable..17:05
hiaselhanssharoonthomas: dont worry ill just leave it for the moment17:06
sharoonthomashiaselhans: Tryton's Transaction is more than a session, though the API resembles something like an application/request context (of flask)17:07
pokolithere is any method to catch an UserError and determine it's untranslated code?17:09
pokolilet me explain, I have some code that raises a UserError, and then call this code from a wizard and I want to catch this especific UserError, but not all the UserErrors for example validation ones17:10
pokoliI can't see any mechanims to do this, but maybe I'm missing something17:11
jeancavallopokoli: You can just override raise_user_error and add ssomething in the cocntext17:11
jeancavallopokoli: to make it not raise the error (or another one) depending on the error code17:11
jeancavallopokoli: But that assumes you know the model which will raise the error17:13
pokolijeancavallo: yes, I know the model, basically i raise the error17:13
pokolijeancavallo: so I will try this, but maybe this can be improved to avoid overriding_raise_user_error17:13
cedkpokoli: the exception must be reworked when moving error message to XML17:13
cedkpokoli: so it will allow to raise any kind of Exception17:14
pokolicedk: which issue are you talking about?17:14
cedkpokoli: I don't think there is an issue17:16
pokolicedk: :(, So basically what you propose is to be able to raise any type of exception that inherits from UserError?17:18
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cedkpokoli: yes17:22
pokoliso i will try to do this using some check on the context as jeancavallo sugested17:24
pokolithanks boths17:24
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pokolijeancavallo: I ended raising only the exception depending on the context, without overriding the raise_user_error17:46
jeancavallopokoli: that is probably cleaner17:49
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alisonken1lap3hmm - doesn't show the source or link to the source18:34
alisonken1lap3(Source link from
cedkalisonken1lap3: it is:
alisonken1lap3cedk: yes - but it's only showing .. toctree::\n:maxdepth: 2\n:glob:18:38
alisonken1lap3not showing much else18:38
cedkalisonken1lap3: the source is the source18:44
alisonken1lap3cedk: <-- that's the page I get - is it supposed to be like that? no links, just text18:48
alisonken1lap3or is my browser doing something else?18:48
pokolialisonken1lap3: thats the source of the index page18:49
pokolialisonken1home: all the links are generated by sphinx18:50
cedkalisonken1lap3: I don't understand what you expect more18:53
alisonken1lap3pokoli: ok - just wondering if the top menu 'Source' link should be that or a link to the program source18:54
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pokolialisonken1lap3: whay do you understand by program source?18:55
alisonken1lap3ok - may take a few lines to explain18:55
alisonken1lap3at there's a bar at the top with several links - the bar shows "Tryton - Site - Page - trytond documentation - Source"18:56
alisonken1lap3When I click on the link that says 'Source' should I see just a couple of lines of text or should I see a page with links to the actual files or should I see links to the source of the documentation files18:57
cedkalisonken1lap3: what do you mean by "actual files"?18:59
alisonken1lap3I'm not sure what "Source" I should be seeing when I click on that link18:59
alisonken1lap3cedk: <-- that would be an example of "actual files"19:00
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cedkalisonken1lap3: so why do you want to have a link on such page to download the page ?19:04
alisonken1lap3cedk: I was just trying to understand why 'Source' link is on the documentation menu and what it's supposed to be showing19:04
alisonken1lap3for someone not familiar with tryton it appears to be a confusing link19:05
cedkalisonken1lap3: it is standard link of any sphinx doc19:06
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