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VaticanCameosHello, how do I test a default method? As in a method that returns the default value of a field.12:50
VaticanCameosHow would I write a test for the same?12:50
cedkVaticanCameos: just call the method12:51
VaticanCameoscedk: And then assert the value?12:52
cedkVaticanCameos: don't know what you want to test12:52
pokoliAnyone knows what's the objective of
cedkpokoli: docstring is pretty clear13:00
pokolicedk: So if the shipment doesn't have a planned date, but the move yes, it should not override it13:01
cedkpokoli: why not?13:02
cedkpokoli: the shipment is not planned so any move is planned13:02
pokolicedk: because you're losing information13:02
cedkpokoli: not at all13:03
cedkpokoli: you put moves on a shipment that is not planned so moves are not planned13:03
pokolicedk: so when we receive the shipment (not creating the planning shipment), the planned_date gets cleared13:04
pokolicedk: as by default the planned_date of the incomming shipments is None13:04
cedkpokoli: so what?13:07
pokolicedk: so you lose the original planned date for the move13:07
cedkpokoli: so what ?13:07
cedkpokoli: what the point ???13:07
cedkpokoli: you just *recieved* !!!13:07
pokolicedk: yes, but for our customers is important to know the delay between planned_dates and effective_dates13:08
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cedkpokoli: don't use those field because it is not their purpose13:11
pokolicedk: so If I want to plan the shipment based on the dates of the moves, how can I do this if cleared?13:13
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cedkpokoli: don't understand13:16
lukiusHi. I have a licensing question. If I write a module for tryton, does it has to be GPL-3? If someone else has written a module for tryton and has not published it, is he breaking the license?13:18
pokolicedk: nevermind, I don't understand why you want to unplan, a planned move13:20
cedkpokoli: because you *receive* it13:20
pokolicedk: and if i don't recieve it, it gets also cleared13:21
cedklukius: depends if it is a derivative work of GPL work13:21
cedkpokoli: only if you save it, so if you don't receive it why do you save it13:22
pokolicedk: so If i want to save it as draft, i have to fill the planned_date, otherwise it gets cleared13:23
pokolicedk: I see your point, but it's not intuitive13:24
cedkpokoli: if you create the shipment then you know the date13:24
cedkpokoli: we could perhaps set a default to today13:24
pokolicedk: I will prefer a default for today on planned date13:25
pokolicedk: but as it's not a required field, it can be also unplanned, so we will have the same behaviour13:26
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maris it possible to somehow export certain data from one database into another?13:34
marfor example uoms13:34
cedkmar: must write a script13:36
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cedkpokoli: yes and it will fix temporary issue in between saving and validation13:50
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adeb6600how do i exports tryton reports to xls (excel files)14:05
cedkadeb6600: you can make a ods report that will be converted in xls via unoconv14:09
cedkadeb6600: or you can also just make copy/paste to a tabler14:09
cedkadeb6600: or you can export into csv using the generic export dialog14:10
cedkadeb6600: export:
marcedk, wouldn't export "work"?14:14
cedkmar: export format is not garantie to be importable14:16
marso you're suggesing using proteus?14:17
adeb6600thanks cedk14:17
pokolicedk: making them required will fix it?14:24
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cedkmar: why not14:46
cedkpokoli: not required14:46
TheCowboydoes anyone have any idea if would Tryton work as a warehouse management solution, where minor manufacturing takes place?14:53
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cedkTheCowboy: probably14:54
TheCowboydoes it support barcode printing and scanning? I didn't notice anything about that in the docs14:57
TheCowboythis company I'm helping out attempted to setup with a commercial (closed source) product that's just awful, so I've been trying to find some other options14:57
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cedkTheCowboy: barcode printing, there are plenty of python lib for that15:06
cedkTheCowboy: barcode scanner behaves like a keyboard so as far as you define a clear workflow, it should work15:07
TheCowboytrue, and there's probably a library that can handle printing to network printers (mobile label printers)15:14
cedkTheCowboy: but currently, we are working on a specific UI for warehouse management15:16
TheCowboyis that up on github somewhere?15:16
cedkTheCowboy: we think about using flask-tryton to write a simple and tailored for the specific need15:16
cedkTheCowboy: the application is not yet ready15:17
cedkTheCowboy: but flask-tryton is:
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cedkalso I'm not sure we will publish it as is because it is very custom15:18
TheCowboywhat kind of business?15:18
cedkTheCowboy: wholesale15:19
cedkTheCowboy: but probably we will try to get some part generic15:20
TheCowboycedk, why did you decide to move in the flask direction?15:25
cedkTheCowboy: it was always the idea to use tailored UI in such case15:28
cedkTheCowboy: the current client is fine for desktop usage15:29
TheCowboyI'll likely need to make a custom UI for the mobile handsets in any case16:00
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cedkTheCowboy: I think today mobile UI should be done using HTML5 because it is the defacto standard on such platform16:04
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TheCowboycedk, that's what I would do too, but the expensive handsets are running Windows Embedded, and the browser may be limited16:23
TheCowboyI'd like to return them ideally16:25
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