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prkshpokoli: I am writing a unittest and I dont see a way to get on_change events called automatically. Any help?14:07
pokoliprksh: use doctest and proteus14:07
prkshbut why not unittest is my question :p14:08
nicoeprksh: proteus calls the right stuffs, in unittest you're "inside" tryton the on_changes are not automatically called.14:10
prkshnicoe: thanks. I am switching to proteus.14:13
pokoliprksh: proteus mimics tryton client, so it's the right tool to test user stories14:15
pokoliprksh: unittest its usefull for testing "server" code14:15
pokoliprksh: and by server code i mean the code that only gets executed on server, for example calculating data, functional fields, etc14:16
prkshpokoli: hmm I realized this :)14:20
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vezjakvHi all, with previous Tryton releases I've used script  together with TRYTOND_CONFIG variable, but newer version seems to not honour this env variable. Is there a new way to use env vars?18:07
vezjakvmy cmd was: $ TRYTOND_CONFIG=dev_trytond.cfg PYTHONPATH=trytond:../support/proteus ../support/tryton-tools/ -l sl_SI -d demo31si trytond/trytond/modules18:09
cedkvezjakv: -d must be now: postgresql://demo31si18:09
cedkvezjakv: -d must be now: postgresql:///demo31si18:09
vezjakvcedk: my translation db is sqlite://, it seems that ``path=...``  is not read since it complains demo31si.sqlite is not found18:12
vezjakvi did a dirty hack by changing line #18 in to   ``config.set_trytond(database=opts.db, user=opts.user, password=opts.password, config_file=os.environ.get('TRYTOND_CONFIG')``, but I don't want to do that18:16
cedkvezjakv: I guess this could be done in proteus18:18
cedkvezjakv: it should call update_etc without parameter if no configfile is given18:19
vezjakvcedk: yes, this solves the problem :)18:22
vezjakvcedk: should I file an issue for proteus?18:22
cedkvezjakv: yes18:25
vezjakvcedk: I have encountered another issue with ldap_authentication, I had ldap_authentication installed for translation purposes, but I couldn't login after pulling from Tryton repo. It failed on parse_ldap_url, I had to make dummy uri=ldap://localhost in [ldap_authentication] to login18:28
vezjakvcedk: is [ldap_authentication] uri= mandatory if ldap_authentication installed?18:29
cedkvezjakv: already known:
vezjakvcedk: oh, I should first look for existing issues, sorry.18:32
vezjakvcedk: and last, maybe a tip for removing (or deactivating) obsoleted modules (e.g. ldap_connection) from existing db. Is there a way to do it from Tryton, or tweaking the db, i.e. chaning/removing record from table directly via SQL?18:36
cedkvezjakv: simplest is to remove from ir.module table18:46
vezjakvcedk: ok, thnx18:47
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plantianif create a return sale for a sale is it possible to tell that the original sale was returned from the client interface?22:24
cedkplantian: not for now but nicoe is working on something22:35
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nicoeplantian: There is indeed this issue
plantiannicoe: why is it line by line instead of just sale to return sale ?  won't the lines sometimes be customized in the return?22:41
cedkplantian: everything should always be at line level22:43
plantianif user is editing the line and accidentally deletes it then the relationship between the 2 sales is lost22:45
plantianie. delete line instead of decrement, re-create line with correct quantity and continue22:45
plantianjust saying, seems like it will happen and then you cannot look up return sale from original sale22:45
nicoeplantian: if the user makes a mistake and removes the original sale there is an issue also22:46
plantiannicoe: i don't think sales can be removed22:47
plantiani can't even cancel a sale, let alone remove it that is why i was hoping a return sale would be a good solution but i can't tell which sales have been returned22:47
nicoeplantian: OK I understand what you mean by delete the line22:47
plantiani'm using tryton 2.8 so maybe it is old version22:48
nicoeAFAIK there is no link yet between a sale and a return22:49
cedkof course line could not be deleted if linked to an other one22:52
plantianbut what if only half of sale is returned, the other lines would need to be zero ?22:55
cedkplantian: as it is line by line, you just don't create the line22:56
cedkindeed I finaly think that deleted lines should even not be avoided22:57
plantiancedk: when i click create return sale it creates all the lines by default, you mean the wizard would be changed to sort of filter the lines before the return sale is created?23:02
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martynushkahi, should it be possible to have variants with mutable attributes or is that only for the template product?23:37
cedkplantian: no23:44
cedkplantian: the wizard is just an help23:47
cedkplantian: and filtering in it is not faster than filtering on the return sale23:47

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