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plantian -- this seems to work, but i'm not really sure of the side effects00:21
cedkplantian: it doesn't fix if you call process on it?00:23
plantiancedk: What you mean call process on it ?   I just want to cancel it and if possible then delete it.00:25
plantianOften times a mistake is noticed after the sale is confirmed and in 2.8 I have no way of getting rid of the sale so users just keep piling up sales marked as processing with both invoice and shipment states set to exception.00:26
cedkplantian: process is responsible to compute the right state of a sale00:27
cedkplantian: and in Tryton a confirmed sale can never be cancel00:29
cedkplantian: at best it is done with allshipments and invoice cancelled00:29
plantiancedk: right, i think it will be very limiting to people that a confirmed sale cannot be canceled outside of Europe I guess00:30
plantiancedk: when invoice and shipment states are exception that means all are canceled right ?00:30
plantianso my code is sort of the best case for people with less stringent accounting requirements00:31
plantianIs it really required in Europe to behave the way it does?00:32
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bvocedk: Yes, with the standard client I was able to do it manually by creating 10 movement for 10 product units, therefore I wanted to know if there is an easier way to import the 10 serialnumbers in eg. one movement. I am currently evaluating how our processes would work with tryton / how to bring them together.09:58
cedkbvo: it depends how you get this 10 serials10:01
bvocedk: i will scan them from the actual product boxes or copy them from the shipment letter.10:10
cedkbvo: scan=?10:12
bvoeg. prepare a textfile with a serialnumber per line. As I understand pokoli, the module trytond-stock_serial_number_file_import could be used to process such a file.10:17
bvocedk: At first today I will rebase my eval system to 3.4. thanks for the release !10:18
pokolibvo: yes, and with the serial_number module you can import ranges if desired10:18
cedkbvo: for me, preparing a text file should not be a faster solution than encoding it10:20
cedkbvo: but if you receive from your supplier a file then it is an other story10:20
cedkpokoli: why is this module doesn't just add a text field on the split move to get serial number?10:23
pokolicedk: customer requirement to use xls file10:24
cedkI think split_lot could be improved in base to ask from a text field a list of lot name if lot module is installed10:24
cedkpokoli: sounds completly strange and weird10:25
cedkpokoli: by the way, I don't understand why you're published such custom modules10:28
cedkit doesn't promote best practice and could give to a bad feeling10:29
bvocedk: manufacturer serials for eg. 10 units could be completely random. its different for each manufacturer / product. some might deliver units with serials as a monotonous range.10:30
cedkbvo: yes that's why I talk about a free text field on which you put the serial number on each line10:34
bvocedk: would be great to have this out of the box, of course. I'm new to tryton and python, so I am not yet able to contribute that feature...10:36
cedkbvo: could you fill a feature request?10:39
pokolicedk: maybe module is not generic enough now, but can be improved if anyone want, so publishing them is the first step10:43
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cedkpokoli: I don't agree at all11:03
cedkpokoli: the big warning is "customer requirement to use"11:04
cedkthis means it will never be good practice11:04
pokolicedk: i don't get the point about why it may not be published11:08
pokolicedk: maybe it's usefull for somebody else with flexible requirements11:08
cedkpokoli: at B2CK, we also have tones of custom module but we don't publish it for many reasons11:09
cedkwe don't want to promote a behavior that we don't consider to be the right one11:09
cedkwe don't want to support or leave unsupported code because it is our reputation11:10
cedkwe don't want others think it is a good solution11:10
cedkwe don't want that Tryton has the reputation of having lots of bad modules11:11
cedkand your point about people will improve it will almost never happen because it is easier to start from a blank page if the initial design was wrong11:12
pokolicedk: every company has it's own policy on this11:13
pokolicedk: but AFAIU, as is a third-party module, doesn't affect the tryton reputation11:14
cedkpokoli: of course, I can not prevent you to do it but I will continue to comment on it each time someone recomment such kind of modules11:14
cedkpokoli: it does affect11:14
pokolicedk: so good modules affect possitively, and bad designed modules afect negatively11:15
cedkbecause people don't make the difference, especially if it comes from a advise on ML or chat11:15
cedkpokoli: yes so better to publish only good modules11:15
pokolicedk: so we can have a "marketplace" where we publish good modules11:18
cedkpokoli: the web is the market11:18
pokolicedk: but I think it will be so much work to review all modules to determine which are good and which are wrong11:18
cedkpokoli: do your homework with your module11:18
pokolicedk: sorry no homework from my side :P11:19
cedkany way, I will keep telling people not to use such module11:19
pokolicedk: you're free to do it if you want11:20
pokolicedk: if a better solution is designed in core, we will adapt our module11:21
pokolicedk: but currently it's not the case11:21
cedkpokoli: you see your hope that people will improve just vanished11:21
pokolicedk: we may improve it if needed, don't worry about it11:23
cedkpokoli: I'm worry that such module appears without having talked about the missing functionality of Tryton11:24
cedkpokoli: I'm worry because by talking here in 15min we find a flexible solution11:25
pokolicedk: i have another worries and not complaining about it11:25
pokolicedk: it's very dificult to have a clear diference about what will be a improvement of base modules, and what's a customization11:26
pokolicedk: so sometime a 15 minute talk is good, but sometimes is 2 hours lost discussing in mailing list11:27
cedkpokoli: it is based on the generic of the feature11:27
cedkpokoli: and on the simplicity of the proposed solution11:28
cedkwhat I see often is that people are blocked by their own custom needs without seeing it11:28
pokolicedk: yes, we may agree on this11:30
cedkpokoli: for example, the XLS requirement is a custom11:30
cedkpokoli: I even think it could be changed by talking to customer11:30
cedkpokoli: but such requirement can be turned into a generic feature if for example you can copy/paste the xls into the text field11:31
cedkwhen developping for customer, you always have a part that can be generic and a part that can not11:32
pokolicedk: agree on that, and we try to contribute back to core the generic parts11:35
pokolicedk: of course, we can contribute more but normally is a mather of time11:35
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Piloucedk: Is it now a good time to review and commit the review related to french translation ?11:38
cedkpokoli: yes but my main point is that publishing non-generic enough module hurts11:38
cedkPilou: review is whenever you want but commit is only during translation window11:39
cedkPilou: by the way, you can edit the wiki page to set you as the new translator11:39
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marius__is there any tryton module which handles Cash expense order / Cash income order / etc12:41
marius__a.k.a. operations with cash and parties12:42
cedkmarius__: statement?12:43
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marius__cedk, not really13:44
cedkmarius__: so I don't understand what you mean13:47
marius__when company gives money to employee13:50
marius__for him to spend on various stuff, company makes account_move_line13:50
marius__I'm talking about cash payments13:51
marius__there are documents which need to be generated on such occasions13:51
cedkmarius__: you mean expenses?13:53
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cedkmarius__: like in
marius__this module describes workflow for when employee needs something and requests company to buy it13:55
marius__but in my case13:55
marius__company gives employee some mokey (cash), he buys something in cash, takes and invoice from supplier and returns remaining amount of cash13:55
marius__and invoice is paid by "employee", but invoice is for the company13:56
marius__and there are documents for giving employee cash, taking cash from employee, etc.13:56
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cedkmarius__: I'm not aware of any such module14:26
marius__I think printing statements might be a good option14:26
marius__but statements should contain only one line ;)14:27
cedkmarius__: statement can be used to manage any kind of cash/bank etc.14:31
cedkmarius__: so probably you can manage the cash pocket of employee with it14:32
marius__but statement is usually for many moves14:32
marius__i need such operation with sequence14:33
marius__but for one move ;)14:33
cedkmarius__: don't see why you need such constraint14:33
marius__because I need to have sequential numbering14:33
marius__for each operation14:33
marius__and numbering on move's doesn't fit my case, because its "global"14:35
cedkmarius__: could use the post number of the move14:35
marius__when I give money to employee, each such operation such have n+1 number14:36
marius__I can't skip these (by law)14:36
cedkmarius__: so I guess you need a specific object14:37
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smarrohi, anyone knows if i can union 3 queries with python-sql? something like: union = query1 | query2 | query316:31
corrosmarro: does this work? union = (query1 | query2) | query316:33
cedksmarro: it will not really be the union of 3 queries but (q1 | q2) | q316:34
smarrocorro: no, it shows: unsupported operand type(s) for |: 'Union' and 'Select'16:34
cedksmarro: better to do: Union(q1, q2, q3)16:35
smarrocedk: thanks it works !16:36
cedksmarro: could you give the example because it should work16:36
cedksmarro: the union of a Union and a Select16:37
smarrocedk: you mean union = q1 | q2 | q2  should work?16:38
smarrounion = q1 | q2 | q316:39
cedksmarro: yes16:42
smarrocedk: with the |, i get unsupported operand type(s) for |: 'Union' and 'Select'   ... it's in a table_query method for a report, with 3 queries, 4 joins each16:47
cedksmarro: could you report an issue with a minimal example16:49
smarrocedk: sure16:50
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bvo|2What requirements must be satisfied that on a Supplier Shipment Incoming Move the button "Split" is enabled? I'm on an fresh debian tryton 3.2 instance . The Supplier order contains only 1 product with 10 units.23:30
cedkbvo|2: must be saved23:34
bvo|2cedk: thanks..23:35

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