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Piloucedk: I will download 'Content' and 'PatchSet' entities this afternoon, the operation will slightly exceed the free quota.12:55
marius___how can I specify description when submitting review with hg review?12:57
cedkmarius___: you must use my patch:
cedkPilou: you are using the download_data from google_appengine/appcfg.py13:00
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cedkPilou: and this is counting in the quota?13:01
cedkPilou: otherwise, sharoon used to pay for exceeded quota but I just find that he retires his credit card without noticing us13:09
cedkbut B2CK is willing to pay for extra usage13:12
Piloucedk: yes i am using, it seems to me that 'outgoing bandwith' and 'datastore read operations' are impacted13:14
cedkPilou: I'm setting the B2CK credit card13:18
cedkPilou: if I understand correctly we just earn 300$ for the next 3 months because it is a new billing account13:23
cedkPilou: so you have 3 months to experiment :-)13:23
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JanGrasbauercedk: my mail to foundation arrived?13:50
cedkJanGrasbauer: which one?13:57
JanGrasbauercedk: about unconf and the money ...13:58
cedkJanGrasbauer: yes but nicoe answered you, no?13:59
JanGrasbauercedk: did not see it13:59
nicoeJanGrasbauer: I did it last week14:00
nicoeJanGrasbauer: Let me check my sentbox14:00
cedkJanGrasbauer: but the nicoe's answer about invoice is wrong, it is not required to get one14:01
cedkJanGrasbauer: we just need a kind of receipt14:02
cedkJanGrasbauer: indeed what you did but printable14:02
JanGrasbauercedk: ok14:02
cedkJanGrasbauer: and bank account info to make the payment14:06
JanGrasbauercedk: pass it directly to sao budget14:07
JanGrasbauercedk: or better I do to have it clear for accountants :)14:08
cedkJanGrasbauer: I don't understand14:10
JanGrasbauercedk: no problem :) you will see14:11
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eusmsi am tryin to create a new DB but getting error messages, that all modules are missing. Tried to install the missing ones, but everytime I am getting a new message that one module is missing. I also did a apt-get install trytond-modules-all, and everything seems to be installed. any thoughts how to fix this?16:01
cedkeusms: "-u all" is removed in 3.4, you must use --all16:02
eusmscedk, i am using the tryton-client, where will I find the instructions on how to create a DB in bash# ?16:04
eusmscedk, thxs16:07
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eusmscedk, I am getting the same error messages as before: IOError: File not found : /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/trytond/modules/purchase/tryton.cfg16:09
eusmswhen I download the module trytond_purchase.3.4## I can install it. Next  time the same error pops up with a different module i should install16:11
cedkeusms: so purchase module is not correctly installed16:11
eusmscedk, none of them is correctly installed16:11
eusmscedk, is this related to my python version 2.7 vs 3.4?16:12
eusmscedk, trytond --version shows 3.416:13
cedkeusms: that's the version of trytond16:13
eusmscedk, sure16:13
marius___cedk, are there any plans for 3.4.1?16:15
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Timitoseusms: i see that the module is searched unter /usr/local/lib but this is not general path of the tryton debian packages. it may be that you have made an old installation with python and this could be the problem.16:16
cedkmarius___: I have to do the release16:16
eusmsTimitos, any idea how to I can fix this?16:17
marius___cedk, are changes like going to be backported to 3.4?16:18
Timitoseusms: depends on what you did exactly :-)16:18
cedkmarius___: yes but generally after 1 week16:18
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marius___what do you do if patch doesn't apply for 3.4 but does apply for default?16:19
Timitoseusms: did you install some modules by 'python install'? oder bei 'pip install'? oder by 'easy_install'?16:19
marius___backport it yourself?16:19
eusmsTimitos, yes16:19
Timitoseusms: which of the three versions?16:20
eusmsTimitos, python install16:20
Timitoseusms: may this is helpful for you:
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marius___wouldn't it also be logical to assign lost inventory moves?18:54
marius___I mean you can currently lose quantity that you've already assigned somewhere18:55
cedkmarius___: I don't find logical to assign something that is not there19:00
marius___cedk, problem is that I've assigned production move, and now I lose it19:00
cedkmarius___: so unassign19:01
marius___but in production I don't know if product is "lost" and I need to unassign19:02
marius___I believe there should be a user error when trying to lose something through inventory and quantity is already assigned somewhere19:03
cedkmarius___: in production, you assign the product, you go pick them19:03
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cedkso it they are not there, you know you have a problem19:03
cedkyou don't know before that that you lost a product19:03
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marius___cedk, when I'm losing item I don't know if item is being moved to production.19:06
cedkmarius___: what?19:07
cedkmarius___: it is in production or not19:07
marius___it's "assigned" in production19:07
cedkmarius___: how do you know your are losing something? If you know you are not losing19:07
cedkmarius___: so what?19:07
cedkmarius___: we are talking about real product19:08
cedkmarius___: and by the way, how do you enter that you have lost products?19:09
cedkmarius___: and why will you prevent the user to mark products has lost? It is lost19:10
marius___Through stock->inventories19:10
cedkmarius___: so you want to prevent the user to enter the stock quantity he just counted?19:11
cedkand you do inventory while production is still running?19:12
marius___i do inventory while productions are running19:12
cedkmarius___: that can not work19:12
cedkmarius___: if people are taking products, you can not count19:12
marius___that's what I try to prevent ;)19:13
cedkmarius___: so stop production when doing inventory19:13
cedkthis is so logical19:14
marius___problem is that I have productions with many inputs, which take long time (1 month)19:15
cedkmarius___: so you have to assign step by step the input products and not assign 1 month in advance19:17
cedkmarius___: assign must be done just before taking the product19:17
marius___what if "taking" takes 3 days?19:19
marius___problem is that user did an inventory of location, lost one product, it was already assigned in production (but production is not yet running). Now I have a situation where I have more assigned moves than available quantity19:22
marius___and I believe tryton should have prevented it19:22
marius___(by checking that there are assigned moves associated with location)19:34
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marius___anyhow, does it sound ok to use self in @classmethod?19:46
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cedkmarius___: tryton can not avoid mistake in warehouse20:05
marius___cedk, but it can help enforce proper process, like you cannot have negative quantity in storage (or can you?)20:09
rmumarius___: in classmethods, the first parameter is usually called cls, but AFAIK, it is just a name, FWIW you could also call it "this" ;-)20:27
cedkmarius___: you can have negative quantity in storage20:34
cedkmarius___: that the all point, we must not prevent user to encode the reality20:34
cedkmarius___: if the user says, he moves x products to lost, we must record it even if it make the stock level goes under 020:35
cedkafter that, of course having negative quantity means something is wrong and you should do an inventory20:35
cedkmarius___: assignation process only help to prevent many assignation but user can still skip this process20:36
cedkit is just a gentle agreement20:36
cedkand for production, if some previously assigned products are not available when the user try to pick them, he must go back to draft and relaunch the assignation process to get new location of available products20:38
cedkone improvement will be to be able to mark as done some moves if they were already moved20:38
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