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pobstetain a class A I attribute x One2Many. How to recover when creating a new enregistrment x, the id of the class A?10:27
pokolipobsteta: the value will be assigned to the target field10:44
pobstetapokoli: yes i know, it will be assigned when you click on save button, but i want have this value before click, when the record is created ?10:54
pokolipobsteta: on the client side? and what do you want to do with this value?10:55
pobstetapokoli: yes on the client side. I want to know on create the len of x attribute ?10:57
pokolipobsteta: just make your function field an on_change_with_one2many field and will be updated every time the one2many is changed11:00
pobstetapokoli: it will be updated on change, but not on create ?11:01
pokolipobsteta: assign a default value of 011:02
pobstetapokoli: have you an example ? For me it don't work !11:27
pokolipobsteta: can you upload your code?11:29
pobstetapokoli: i want to konw, when i create a new evolution, how many evolution exist !
pokolipobsteta: it should be something like this
pobstetapokoli: it's ok but i want the number_of_evolutions attribute not in emplacement class but in evol_emplacement ?11:48
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pokolipobsteta: you can access them from the evolutions if you want, but it's an attribute of emplacement :)11:51
Hamsterbauis it possible to change localization of a module "on the fly"?11:56
Hamsterbaui tried by changing locale file but nothing happens :((11:57
pobstetapokoli: i work with tryton 2.8, @fields.depends('evolution') don't work ?11:59
pokoliHamsterbau: locale file is imported into ir.translation model. Can you explain  what you are trying? it sounds a little bit strange11:59
pokolipobsteta: sorry, it's 3.4 code, you have to fill the depends attribute on de field,11:59
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senchanhello to all12:02
Hamsterbaui want to add a missing translation of a module :)12:02
Hamsterbaujust try to change some localizations locally on my tryton server :D12:03
senchananyone here have experience with nereid?12:05
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Hamsterbaui tried to call "Update localizations" from the client, without success - now i will try to update the changed module :)12:13
pokolisenchan: a little bit experience here :)12:17
cedksenchan: I got for flask-tryton12:21
senchansorry went for breakfast :D I've seen someone make a webshop with nereid...we wanna make something similar, but with partner there a limit to the number of users that can manage their own products on our service? I hope question is not too nooby12:32
senchansince I got the idea the ERP part is only for internal use (inside a company)...this would be more external12:33
pokolisenchan: you should have a look at
pokolisenchan: and for the partner part i don't know anything existing, so you should develop it, so you put the limits you want (or None)12:36
senchanoh, so we should basdically build a new tryton module that shows only certain information, etc, right?12:36
pokolisenchan: you should adapt nereid-webshop to your needs, customize templates, and then develop the partner accesss part with your needs12:37
pokolisenchan: and the same can be done with flask-tryton if you want12:38
senchanthanks pokoli, this will be very helpful12:38
pokolisenchan: you're welcome. Feel free to ask if you have more doubts, we will try to help as much as possible12:39
senchanmuch obliged12:39
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pobstetapokoli: thanks, it's ok ! But now i want when i create a new evol_emplacement, that the number_of_evolutions was a default attribute of evol_emplacement ?13:46
pokolipobsteta: don't understand13:47
pobstetapokoli: just look at this pastebin, compteur attribute don't work naturally ?13:53
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marius__pobsteta, why would you write non-english text into code?14:02
pokolipobsteta: you want to save the number of records?14:02
pokoliso first has a 1, second has a 2, and etc14:03
pokolipobsteta: what i will do is use a default value for it, that returns current number + 114:03
pokolipobsteta: to put current number, you have to put Eval('numer_of_components') in lines context, and return it from default value on lines14:04
pokolibut maybe it's worth to find a generic solution for all models to avoid to save the values14:04
pobstetapokoli: yes i want save in each evol_emplacement the number of records for each emplacement when evol_emplacement is create ?14:07
pokolipobsteta: but what's the objective of this?14:09
pokolipobsteta: if you want to order them you can use a sequence14:09
pobstetapokoli: no it's not a sequence because the user can change the value, by default the value is the sequence of creation but not for all time ?14:14
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pokolipobsteta: but what happens when the user changes de value?15:17
pokolipobsteta: you will order the xxx2Many based on that field?15:18
pobstetapokoli: i have an other attribute integer number_evolution2, and number_evolution2 = max(number_evolution, compteur)15:28
pokolipobsteta: why you want to attributes?15:31
pokolipobsteta: i'm just trying to understand which is the objective of this field15:32
pobstetapokoli: it's ok. I managed to do what I wanted16:59
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