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plantianDoes anyone know the purpose of shipment method "manual" on sales?02:03
plantianActually I think I found it in the docs.02:11
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marius_lets say I have UOMs: 2PAK, Unit.  1*2PAK = 2 * Unit. Default UOM: 2PAK, Purchase UOM: Unit. Lets say I purchase 1 Unit, internal move becomes 1 PAK10:20
marius_does this seem ok?10:22
pokolimarius_: internal move, you mean internal_quantity of stock move?10:27
marius_I mean inventory move10:29
marius_and quantity in my location becomes -1 ;)10:29
pokolimarius_: do you have a test scenario to reproduce it?10:33
marius_not yet10:33
pokolimarius_: it's strange as move uses the purchase line unit, so if you purchase in Unit, stock move should be in unit10:34
marius_Supplier -> Storage move is, but Inventory move isn't10:34
marius_anyhow, such conversion should raise an error or something10:34
pokolimarius_: but there is no unit conversion on unit get_inventory_moves, so it should also be in the same unit
pokolimarius_: so moves should be correct10:38
marius_what about internal quantity?10:38
pokolimarius_: it may be a problem with internal quantity, because it's always computed in default uom, and its not possible to represent 1 unit in default uom10:38
pokolimarius_: so you should use unit as default uom, and maybe PAK as sale/purchase uom10:39
marius_anyhow, I believe that if uom can't be represented as internal quantity -> tryton should complain about it11:00
marius_i'm still trying to replicate it11:00
pokolimarius_: so open a issue on the bug tracker (with the scenario better) and lets discus there :)11:05
marius_I'll register two issues11:07
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marius_Is it possible to add barcode into .odt report?11:28
pokolimarius_: as far as you add it as image there should be no problem11:38
marius_so I create a field and variable contains image buffer?11:39
marius_something like bottle in
pokolimarius_: i think so, but i have never do it with odt (we do it with jasper reports)11:39
nicoemarius_: indeed the bottle example is probably what you need if your barcode is stored as an image11:41
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Rollohi all - wondering if there is a possibility to shorten the stock shipments workflow. we don't need inventory moves - because all shipments in and out are going directly to the warehouse19:59
Rolloour input_location is mostly the door :)20:02
cedkRollo: you could probably tune the pack step to do also the ship step20:11
cedkRollo: I think you can not skip the assignation20:12
cedkRollo: but at the end you just prevent clicking on the done button20:12
Rollocedk: yes - I allready read the code. I was looking for a ready to use solution. So I will write my own20:12
Rollocedk: thanks ... possibly such an extension could be intresting for other small companies20:14
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