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mathsniperI am using tryton windows client, sometimes I cannot delete the Account Move Lines due to wrong creation. What steps to delete it successfully?06:09
mathsniperWhen I edit Journal and save it after clicking "Allow cancelling moves", It shows "You are not allowed to modify this record. This record is part of the base configuration."06:31
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pokolimathsniper: which version are you using?09:33
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mathsniperI am using tryton 3.4.212:36
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pokolimathsniper: works for me13:04
pokolimathsniper: using 3.4 series from sources13:04
pokolimathsniper: how you created the journal?13:04
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mathsniperI installed tryton data with python_demo.py13:12
mathsniperWhen I click Move > Actions... > Cancel Moves on one of the Account Move Line, it does nothing.13:13
pokolimathsniper: another move should exist that cancels this move13:15
pokolimathsniper: it's the expected behaviour to return anything13:15
pokolimathsniper: maybe you can fill an issue to improve it13:15
mathsniperPlease see this image:
pokolimathsniper: so if you refresh the view a new move should be created with the reversed amount13:52
mathsniperYes that's why I want to remove the original move line so the new line will not be created for the corresponding move13:54
pokolimathsniper: so if the move is posted you have to check the cancel moves on the journal14:02
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EdbO-meHello all16:54
EdbO-meI'm struggling with triggers16:54
EdbO-meIt all works, but not with a on-write16:54
EdbO-me(changing a record)16:55
EdbO-meand saving it16:55
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EdbO-meI digged a little deeper17:00
EdbO-meir/ -> def get_triggers17:01
EdbO-metrigger get cached17:01
EdbO-metrigger get evaluated and returned True17:07
EdbO-meBut the action is not executed ....17:07
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EdbO-meHmm, look like I found a bug17:23
cedkEdbO-me: fill an issue and if possible a test case that complete the trigger ones17:27
EdbO-mecedk: It's the same as
cedkEdbO-me: OK so you have to write better condition17:30
EdbO-mecedk: I have a table with a certain amount of rows. These rows are constantly updated17:32
cedkEdbO-me: I guess someone should write the doc about Trigger as it seems it is not always well understood17:32
EdbO-mecedk: After the update I want to trigger an action17:33
cedkEdbO-me: I guess your condition should be the amount has changed17:33
cedkEdbO-me: this will need to store the previous amount and update in the trigger action17:33
EdbO-mecedk: Ok, but how to pack that into a condition?17:35
cedkEdbO-me: condition: this.previous_amount != this.amount17:36
cedkEdbO-me: and I guess in the triggered action, you should also remove the record of the processing of this action17:37
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EdbO-mecedk: Aha, an extra field which is updated by the trigger action. Am I right?17:39
cedkEdbO-me: yes17:40
EdbO-mecedk: Ok, but what do you mean with "you should also remove the record of the processing of this action" ?17:41
cedkEdbO-me: forget my previous statement about removing record of processing17:43
cedkEdbO-me: it was wrong17:43
EdbO-mecedk: I added a extra field prevValue17:49
EdbO-mecedk: and made the condition:  self.value != self.prevValue17:50
EdbO-mecedk: Isn't working17:50
cedkEdbO-me: do you update prevValue?17:50
cedkEdbO-me: the important thing, is that the condition must be false before the write and true after17:50
EdbO-mecedk: In the client I open a record and change the value of the field Value17:52
EdbO-mecedk: then press Save17:52
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jim__does anyone know if trytond 3.4.1 uses the new of old config file format?17:53
EdbO-mecedk: Normally when I create a new record, and save it, the action will be triggered17:54
cedkjim__: no API change in the same series 3.4.x17:54
jim__I'm having server password invalid17:54
cedkEdbO-me: if the condition is True17:55
cedkEdbO-me: but on write: if the condition is True before and True after, it is not triggered17:55
EdbO-mecedk:  Ok, but where do I have to modify the record? Do I have to create my own write def?17:56
cedkEdbO-me: I think you could just override write method17:58
cedkEdbO-me: but indeed what do you try to acheive?17:59
EdbO-mecedk: A script running in the background will put data into Tryton18:01
EdbO-mecedk: When values of that data are outside the given values18:02
EdbO-mecedk: an action is executed18:02
cedkEdbO-me: so it is not about changed but about out of range18:03
EdbO-mecedk: yes, the condition can be (self.Value >  100 and self.Value < 150)18:07
EdbO-mecedk: the script udates a record with self.Value = 180, no problem18:08
EdbO-mecedk: when the script updates a record with self.Value = 120, a action should be executed18:09
EdbO-mecedk: but maybe I shouldn't do this in the database but in memory18:09
cedkEdbO-me: this should work18:11
cedkEdbO-me: but of course if it is updated twice with a value of 120, it will be triggered once18:11
EdbO-mecedk: on creation of the record, the action is fired (self.Value = 120)18:14
EdbO-mecedk: on an update of the same record (self.Value = 134), the action is not fired18:14
cedkEdbO-me: what was the value before the update?18:16
jim__cedk: I'm getting "Sorry, wrong password for the Tryton server. Please try again." even though I've generated encrypted password and using the password used to generate it - any suggestions?18:16
jim__both server and client 3.4.118:17
cedkjim__: doesn't it have sepcial char?18:17
EdbO-mecedk: record created with value = 12018:18
jim__no special character18:18
EdbO-mecedk: record changes with value = 13418:18
EdbO-mecedk: changes = changed18:18
cedkEdbO-me: so it goes from 120 to 134, where both are True condition so it is normal it doesn't trigger again18:19
cedkEdbO-me: it will work on write if it goes from 90 to 13418:20
cedkjim__: are you sure trytond is reading your configuration18:21
jim__How can I tell?  When it starts, it says it is, but also says that when no file exists as specified18:21
jim__I've done chmod 777 on conf file18:22
cedkjim__: if it says so, it is18:22
EdbO-mecedk: I created a new record with value = 9018:23
cedkjim__: did you put it in the right section without typo etc.18:23
EdbO-mecedk: then I change the value to 134 and clicked the save button18:23
EdbO-mecedk: noo action18:23
cedkEdbO-me: that is strange18:24
EdbO-mecedk: SORRY .......18:25
EdbO-mecedk: I made some changes and forgot to restart the server18:25
EdbO-mecedk: It's working now!18:25
jim__I think I see the problem - let me check18:26
cedkEdbO-me: OK, it is better because it started to be strange as it is well tested:
jim__cedk:  BTW, when superpwd fails, create dialog is frozen18:31
cedkjim__: fill an issue, please18:32
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marcdmHello everyone. I am doing some refactoring of some code to better separate functionality between modules. I'd like to know, how difficult would it be to migrate an installation if the name of a module (or 3) changes?19:53
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