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circ-user-9ZajSHi around, I am new to erp and I ask myself two things:00:39
vairavHi Everyone, I have a quick question in terms of setting up SAO Web client with Tryton 3.4.  I do not have a trytond.conf to add the entries as stated in the github page of SAO, and I’m getting the following error when I access Tryton from the browser “SyntaxError: Unexpected token <“00:40
vairavany pointers would be really helpful00:41
circ-user-9ZajS "Client-Side Scripting" Has the scripting user interface of Tryton 100% coverage? Would be Tryton the best choice,  -given you will use it for a self standing one person enterprise first, -and secondly if 100% scriptable user interface is required?  Are their maybe better ones?00:41
circ-user-9ZajSas well I would be thankful for pointers.00:42
circ-user-9ZajSif somebody want some small talk over erp, I would be glad, too.00:44
cedkapostatize: yes it is the attribute 'states' of fields01:02
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cedkvairav: sao only works on development version for now01:03
vairavoh! I see. I dint know about it cedk.  Let me try it out with the development version.01:04
vairavand a general question that I have is whether tryton run with Python 3+?01:04
cedkvairav: not yet, there is an issue for that01:04
vairavthank you cedk for all the information. I’m just jumping into tryton and just trying to get a hold of it.01:07
apostatizecedk: Damn, my bad. RTFM. All there. Oops.01:11
apostatizecedk: Can you use states in a tree view?01:22
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Jitesh_Nairafter working successfully yesterday i get this error today...when trying to create a 'account.invoice.payment_term'09:14
Jitesh_Nairerror->>ProgrammingError: column "weeks" of relation "account_invoice_payment_term_line" does not exist09:14
Jitesh_NairLINE 1: ..._payment_term_line" ("create_uid", "create_date", "weeks", "...09:14
Jitesh_Nairbut the procedure i used both the days were same....i dint change any thing...infact i tried coppying  the previous script and running them...but it still gives this error09:15
Jitesh_Nairtrace back of errors
pokoliJitesh_Nair: try updating your database, as it seems it's missing some column definitions09:21
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Jitesh_Nairit fixed the issue....thanks pokoli09:39
Jitesh_Nairbut now the error is RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded09:41
Jitesh_Nairwhen i repeat that same line i dont get any error..09:42
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Jitesh_Nairnvm i think i got it....its because i was trying to add a product which was not saved into the db09:45
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, thanks for the help09:45
pokoliJitesh_Nair: you're welcome09:45
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Jitesh_Nairwhen iam trying to add an account to account.invoice.line it shows this error AssertionError: <unbound method account.invoice.line.on_change_account>13:35
Jitesh_Naircode ^13:36
Jitesh_Nairtrace back
Jitesh_Nairbut after that if i check whether the line has a n account assigned it shows an account successfully assigned...then why did it showed an error in the first place13:37
Jitesh_Nairlater if i try to save that line i get this error -->>>AttributeError: 'account.invoice' Model has no attribute 'state': None13:38
Jitesh_Nairtraceback 2
Jitesh_Nairbasically iam just trying to save an invoice so that i can reuse it later to change its status...but unfortunately when i try to save an invoice the lines show up an error and then  when i try to fix the line i get this error13:39
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pokoliJitesh_Nair: use line = to create lines of and invoice13:45
pokoliJitesh_Nair: and then to save the invoice and all the lines13:46
Jitesh_Nairok sure13:49
Jitesh_Nair made changes to the script13:50
Jitesh_Nairbut error still persists13:50
Jitesh_Nair  the traceback13:50
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pokoliJitesh_Nair: it seems that you're mixing versions14:02
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, like iam using different versions of what?14:03
pokoliJitesh_Nair: proteus and modules14:06
pokoliJitesh_Nair: you're using diferent series (i.e. 3.4 vs 3.6)14:07
Jitesh_Nairiam using proteus version 3.4.314:07
Jitesh_Nairand how to find modules version ??14:08
pokoliJitesh_Nair: and which version of trytond?14:08
pokoliJitesh_Nair: the error code is from trytond 3.614:08
Jitesh_Nairso i need a proteus 3.614:09
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Jitesh_Nairtrytond does not have any __version__ how to make sure of its version?14:13
Jitesh_Nairwell when i checked trytond.version.py14:15
Jitesh_Nairi got this VERSION = "3.5.0"14:15
Jitesh_Nairi dont know how to ask this appropriately.. but may i know how did u discover the difference in versions??14:17
Jitesh_Nairnow my trytond is version 3.5 and proteus in 3.6 i could not get a 3.5 version of proteus14:22
Jitesh_Nairand still its failing with the same error14:22
pokoliJitesh_Nair: because your account_invoice module is in 3.4 version14:24
Jitesh_Nairohh let me chek that14:24
pokoliJitesh_Nair: have a look at
pokoliJitesh_Nair: and pick the desired version14:25
Jitesh_Nairand since proteus versions are in even numbers then it might be ok to run 3.5 trytond with proteus 3.6 or i should change the version too??14:29
pokoliJitesh_Nair: you should the same serie in *all* components (server, client, proteus and modules)14:29
Jitesh_Nairbut proteus doent have 3.5 i just tried pip14:30
pokoliJitesh_Nair: see
Jitesh_Nairohhh....i just missed that...but that speaks only about tryton right?? proteus doesnt in git hub had only even numbers14:32
Jitesh_Nairi mean may be i have misseed it but i dint see any version corresponding to odd number in git or pypi14:33
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Jitesh_Nairok i thought about going with 3.4 and not to change the entire code i installed proteus==3.4.0 and the change log in account invoice and account states that the version is 3.4.014:43
Jitesh_Nairbut then now again the same errror exists...may where else should i improve or change my approach?14:44
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Jitesh_Nairmay i know  where else should i improve or change my approach?15:10
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pokoliJitesh_Nair: don't understand you15:14
Jitesh_Nairi thought about continuing with 3.415:15
Jitesh_Nairso now my module is 3.4 and proteus too is 3.415:15
Jitesh_Nairshouldnt it work?15:16
pokoliJitesh_Nair: so ensure that trytond is 3.4 (as it may be installed as dependency) and you are ok15:16
Jitesh_Nairohh kk just in case if i want to install a different version how should i do it with hg? and i couldnt find odd number version of proteus15:17
Jitesh_Nairi may be using
Jitesh_Nairto get the modules...just in case if i  need a different version15:18
Jitesh_Nairspecially the odd number series15:20
Jitesh_Nairi got the even number series at
Jitesh_Nairi know the odd numbers are not stable15:20
Jitesh_Nairjust in case...15:20
pokoliJitesh_Nair: once you have checked out the repo, you have to update to the branch with hg update -b 3.415:20
pokolisorry: hg update 3.4 (without -b)15:21
Jitesh_Nairok thanks i will work on it15:23
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