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apostati1Is it possible to remove toolbar buttons by extending a view? Or?01:52
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apostati1For a cleaner cosmetic look, is it possible to hide pages that display nothing beceause of access right restrictions? Like passing the perm_read, perm_write fields to the view?10:52
cedkapostati1: you can put a states attribute but I think we could improve the client to do that automaticaly10:53
apostati1cedk: Ahh, so wait until that's added it sounds like. Not really an issue, just a cleaner look really.10:56
cedkapostati1: waiting will not make it happen10:56
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apostati1cedk: Hehe, lol. Too true. Well, how does I pass the attributes to the pyson string of states, isn't it out of the context?10:58
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Jitesh_Nairhow to add trytond repo into an existing hg repo14:38
Jitesh_Nairi created a directory in my repo  and went into that newly created directory14:38
Jitesh_Nairdid nclone
Jitesh_Nairbut when returning to main repo and trying to check status or trying to commit, i get this error --- > abort: path 'FSERP/trytond/COPYRIGHT' is inside nested repo 'FSERP/trytond'14:40
pokoliJitesh_Nair:you have to init your repostiory with hg init14:48
Jitesh_Nairbut my repository is already created14:50
Jitesh_Nairit has its own .hg directory14:50
Jitesh_Nairiam adding trytond into the already existing repo of mine14:50
cedkJitesh_Nair: this can not work, a file can only be tracked by one mercurial repository14:55
cedkJitesh_Nair: I suggest you to read some documentation about mercurial14:55
Jitesh_Nairok but tryton has repo inside a repo like the modules... i was trying to re implement them14:56
cedkJitesh_Nair: no the Tryton's repositories are not inside any others14:56
Jitesh_Nairi mean not the tryton's but the modules are inside trytond's repo right?14:57
Jitesh_Nairand we use hgnested to keep track of them...if iam not wrong14:57
cedkJitesh_Nair: no, repositories are independant, we just clone them in a specific layout14:59
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Jitesh_Nairthanks, so then how to recreate that, clone trytond inside an already created repo.. such that trytond remains independent but also in the current repo. Is there any way?15:42
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cedkJitesh_Nair: no15:48
cedkJitesh_Nair: you should really read documentation about VCS15:48
Jitesh_Nairi know a little about it, i am just trying to understand how trytond did that with so many sub repositories that work fine and neat15:50
Jitesh_Nairbecause if they are working fine... then i guess there is a small hope in what i am trying to do in here...15:51
pokoliJitesh_Nair: i think that you want a repo with your scripts and a that installs the packages required for them (trytond/proteus and the modules)15:52
Jitesh_Nairyou are awesome!!!15:52
Jitesh_Nairnow even if there is any update in tryton code i need not worry, i can update them by doing npull from my repo15:54
Jitesh_Nairwel that was my plan though!!!15:54
Jitesh_Nairso if trytond and other repos below it can exist and be independent too then another directory just above trytond should not cause much trouble15:56
pokoliJitesh_Nair: you can update packages as well15:56
Jitesh_Nairwell i may not be the only guy who might have though this way....there shall be others too...15:57
Jitesh_Nairany one done this before?15:58
Jitesh_Nair*thought in this way*15:58
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pokoliJitesh_Nair: we use packages :)16:45
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, i am missing the point.... we use packages to port out product...but here in my case i just cant get the trytond in my repo it says this --->>> abort: path 'FSERP/trytond/COPYRIGHT' is inside nested repo 'FSERP/trytond'16:54
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Jitesh_Naironce i can get trytond well in my repo then i shall create a package16:54
pokoliJitesh_Nair: trytond itself it's a package, so you install it with pip, and run your scripts16:55
pokoliJitesh_Nair: so if you want to build a package for your product, you pack your changes and pick dependencies from upstream16:56
pokoliJitesh_Nair: and your dependencies are what you try (wihtout success) to put on your repo16:57
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Jitesh_Nairpokoli, Thats a good technique. But in my case consider currently iam working on them and iam not installing trytond, so i need trytond in my repo and work on it. Now later when a new version comes up then i need to update trytond for which i need trytond to be an independent repo too. so here lies the issue.17:21
Jitesh_Nairwhile distributing we can do what you said. but here in this situation it looks messy17:22
Jitesh_Nairi am just trying to do what trytond has done with hgnested.. A repo with many independent repo within it.17:23
pokoliJitesh_Nair: and why you can not install trytond while working on it?17:27
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, i thought it will be ok to use it as a module and import it when needed...which will make it easy while porting too(thought by my inexperienced brain)17:30
Jitesh_Nairso a repo with many independent repo cannot be re-created? just in case to try with?17:32
pokoliJitesh_Nair: you can also use it a module when installing it as a package17:33
Jitesh_Nairok thanks17:39
Jitesh_Nairi will try that17:39
Jitesh_Nairsee ya!!!17:39
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