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Jitesh_Nairis there any steps that i need to follow to make the shipment done11:06
Jitesh_Nairi reached this line
Jitesh_Nairand also tried'done')11:07
Jitesh_Nairbut still it says shipment.state==u'draft'11:07
Jitesh_Nairno errors though11:07
Jitesh_Nairand'assign_try')==False  remains False even after trying to change the state11:08
cedkJitesh_Nair: if you don't have the products in the stock, it can not assign them11:09
Jitesh_Naircedk, my stock.line[0].quantity==10.0 will this be correct?11:14
Jitesh_Nairand shipment.moves[0].quantity==1.011:15
Jitesh_Nairi checked the products both were same11:15
Jitesh_Nairi mean with same ids11:15
cedkJitesh_Nair: I don't know what you are talking about: stock.line[0].quantity11:16
cedkJitesh_Nair: Please use first the client before writing script11:16
Jitesh_Nairok thanks11:17
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Guest49304can anyone help with an issue stating trytond?12:07
Jitesh_NairGuest49304, you can directly ask the question, people who know the solution would respond12:08
Guest49304I have pg_hba configured with trust, am using tryton:pw@localhost:5432, trytond.conf is properly configured with database and super_pwd, but trytond -c /etc/trytond.conf hangs12:11
Guest49304would a paste help?12:12
pokoliGuest49304: yes, please use pastebin (or another web service) to paste you error and trytond.conf (without sensible information)12:13
pokoliGuest49304: btw, which server version are you using?12:14
Guest49304OK - will do - no error message, just hangs12:14
pokoliGuest49304: could you try the --verbose option in order to know if everything is correct12:16
pokoliGuest49304: on 3.6 series default configuration for logging is to not log anything12:16
Guest49304will do12:17
Guest49304I see the issue - no logging with 3.6 - server is started on localhost:800012:19
Guest49304Thanks pokoli12:19
pokoliGuest49304: so if everything is correct, just connect with the client :)12:20
Guest49304and another issue - probably pythonpath is not set properly - another pastebin coming12:20
Guest49304No, it's missing trytn-icon.png12:21
Guest49304I've encountered this before - have to find file anc copy/move it12:21
pokoliGuest49304: it's related to and shoulb be fixed in 3.6 series12:22
Guest49304It's in /usr/local/share instead of /usr/share12:22
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, iam trying this code
Jitesh_Nairbut iam getting the error:--->> UserWarning: ('UserWarning', ('stock.move,2.done', u'The stock move "10.0u product" has no origin.', ''))12:23
pokoliGuest49304: how you installed it?12:24
Guest49304pip install trytond12:24
Guest49304pip install tryton12:24
Jitesh_Nairthe error traceback
Guest49304cd /usr/share12:25
pokoliJitesh_Nair: you must set an origin (related record which created the move) for incomming/outgoing stock moves12:26
pokoliGuest49304: for me this is a bug as tryton should be able to locate the files when installed with pip, will be great if you can report it :)12:27
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, do we have an example snippet for that in the tests?12:27
Guest49304I will - thanks pokoli12:27
pokoliJitesh_Nair: what do you want to do'12:30
Jitesh_Nairget a product from a supplier and save it in storage12:31
pokoliJitesh_Nair: you should encode a purchase12:31
pokoliJitesh_Nair: examples on the purchase module12:31
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Jitesh_Nairpokoli, ohh i will check that out, but i was wondering how did  this work( just a query!!12:32
Jitesh_Nairas i could not spot any purchase in that code snippet12:33
cedkJitesh_Nair: Please please please learn Tryton first but using the UI!12:33
pokoliJitesh_Nair: i really really agree with cedk12:34
cedkJitesh_Nair: we did write a UI on purpose12:34
Jitesh_Nairguys peace!!!! i was just trying to understand the code nothing else12:34
cedkeven for us, writing proteus script is not easy because it is missing all the safeguard the UI provides12:34
cedkJitesh_Nair: learn the code by using the UI12:35
cedkJitesh_Nair: it is been 3 weeks you are asking always similar question, just because you don't use the UI12:35
Jitesh_Naircedk, I have started using UI when i was told by pokoli , and i am trying to improve too...atleast iam not that same guy as 3 weeks before :)12:36
Jitesh_Naircedk, iam really sorry that iam not fast at this.... but i will get into the understanding phase soon... just few more hurdles :)12:37
pokoliJitesh_Nair: could you please, try using the UI what you're doing and then come back here explaning what you are trying to achieve and what you have done (via UI)?12:40
pokoliJitesh_Nair: and once you've done it you can use proteus if you want12:40
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, sure will start doing that!!!12:42
Guest49304I'm now having a problem creating the first DB.  It's giving me "Sorry, wrong password for the Tryton server. Please try again."12:44
Guest49304Have done the crypt routine and that's in trytond.conf.12:44
cedkGuest49304: the easiest way is:
Guest49304thank you cedk12:45
cedkGuest49304: the client database managent is not recommended and will probably disapear in the future12:45
Guest49304good to know - thanks12:45
Guest49304I get a traceback culminating with "psycopg2.OperationalError: FATAL:  database "bryants" does not exist"12:48
cedkGuest49304: you must create the database using createdb12:49
cedkGuest49304: it is in the "Create a database" paragraph12:50
Guest49304I see it now - wasn't clear to me originally12:50
Guest49304cedk, how do I reort a bug?12:51
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cedkGuest49304: yes13:04
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Guest49304pokoli or cedk, woulld you please take a look at - It's teh resullt of the create DB command13:17
Guest49304after createdb is successful13:18
pokoliGuest49304: currency module is on 3.4 version and your server on 3.613:18
pokoliGuest49304: save_eval have been removed on 3.6 series13:19
pokoliGuest49304: so you have to update all te modules you installed to use the same series as server (3.6 in your case)13:19
pokoliGuest49304: have a look at
Guest49304thanks - I had cpied some modules.13:21
Guest49304If I used --all - why doesn't that update all?13:23
cedkGuest49304: It does13:23
Guest49304Then why the crash?13:24
cedkGuest49304: what crash?13:24
Guest49304It's in pastebin - link above13:24
cedkGuest49304: pokoli already answered13:25
Guest49304My question is - why didn't I end up with 3.6 code overwriting the 3.4 if I used --all?13:26
pokoliGuest49304: --all only updates existing database, you must update the code for your modules13:26
Guest49304OK - onemodule at a time >-:13:27
pokoliGuest49304: by update the code i mean install (by pip or system package) the new version of the module so the code gets updated13:28
Guest49304Understood - thanks13:29
Guest49304And another - this itme from trytond_product --update13:39
Guest49304Probably because dev packages of libs ae not installed - doc doesn't say dev versions13:44
Guest49304Am I right?13:44
pokoliGuest49304: yes, missing dev packages to build lxml13:57
pokoliGuest49304: have a look at (specially Requirements section)13:57
Guest49304will - I tried the ubuntu repository with no joy13:57
Guest49304When (IF) I get through this, I'm going to build a Docker module14:01
Guest49304I'll make it available14:01
pokoliGuest49304: there are several options for on dockerhub
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Jitesh_Nairafter creating a purchase a move was created but it is still in waiting state, i have set the expected date for today....iam using the UI how to make that done state!!!??15:00
cedkJitesh_Nair: receipt the product with a supplier shipment15:03
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wsirc_3406hi there, new to tryton, want to go in depth and say hallo.16:10
pokoliwsirc_3406: hi, how it's going? Have you installed tryton and tested it?16:12
wsirc_3406have problem connecting to your community cause mailing list maintainer google blocks tor; is that gpl compliant, question, searching for hints...16:12
wsirc_3406hallo pokoli16:12
wsirc_3406elaborated a question text on my upcoming project but could not ask it.16:13
wsirc_3406seen it in practical terms, as well..16:14
cedkwsirc_3406: I think the mailing list will work if you register prior16:15
pokoliwsirc_3406: can not help if google is blocking tor netword16:15
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cedkwsirc_3406: or are you sending email through tor network?16:17
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wsirc_3406firstly I can say that I am glad that I could connect to the community through irc and tor.16:17
wsirc_3406yes, it is the registration process of google, where I am supposedly hindered.. At least it seems like that, it is tedious to try it out in order to prove it.16:19
cedkyou can login via tor to the mailing as I just tested16:22
wsirc_3406cedk: login might function, but registering should be the problem..16:24
cedkwsirc_3406: yes, I think it is quite excpectable to prevent spam16:24
wsirc_3406cedk: thank you for your answering first16:25
wsirc_3406prevent whomever, but me, so to say16:26
cedkwsirc_3406: easiest solution: go to a cybercafe, register and login with tor when back home16:27
cedkwsirc_3406: by the way, it is the same for wikipedia16:29
wsirc_3406cedk: thanks for your effort, I thought about that, too. And now as I have got judgement.16:30
wsirc_3406hm, wikipedia.. do not know, but for example wordpress accepts yandex mail addresses which is fully reachable by tor.16:32
wsirc_3406hope that wikipedia works the same way..16:33
wsirc_3406I am -still- supposing that.16:33
wsirc_3406But anyway: got to send somebody to cyber cafe .. then, in this case :-)16:34
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wsirc_3406Anyway it am going to tackle some compliance check work and would have you informed about the results, just for the cause of interest cu later hopefully.16:47
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Guest49304pokoli, is source code in the pip distribution?18:00
cedkGuest49304: what do you name "pip distribution"?18:06
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sharoonthomascedk: whenever you have a minute, can you take a look at pokoli's comment on
sharoonthomascedk: I don't think we have any modules that have configuration specified in the doc file, but I agree with his view18:11
sharoonthomascedk: if you do as well, I am happy to add it there18:11
cedksharoonthomas: we do have:
sharoonthomascedk: thanks, i had not seen that before18:12
sharoonthomascedk: will add in the same style18:12
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Guest66978does anyone know why I can't connect.?  add a profile, it accepts localhost, and shows the database I want, enter admin as user, and it always returns to demo db, with no localhost v3.6.022:39
Guest66978The aboe all occurs at the login screen22:43
pokoliGuest66978: you have to enter username you want to login22:57
pokoliGuest66978: and save profile22:57
Guest66978I've entered values in the login screen directly, but it won't accept a valid password for the user22:58
Guest66978Where do you save profile - OK?  it returns to login screen with demo db and user22:59
Guest66978How does one set a password in tryton for the user - I'm using DB pw23:00
Guest66978In my config file, i have postgresql://user:password@localhost:5432 and it works fine23:04
Guest66978The trytond server listens on port 8000, and that's the only difference between teh client login and the trytond login to postgresql - or do they have any relation whatever?23:05
Guest66978pokoli, you've been a huge help and gotten me lalmost there - I just need this one last step23:06
pokoliGuest66978: how you created the database?23:14
pokoliGuest66978: when you create a database you will be asked for the admin password, and that's what you will use for first login23:15
Guest66978trytond -c /etc/trytond.conf -d dbname --all23:15
Guest66978user admin?23:16
Guest66978I've tried that as well.  Will try again23:16
Guest66978No joy23:16
Guest66978I can drop the db and try again23:18
Guest66978It didn't ask for password after the trytond -c /etc/trytond.conf -d dbname --all23:25
Guest66978I created teh db in pgadmin3 - is that an error?23:27
cedkGuest66978: it does only if the database is empty23:29
Guest66978It's empty before the --all23:30
cedkGuest66978: I doubt23:30
Guest66978I also don't get asked for a pw following createdb23:35
Guest66978Well, it does have a template, but I don't think you can create a db w/o one23:37
Guest66978How do I make sure it's empty?23:38
Guest66978It has a schema, but all values are 0 including tables before I do the --all23:39
Guest66978I'm using createdb {dbname} -O {owner in quotes}23:41
Guest66978My commands are: createdb bryants -O "tryton";23:45
Guest66978trytond -c /etc/trytond.conf -d bryants --all --verbose23:45
Guest66978nowhere in there does it ask for a password.23:46
Guest66978What am I doing wrong?23:46
cedkGuest66978: I don't know, here it always ask for password23:47
Guest66978Where - after createdb? or after --all?23:48
Guest66978cedk, I really want to use and develop in tryton, but my frustration level is increasing, and I'm not a bleeping idiot, even if I seem like one23:50
pokoliGuest66978: after --all asks for a password23:50
Guest66978Thank you23:50
Guest66978I'll work at it till it works.23:50
pokoliGuest66978: good luck, i'm going to sleep :)23:51
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Guest66978pokoli, cedk - thank you very much - that gets me to the missing icons bug, but I can fix that23:56
Guest66978I'm logged into tryton as admin23:56
cedkGuest66978: what was the problem?23:58
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