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cedkjade_: what repo?00:08
jade_sorry afk00:22
jade_im checking00:22
jade_i dont think you can help ced its openlabs00:24
jade_i might have to talk to sharoon00:24
jade_but really id like to learn how to deploy a site similar to the one use as a demo on tryton.org00:24
jade_im building my personal landing page in django and i'd like to be able to connect tryton to it00:26
jade_im also buidling a django app that will be my ecommerce store for my mineral collection00:26
jade_but so far i can only get django installed locally from synaptic or apt00:27
jade_its giving me errors when i try to install into a virtual env00:27
cedkjade_: django and Tryton doesn't seem to be the good mix00:29
cedkjade_: you should probably use a lighter web framework like flaks, bootle or piramid00:29
cedkjade_: if you choose flask:
jade_is django just too complex/unnecessary?00:31
jade_i was looking into flask at very first00:31
jade_i was also very curious about SAO but i couldnt get that to work either00:33
jade_also thank you for the advice00:34
jade_i also see this
jade_so its interesting you say they are not a good mix00:37
jade_i'm also very confused about how to use tryton on a vps, does trytond serve accessible web interface or do i have to build one?00:41
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Jitesh_Nairhey can any one tell me why we have inventories...if keeping track of products can be done by locations they y inventories...which are un-editable?05:23
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Jitesh_Nairand how to open up product by location through proteus...i want to check the stock level in my warehouse07:00
Jitesh_Nairproduct by location is on wizard07:00
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Jitesh_Nairwhcih is the module that pops up when we try to pay the invoice and it asks for journal type? it says "Pay invoice"10:11
Jitesh_Nairbut may i know which module is that?10:12
pokoliJitesh_Nair: it's the PayWizard in the account_invoice module10:14
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, PayInvoice(Wizard) <-- this class?10:16
pokoliJitesh_Nair: yes10:16
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, how to work with a wizard in code?10:16
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, i successfully did it in UI10:17
Jitesh_Nairany snippets or examples in tests would do fine.10:17
pokoliJitesh_Nair: proteus has a Wizard class to execute wizards10:17
pokoliJitesh_Nair: but you have to understand how a wizard works10:17
Jitesh_Nairoh and where can i start with?10:18
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, i will look into it10:18
pokoliJitesh_Nair: and every test scenario calls the install wizard on the first steps10:18
Jitesh_Nairyea i went through them10:19
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Jitesh_Nairis there any way i can access the wizard '' through proteus10:48
Jitesh_Nairi guess we can get only the base module account_invoice with wizard10:49
Jitesh_Nairare we suppose to use the pool of config and access it?10:49
pokoliJitesh_Nair: grep is your friend :)10:51
Jitesh_Nairoh my bad!!!10:52
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, thanks mate10:52
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, thanks again man \m/11:03
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rpitIs there any module to do mass mailings?13:34
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pokolirpit: there is some module to create mail from templates, but its a third party13:44
cedkrpit: correct mass mailing requires some technics13:45
cedkrpit: probably better to re-use existing solution and feed it with Tryton information13:45
rpitpokoli, cedk: thanks, I'll have a look at it13:49
Jitesh_Nairhow to cancel an invoice14:15
Jitesh_Nairwhich is not paid but in the posted state14:17
pokoliJitesh_Nair: you have to create a refund14:20
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, but we dint make it paid right?14:20
pokoliJitesh_Nair: customer invoice can not be canceled once posted14:20
Jitesh_Nairit is still unpaid14:20
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, i will liik at it thanks14:21
pokoliJitesh_Nair: there is a wizard for creating refunds, and it can reconcile invoice with refund automatically14:23
Jitesh_Nairsorry for typo its not likk its look at it :(14:25
Jitesh_Nairyup i will chek that wizard14:26
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Jitesh_Nairpokoli, thanks CreditInvoice did it14:34
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prakashpandey:pokoli hi15:38
prakashpandeypokoli: I was thinking if tryton could print what are the sql queries it is running while upgrading database15:40
prakashpandeypokoli: just like django-admin sql command15:41
prakashpandey:pokoli I patched psycopg2 cursor.execute to print the queries15:43
prakashpandey:cedk :nicoe ^15:47
pokoliprakashpandey: I usually patch trytond.backend.postgresql.cursor to do the same15:49
pokoliprakashpandey: whas you that last week asked about some accounts in account_es?15:49
pokoliprakashpandey: why you need such verbose sql output?15:50
prakashpandeypokoli: yes I did, no spanish so15:50
pokoliprakashpandey: i was not here, but i saw some question (that i don't remember), if you repeat it, i will answer it15:51
prakashpandeypokoli: solved that15:52
prakashpandeypokoli: upgrading running tryton instance leads to deadlock most of the time15:53
pokoliprakashpandey: deadlock on which table?15:53
pokoliprakashpandey: are you sure that anybody else is accessing the database?15:54
prakashpandeypokoli: table which is accessed by other users, deadlock will be wrong term15:54
prakashpandeypokoli: say any running tryton instance, on which users are still working15:56
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pokoliprakashpandey: sorry don't understand15:57
prakashpandeypokoli: postgres will not allow you to make chnages to schema if it is already accessed by some user right?15:58
pokoliprakashpandey: AFAIK it will block and it may cause your deadlock15:58
prakashpandeypokoli: yes or maybe a rollback15:58
pokoliprakashpandey: but you don't have any error message?16:00
prakashpandeypokoli: not right now, but most of them rollback16:00
pokoliprakashpandey: i will be interesed in the rollback message :)16:01
pokoliprakashpandey: from which version to which version are you migrating?16:01
pokoliprakashpandey: do you have custom modules?16:01
prakashpandeypokoli: its not module specific, it happens sometimes when you deploy new code to servers16:03
prakashpandeypokoli: On different note: what if i know queries what tryton gonna excute during upgrade and apply them directly?16:04
prakashpandeypokoli: it would be called an upgrade right?16:04
pokoliprakashpandey: whats your deploy procedure? deploy code and then update the database?16:07
pokoliprakashpandey: that's not possible because tryton database schema is dinamic depending on installed modules, so every time you a database update it's run it test if the required schema exist, and creates it if not exists16:08
prakashpandeypokoli: what If I run a dummy upgrade16:09
prakashpandeypokoli: which records sql16:09
prakashpandeypokoli: sql which is updating/creating/deleting16:09
pokoliprakashpandey: that can be possible, but in a copy database16:10
prakashpandeypokoli: hmm I realized, you cant do the sandbox upgrade16:11
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prakashpandeypokoli: copy database is not possible if db has active connection right?16:13
pokoliprakashpandey: yes and then you can come back with the error message16:13
prakashpandeypokoli: come back to you :p16:13
prakashpandeypokoli: anyway many thanks16:14
pokoliprakashpandey: you're welcome :)16:14
prakashpandeypokoli: you are always a saviour :)16:14
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