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Neanhi, can someone tell me how to set the timezone in the trytond conf file? tried it with timezone = CEST10:22
Neanthats not working10:22
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cedkNean: you can not10:36
cedkNean: trytond now always run on UTC10:36
cedkNean: but you can configure a timezone per company to retrieve the current date10:37
NeanOkay, i get an error when he tries to initialice the mysql database10:37
Neanlike "Unknown or incorrect time zone10:38
sharoonthomascedk: struggling with the mac build again.. do you build the client on virtual machine ? would you be willing to share an image on which the client can be built ?10:45
NeanSeems like mysql does not know what UTC is. is there a way to fix that?10:46
cedkNean: don't use MySQL10:46
Neani thought there is a choice wich database you wanna use?10:47
cedkNean: the support is not really usable and we will certainly move it to external10:47
Neanohh ok10:47
cedkNean: yes but it requires a real database which MySQL is not10:47
cedkNean: of course you can try but be prepare to deal with some weird issue due to MySQL fault10:47
cedkNean: so it is probably not the best starting option10:48
Neanokay, then ill go with postgresql.10:48
cedksharoonthomas: no it is on an old laptop10:48
Neancedk: thx :)10:48
sharoonthomascedk: did we raise enough for the mac mini we were planning on buying ?10:49
cedksharoonthomas: almost so I was planning to request the buy soon when I will have time to manage it10:50
sharoonthomascedk: cool10:50
cedksharoonthomas: what is your issue?10:50
sharoonthomascedk: dependency hell :)10:50
sharoonthomascedk: but I got through it and now the client requires an extra click for new windows to appear10:50
sharoonthomascedk: so if I have to rebuild again, I need to get all packages sorted again, but with home-brew the packaged version always has some problem or other10:51
cedksharoonthomas: I don't use home-brew but just jhbuild10:54
sharoonthomascedk: ok, and which version of OS X ?10:55
cedksharoonthomas: I don't remember but an old one10:58
cedkwhich is why we need a new machine to keep following jhbuild because they are removing support10:58
sharoonthomascedk: ah! probably why it works for you. more recent versions and jhbuild don't seem to be going well10:59
sharoonthomascedk: yep I agree10:59
cedksharoonthomas: for sure you must not be too bleeding edge11:00
sharoonthomascedk: such a pain to use my everyday use mac for building the client.11:00
sharoonthomascedk: I am on 10.10.411:01
sharoonthomascedk: I think the problem is brew built packages conflicting with jhbuild11:01
cedksharoonthomas: for sure don't mix build system, it never works11:02
sharoonthomascedk: the funny thing is it works when I run the tryton client, but has all kind of issues once packaged using py2app11:03
sharoonthomascedk: anyway, thanks :) and I hope you get the mac mini soon11:03
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NeanWhen i try to create a new database i get the wrong password error. I changed the password in trytond.conf several times. still not working.14:04
Neaniam running tryton server 3.4.0 on debian14:05
cedkNean: probably a database connection issue14:13
Neanthe database connection works now with postgre sql. i try to create new databases via the client.14:17
cedkNean: it is easier with:
Neanwhen i do that i dont see the databases in the client14:24
Neanbut they are accesable directly via psql14:27
cedkNean: so you did not create the database with the same database user than the one configured for trytond14:28
Neani did at double checked that, ownership is  at the tryton user14:29
cedkNean: so you just need to connect to this server and put the name of the database14:30
Neanthats not working.14:33
Neanis there a way to enable the client way of creating a db14:33
Neanset the trytond adminpw?14:34
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Neansharoonthomas: allready tried that. worked.14:54
Neanfor some reason it worked after i set the pw in the conf back to the default.14:54
Neanafter that i changed the config regarding json restartet the server, wanted to create an other database just to test. and now he is not accepting the password again.14:56
Neanbut i can still connect to the allready created databses...14:58
Neanill try that again tomorrow. thanks for the help so far...15:07
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meanmiciocedk: Thanks. Instead of using an icon as a new field on the tree, I like more the idea of using it as a prefix on the same field18:40
meanmiciocedk : using the view_attributes method18:42
cedkmeanmicio: don't understand18:44
meanmiciocedk : To conform with the 3.8, we'll be using icons instead of colors on tree views. But, instead of using the icon attribute directly, I think we'd better use the prefix attribute18:47
cedkmeanmicio: it is the same for the client, icon attribute is just a shortcut18:48
meanmiciocedk : but from the documentation, if we use the icon attribute, we need to have a field with the icon. On the other hand, if we use the prefix, it allow us to directly use any icon that has been registered18:50
cedkmeanmicio: but indeed it is the same18:51
cedkmeanmicio: but if you use a fixed icon name, I don't see the point18:52
meanmiciocedk: They don't have to be fixed.... you can use one for "warning" (most of the time), but also, some for "forbidden"18:54
cedkmeanmicio: I don't understand18:55
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meanmiciocedk : take a look at . I would change the colors by using prefix and the icon and string18:57
cedkmeanmicio: I don't see how19:00
meanmiciocedk : So, for pregnancy_category C and D, I would use a "warning" icon, and for X, I would use a "forbidden" icon, as prefix. I could also include the string19:00
cedkmeanmicio: without adding a field for the icon19:01
meanmiciocedk: It might be a misunderstanding, but the documentation of prefix attribute says : The name of the field that contains the name of the icon to display _or* the name of the icon.19:03
cedkmeanmicio: yes so if you don't use a field, you will have always the same icon19:04
meanmiciocedk : I thought I could use a conditional to specify the different icon names depending on the value of the field, similar to "colors"19:06
cedkmeanmicio: no the documentation says the name of the icon19:08
cedkmeanmicio: not an expression returning the name of the icon19:08
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cedkmeanmicio: and this is good for modularity because such expression can not be extended but the value of a function field do19:09
meanmiciocedk : ok. So the solution would be to have a function field that returns the name of the icon, depending on the value of a field ...19:10
cedkmeanmicio: yes19:11
meanmiciocedk : ok ! Thanks. I'll play with this concept and let you know .19:12
cedkmeanmicio: we have it on journal-period19:13
meanmiciocedk : Great ! I'll look on it. Thanks !!19:13
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meanmiciocedk : Just sent a pic on twitter with the example and the new concept :)21:27
meanmiciocedk : Looks quite nice, thanks !21:27
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