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dj_xatraI'm following the library example ( I've installed the module, but when I click "Books" in the menu I get this traceback:
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pokolidj_xatra: this error means that the server is unable to find some view of your models15:02
pokolidj_xatra: check that files exists in the view directory15:02
dj_xatraAh, looks like I need to add 'view/*.xml' to package_data in
dj_xatraHm, that wasn't it.15:32
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pokolidj_xatra: check that view names are difined correctly on xml file15:34
dj_xatraMy ir.ui.view name is book_tree ( and I have a file view/book_tree.xml. Looks ok to me.15:39
pokolidj_xatra: looks ok to me to15:43
pokolidj_xatra: not sure if it's related but you miss the form view definition ;)15:43
dj_xatraI thought so: the tutorial mentions book_form.xml and book_tree.xml in the beginning, but later on it seems to only list the content of book_tree.xml.15:48
dj_xatraOr maybe I'm just mixing things up.15:48
kstengerdj_xatra: the xml defined here is the form. In this case you can create the tree view by removing the labels from this one and rename the "form" tags by "tree".15:54
kstengerand you don't need the col or the colspan attributes15:56
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dj_xatraI see, so that was an exercise for the reader then. Then my library.xml probably needs another ir.ui.view element?15:59
dj_xatraCan't get it to work. I'll have another go at it tomorrow. Thanks for the help.16:08
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