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aroncerois there any way to open directly the fields.Reference registry form (for example:,3 or account.invoice, 17) from a tree view?12:02
aronceroI am looking for a example but i don't find it12:03
cedkaroncero: no, the support of Reference field in list is very minimal12:04
aroncerocedk: ok, thanks.12:06
aronceroMust i use a button?12:06
cedkaroncero: you can use a relate12:11
cedkaroncero: or I think right-click gives you the edition option12:11
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aroncerocedk: Thanks, I'll try it12:14
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kstengeris there any module that allows the posibility to raise a kind of exception that could only be overpassed like a warning if the user has permissions for it ?15:13
kstengeror does the raise_user_warning() allow this?15:14
cedkkstenger: you have to deal with both case and raise warning or error15:16
kstengeroh, ok, any examples where I could find the way to check the user permissions?15:17
cedkkstenger: in sale_credit module I think15:18
kstengerok, thanks!15:18
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cedkpokoli: for review 21431002, did you run a full test?18:53
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pokolicedk: yes, i run an it failed, I'm fixing all the modules and uploading reviews19:10
pokolicedk: and I plan to re-run it when all modules are patched19:10
cedkpokoli: I asked because I know such change can break things we did not thought about19:11
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JesseJ_I was wondering whether we can add products fields to add technical specifications / details, e.g.: product length, weigth, color, etc..19:12
cedkJesseJ_: take a look at product_measurement and product_attribute modules19:13
JesseJ_hello cedk , thank you. i will look it up19:14
JesseJ_I am adding the product_attribute module19:16
JesseJ_looks more complete and customizable19:17
cedkJesseJ_: they are complementary19:17
cedkJesseJ_: the advantage of product_measurement is that you have measures with unit19:17
JesseJ_i see19:18
cedkJesseJ_: product_attribute is just free values19:18
JesseJ_i need to figure out how to add attributes now19:18
cedkJesseJ_: you have to create an attribute set and define which kind of attribute it contains19:18
cedkJesseJ_: after that you set the attribute set on the product and you can select and fill the values19:19
cedkpokoli: ping me when you are ready because it will be great to have it before the freeze19:20
pokolicedk: that's my objective ;)19:20
pokolicedk: only missing account_asset for now, and test the full suite another time19:21
JesseJ_cedk:  thanks, i did not get where i can perform such actions19:21
JesseJ_where do i add attributes now?19:21
cedkJesseJ_: on the variants form19:22
cedkJesseJ_: inside the product form19:22
JesseJ_ok i am there thanks19:25
pokolicedk: all the reviews are uploaded, I'm running the full test suit in my computer now )19:30
cedkpokoli: great19:31
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