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cjbarnes18hello,  I would like to replace a method in the Address model in my module, what is the conventional way to do this? is there an example that you could direct me to?00:23
cedkcjbarnes18: replacing is most of the time a bad idea, it is better to extend00:54
cedkcjbarnes18: so you just have to write a module that extend/override this method00:54
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aronceroHi, is this pyson statement correct in a form view?22:52
aroncerostates="{'invisible': Not(Bool(Eval('my_boolean_field')))}"22:52
aronceroI want a page to be visible or not according a field22:55
cedkaroncero: you can no more put Python in XML, you must put the json dumps or you can use ModelView.view_attributes23:00
cedkaroncero: also if your field is a boolean, you don't need Bool but just put the correct default value23:01
cedkaroncero: something like: ~Eval('my_boolean_field', False)23:01
aroncerocedk: Ok, so no more pyson is states?23:09
cedkaroncero: you still can but in the dumps format, not the Python23:12
cedkaroncero: we removed all the eval of external data in Tryton for security23:12
aroncerocedk: ok, i am viewing an example in calendar_todo23:14
cedkaroncero: also it gives more flexbility to override this states by another module23:15
aroncerocedk: I understand it... I will try it. Thanks23:17
aroncerocedk: It works, :D23:19
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