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pokoliin when it says remove if it has a parent, parent means that it the record is in a xxx2many field? or what does parent mean?11:54
cedkpokoli: having a parent means: inside a one2many or a tree12:02
pokolicedk: thanks. I was thinking that maybe we need the reload_parent action, when a record has a parent to reload it's parent12:03
cedkpokoli: I think reload should almost never be used12:07
cedkpokoli: the issue that adds reload action state that it is available only when the user could do it manually12:08
pokolicedk: but when calling a button from a record with parent, the parent record is reloaded?12:08
cedkpokoli: so never in a one2many12:08
cedkpokoli: that's not the same thing12:08
cedkpokoli: it is because the record is saved before calling any button12:09
pokolicedk: so if it's saved then it's reloaded when the button returns.12:11
pokolicedk: I'm trying the stock_split button from inside a one2many and parent record it's reloaded so the new record appear, so everything is ok without the reload action12:12
cedkpokoli: yes when clicking on a button:12:12
cedkrecord is saved (via the parent if exists)12:13
cedkthe button method is called12:13
cedkthe record (or parent) is reloaded12:14
cedkfinaly the returned action from the button is process12:14
pokolicedk: perfect!! thanks for your explanations12:15
cedkpokoli: if you feel the doc is missing some, feel free to update it12:18
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petermmmhi, i'm trying to add a view to extend the form but complains about the label:19:25
petermmm<string>:4:0:ERROR:RELAXNGV:RELAXNG_ERR_ELEMWRONG: Did not expect element label there19:25
petermmm<?xml version="1.0"?>19:25
petermmm   <xpath expr="/form/label[first()]" position="before">19:25
petermmm        <label name="Hello"/>19:25
petermmm   </xpath>19:25
cedkpokoli: label must have a name with field or an id19:31
petermmmcedk: so example at won't work ?19:36
petermmmi want only add the text "Hello"19:36
petermmmisn't that a label ?19:37
cedkpetermmm: in the doc, all label name are field names19:39
cedkpetermmm: if you don't want to use a field, you can do: <label string="Hello" id="hello"/>19:39
petermmmStill <string>:6:0:ERROR:RELAXNGV:RELAXNG_ERR_ELEMWRONG: Did not expect element label there19:43
petermmm<?xml version="1.0"?>19:43
petermmm   <xpath expr="/form/label[first()]" position="before">19:43
petermmm      <label string="Hello" id="hello"/>19:43
petermmm   </xpath>19:43
cedkpetermmm: you should take a look at the generated XML19:46
petermmmok, I will work on this, thank you so far19:47
cedkpetermmm: indeed, I'm not sure what does "first()"19:47
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