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csotelo_good morning dear coders11:20
csotelo_is there a credit card payment gateway?11:21
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cedkcsotelo_: what do you mean?12:19
csotelo_cedk, sorry was a wrong question. I was looking for a module for storage creditcard payments. The question was wrong written. I have one similar, I am reading that ( payments types ) since I am looking for a way on manage credit or debit card payments information, where I just to storage the transaction number, no gateway needed12:21
cedkcsotelo_: what information do you want to store?12:22
csotelo_cedk, I just need the transacction number. For example, when I use a credit or debit card for do a payment,the seller use a pos ( like visa pos ) and the transaction is stored instead a cash money12:24
cedkcsotelo_: so just add a field12:24
csotelo_then I, I have found payment type module, I gues I will create something like that adding a field12:24
cedkcsotelo_: for accouting, I suggest you to use the statements12:25
cedkcsotelo_: the account_payment module is about the company posting order to pay12:26
csotelo_I wont take the acount module until been sure how accountatnts work on it, I was going on a worng way some days ago, and later, I have noticed that tryton do all the accounting job12:26
cedkcsotelo_: you have to write at least a minimal accounting if you want invoice to be marked as paid12:27
csotelo_cedk, I have found it
cedkcsotelo_: for me, the goal of this module is not clear12:28
csotelo_I am working on a localizatoin project for a company using tryton and health, although I am a old python coder, I am completly new on tryton ( I have used openerp some yars ago ) I am planing on do the localizatoin for peru when I have goten enough knowledge ( two month from now )12:29
csotelo_cedk, I have checked it, is nice and have all enough what I need12:29
csotelo_I am planing on extending it ... well just adding a new file :)12:30
csotelo_and is enough for me at this moment12:30
csotelo_one dummy question: on tryton.cfg, the version field, is it about the trytond version or module development version?12:33
cedkcsotelo_: it is the module version but we have the convention in standard module to use the same two first number as the server12:47
cedkcsotelo_: the use that to determine de deps12:47
cedkbut you can use another one if you prefer like GNUHealth does12:47
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csotelo_Thanks a lot cedk12:56
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Omk_Hi guys,13:49
Omk_I f*ed up my tryton 3.0 installation when trying to install new package with pip. It upgraded the whole thing to 3.813:49
Omk_So I downgraded it by doing "sudo pip install trytond==3.0.0"13:50
Omk_did I completely break my installation? now when I try to start tryrond I'm getting:13:51
Omk_Traceback (most recent call last):13:52
Omk_  File "/usr/local/bin/trytond", line 13, in <module>13:52
Omk_    import trytond13:52
Omk_ImportError: No module named trytond13:52
Omk_Sorry for such beginner questions - I've been mainly planning and using it, not installing or upgrading/downgrading it.13:52
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Omk_Ok I guess I better post this to the mailing list.14:08
cedkOmk_: pip can have very strange behaviour14:10
cedkOmk_: it is better to use pip inside a virtualenv like that you can erase and re-do an installation14:10
Omk_yes! damn, it is strange - without asking for any confirmation it just upgrades the whole installation..14:10
Omk_yes... learning from this..14:11
cedkOmk_: otherwise probably, the best is to uninstall all trytond related packages and re-do an clean install14:11
cedkpip uninstall ...14:11
Omk_will it mess up my DB?14:11
cedkOmk_: no as far you did not update the database with the new source code14:12
Omk_and how much of the configs are in the db and how much are stored in files?14:12
Omk_hmm pip uninstall means all our customizations will be gone. I guess they are gone already.14:12
cedkOmk_: nothing is stored in files except the attachments14:12
cedkOmk_: what do you name customization?14:13
Omk_my developer did some minor changes, such as added due date field to the sale_invoice. Now he is out of reach afer he left.14:14
cedkOmk_: it depends how it did that14:14
Omk_hmm I guess recover from backup is best option14:14
Omk_cedk: I guess not in very professional way.14:14
cedkif he modied directly the files then it is gone, if he uses the recommended way by writting a custom module then you just have to re-install this module14:15
Omk_I'll have to look around. I guess he direclty forged the code.14:17
Omk_cedk: Luckily I have a backup, of the files, so can do a recovery. Though just found the last backup is 3 months back due to error in script. But since then there haven't been changes14:18
cedkOmk_: I will suggest you to make a database backup before any experiment of restoring your source code14:20
Omk_I think I can get it done.14:21
cedkOmk_: and once it is done, I suggest to move the customization into a custom module to avoid such issue otherwise you will never be able to update or upgrade tryton14:22
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csotelo_dear coder, I am trytin to check some pos modules17:02
csotelo_I have found some one on, however this is not working, since its dependence sale_payment doesnt exists anymore17:03
cedkcsotelo_: I have started a module but not yet ready:
csotelo_cedk, I am sure it could be helpfull and if I could give some support or help on the code, could be great!17:21
csotelo_cedk, probably I am wrong on what I will to write: abou the url, I have noticed that is a reviewer, and I could download the code as a targz, my quetsion is where is it hosted, github?17:34
cedkcsotelo_: nowhere17:40
csotelo_then, the onlu way to check it is downloading the code and if there are contrinuttion, they must be done using paches?17:41
cedkcsotelo_: the best way to contribute is by commenting17:42
csotelo_cedk, that sound better for me, I am a coder, but my experience on tryton is lesses than a junior17:42
csotelo_thant, that sound perfect for me17:43
csotelo_then, that sounds perfect for me*17:43
cedkcsotelo_: otherwise of course you can send me a patch but it is still WIP so many thing can still change17:43
csotelo_sure, I will test it today and tomorrow17:44
cedkcsotelo_: the worklow is not yet complete17:49
csotelo_is there a blueprint for it?17:50
cedkcsotelo_: no an email on tryton-dev17:52
csotelo_ok... enough information for look for it17:57
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