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csotelodear coders, I ma having a continuos error "can only parse strings"11:43
cedkcsotelo: could you give the full traceback12:08
csotelolet me prepare a paste bin12:16
csotelocedk, this is the pastebin.. sorry for no complete the text on the last line, I have written and I was preparing the txt for my next line, and you write me12:25
csoteloThis issue is appearing on the wizard that I was creating, I guess it is related to the for cause it is not been located or something like that, however I couldnt find the solution yest ( maybe I am wrong with my test )12:29
cedkcsotelo: the view has no arch12:32
cedkcsotelo: so the name is wrong or missing12:32
csotelocedk, yes, as you could see, I was trying to find on what is the "arch" related, I have write some print on the model, have you noticed on my paste? could you explain me please, about the arch name? I mean whre this ois set? I would like to to know also how to find errors on my self and undertading code12:35
csoteloso, about your answer: name is wrong, wich name? of the view?12:36
csoteloI have also pasted the xmls files12:36
cedkcsotelo: yes the name of the view12:38
csotelocedk, yeah... let me look wich view..12:40
csotelocedk, yes! I have solved12:47
csotelolet me told you what I have done for find the view: 1 select * from ir_ui_view where id =671 ( for find the wrong name ), I have found health_appointment_invoice, I dont have that view, and then change the name on my views12:48
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csoteloCoders, please, just a question. I have a line like : Product = pool.get('product.product'), I would like to create a var liek line_product wich one stores a product information. I have a name , I guets is something like product_line = Product.get('product_name'), however I know is no correct, I ma looking for the information on hot to get a product since its name, any suggest14:21
csotelocedk, thanks a lot!!!14:23
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