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Nico7878Hi there and Merry Christmas! I have one question regarding business days : currently my expected delivery time for a purchase order don't take into account business days. Do I have to install an optionnal module for that? Many thanks!11:23
cedkNico7878: we don't have yet module that take into account the business day11:56
cedkNico7878: we have this comment in payement term:
cedkNico7878: so the same could apply to
cedkNico7878: like the module stock_supply_day does12:00
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Nico7878Thanks for your feedback cedk12:23
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Nico7878Hi back. I know it's definitly not the good day for stupid question but I'm still at work and need to fix that : I currently use inventory move to perform cunsumables type references, like gloves or dust mask that I want to track in stock.16:01
Nico7878Is there a clever way? I've tried to perform manual stock moves toward "Production" but it don't work.16:01
Nico7878Either internal expeditions, but I assume it's out of purpose16:02
cedkNico7878: what do you want to do with those consumable?16:05
cedkNico7878: why not track their usage on the production directly?16:07
Nico7878I want to have an automatic resupply, with automatic purchase request16:07
Nico7878it's not assigned to a product at all, it's essentially individual protection equipment in order to perform maintenance and so on16:08
cedkNico7878: so you have two options, consume them in the production order or just do invetory from time to time16:09
Nico7878MMM, I don't like the idea to consume them on "fake" product reference to produce, I'll stick to the actual solution so )16:10
cedkNico7878: of course you have to use the production solution if it correspond to reallity (consumed to make the production)16:10
Nico7878totally agree. To be a little less weird from accounting point of view, I'll create a "consumption" lost & found location to be able to make difference between real losts and consumption16:12
cedkNico7878: why not16:13
Nico7878Once again many thanks for your reactivity cedk, and Merry Christmas ^^16:14
cedkNico7878: butt hen you could use internal shipment to this new location16:15
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