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Nico7878Hi all! Happy new year to everyone, wish you all a year full of modules devlpt, and bug free!16:28
Nico7878To begin the new year, I move my sales management to Tryton too. Is there a way to set a manual date on customer purchase order? My lead time is 5 weeks, but usually my customers order product several months ahead. With auto delivery date based on product delivery time, I can't rely on the sales supply module16:30
cedkNico7878: I don't understand17:14
cedkNico7878: what is "customer purchase order"?17:14
cedkNico7878: do you mean, you want to set manually the delivery date on the sale line?17:16
Nico7878Hello cedk, yes absolutely, I want to set manually the delivery date on the sale line17:22
cedkNico7878: you need to customize the sale17:23
cedkNico7878: for now, it is a function field but you can define a setter on it17:23
cedkNico7878: probably something can be done to be included in base17:23
Nico7878OK ty, is there an existing module for that? I mean if I have to dive in code I'm affraid my python skills are a bit fresh )17:24
cedkNico7878: I'm not aware of17:25
cedkNico7878: otherwise, you can still edit the planned date of the moves created on the sale validation17:25
Nico7878Sounds good to me, I'll try that17:26
Nico7878I think it would be a rather usefull function to implement in Tryton. In a lot of industries the sale order and the production lead time are in different timeframes17:27
Nico7878Thank you once again cedk17:27
cedkNico7878: indeed I think the common case is the default one of Tryton17:29
cedkNico7878: delivery asap17:29
cedkNico7878: but I agree that in base we should have the possibility to edit it but following some constraint17:39
Nico7878yep sure, for instance if you have a lead time, a date that don't break it17:40
cedkNico7878: also I think in such case we must store a delta instead of a date probably because if the sale date change17:41
Nico7878The sale date should be the emission date of the PO, customer side, and it can't be changed. The PO of course could be changed, and you change the sale order accordingly, but a delivery date have to be firm17:43
cedkNico7878: I don't understand because you are talking of purchase and sale17:48
Nico7878I record a sale when I receive a purchase order from my customer. Is it clear like that or do I miss something?17:50
cedkNico7878: please avoid mixing naming concept17:53
cedkNico7878: in Tryton we always speak from the company point of view otherwise it is impossible to understand17:53
cedkIt is a difficult to know what is a good default behaviour17:57
Nico7878My apologies, I just wanted to highlight the fact that there's a document that state the sale date, so we can't change it afterward17:57
cedkbecause if the sale date change, then the delivery date set could be under the supply delay etc.17:57
cedkNico7878: but I don't agree with you about the meaning of the sale date17:58
cedkNico7878: the sale date is when the company encode the order, not when the customer request to be17:58
Nico7878I think we agree on that, we use to encode the sale when we receive the document17:59
cedkNico7878: but it can change18:02
cedkNico7878: usually the customer will request a quotation and could ask for some change18:02
cedkNico7878: then you can update the sale date because it is a new proposal etc.18:03
cedkalso having to edit the delivery date on each line could be to much work18:03
cedkas usually everything is at the same date18:03
cedkso probably it should be possible to have a default date on the sale form which could be override per line18:04
Nico7878In my case unfortunately we have to register sales with different delivery date for each line (18:04
Nico7878So yes, overriding would be necessary. Anyway I like the idea to have a global date for the default behavior18:05
cedkNico7878: you can make a feature request to keep a log if this discussion18:15
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kstengeris there a shortcut in the client to switch the view from of a one2many field, like the sale lines inside the sale?19:15
kstengerctrl+l switches the sale itself, I'd like to switch the lines19:18
cedkkstenger: no we don't have19:18
kstengeroh ok!, thank you cedk!19:19
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