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2016-01-14 10:24 <csotelo> hello dear coders, please a question about views. When I have a model on the way one2many, and a fueld on the view on the way: """<field name="related_model" colspan="4"/>""", It createds a grid on the view, with a button "create new", thius button open a for view. My question is: how to do for create a new line in the grid instead opning a form view? thanks
2016-01-14 10:38 <pokoli> csotelo: you have to use the editable attribute of tree view
2016-01-14 10:40 <csotelo> pokoli, Thanks a lot
2016-01-14 10:40 <pokoli> csotelo: you're welcome :)
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2016-01-14 12:19 <Omk> Hey guys, I have been tuning up the dunning letter, and I have one problem: when I process the dunnings, and get multiple pages of dunning letters, the page break does not come correctly.
2016-01-14 12:20 <Omk> Which character I should have in the end of the dunning letter template, so that LibreOffice would split the pages in the right places? Now the page break comes in wrong place.
2016-01-14 12:22 <Omk> I think this is because of the combining of the header_A4.odt with the letter.odt,
2016-01-14 12:22 <cedk> Omk: ODT break page before a paragraph (not after)
2016-01-14 12:23 <cedk> Omk: so usually, you need to put the break on the first paragraph of the letter
2016-01-14 12:26 <Omk> if in Libre I go to Insert / Manual Break, I have only three options: "line break" "column break" and "page break". There is no paragraph break.
2016-01-14 12:27 <Omk> I think using regexp in text body will not work, so I can't use $ or ^p
2016-01-14 12:27 <Omk> Page break seems to be the same as you get with Ctrl+Enter
2016-01-14 12:28 <Omk> cedk: oh the above was for you, sorry forgot to add your nick
2016-01-14 12:28 <cedk> Omk: I mean page break is set on the paragraph as break before this paragraph
2016-01-14 12:28 <Omk> Ok, thanks. Will try this :)
2016-01-14 12:32 <Omk> cedk: thanks, it works! Problem solved :)
2016-01-14 12:33 <cedk> Omk: also be careful, if you put such "break" on a relatorio statement, it will be removed
2016-01-14 12:34 <Omk> ok
2016-01-14 13:12 <csotelo> Dear coder, do you an url which explain the way on model validation? I have found but, I ma looking for an example or something like that
2016-01-14 13:15 <cedk> csotelo:
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2016-01-14 13:21 <csotelo> cedk, I ahve read that, but I am looking an exmaple. What I am tryton to do is no integrity validation. What I am lokking for is a datetime interval. I mean, I just create a row between 09:00 and 12:00, then , I want to validate that I am in the right interval
2016-01-14 13:22 <csotelo> that is why I am looking for samples for understand the way onmake validations
2016-01-14 13:23 <csotelo> or something like "on_create"
2016-01-14 13:23 <aroncero> csotelo: in party module
2016-01-14 13:24 <csotelo> let me see
2016-01-14 13:24 <cedk> csotelo: don't understand what you want to validate
2016-01-14 13:25 <aroncero> csotelo: validate call check_code (raise a exception if eu vat is wrong)
2016-01-14 13:25 <aroncero> csotelo: it is a very simple example
2016-01-14 13:26 <csotelo> aroncero, sorry for makeing this kind of questions, I was doing the whole night grep -r pattern looking for samples on the code i am writing, I am sometjing lazy, and that is the reason on asking intead continue looking
2016-01-14 13:27 <aroncero> csotelo:
2016-01-14 13:28 <csotelo> cedk, the reason is that I am creating something like a cash entry egress process, then for open cash process I have created shifts, For example a shift on friday from 07:00 to 14:00, then, before save the new entry egress process, I need to validate that I am on that shift, otherwise, none must be created
2016-01-14 13:28 <csotelo> and the same for close the process
2016-01-14 13:29 <cedk> csotelo: it is not possible to help you without knowing your database schema
2016-01-14 13:30 <csotelo> cedk, I understand that, I am something lazy :(
2016-01-14 13:30 <csotelo> let me do a paste for show my db schema
2016-01-14 13:31 <cedk> csotelo: indeed you should try to avoid to use validate
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2016-01-14 13:31 <cedk> csotelo: you should try to implement your constraint in the declarative pattern of Tryton (domain, states etc.)
2016-01-14 13:33 <csotelo> give 3 minutes for paste the db please
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2016-01-14 13:44 <csotelo> cedk, this is my db schema and these are my models
2016-01-14 13:44 <csotelo>
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2016-01-14 13:49 <cedk> csotelo: but I still don't understand what you want to validate
2016-01-14 13:51 <csotelo> I gues "validate" is no the right word. I need to do a check. As you could see on my db schema, I have pos_journal and pos_shift, a shift is relate dto a s start time and end time, on a specific day
2016-01-14 13:51 <csotelo> today is thursday, then I just could create a journal today if a shift exists
2016-01-14 13:52 <csotelo> for example
2016-01-14 13:53 <cedk> csotelo: make pos_shift required
2016-01-14 13:54 <csotelo> I have a shift from 07:00 am to 14:00, I just start a journal if there is a shift for thursday that I could open ( here is 07:52am, the the shift must start before this time ), and I just could close the journal if there is it 15 minutes before 14:00
2016-01-14 13:55 <csotelo> cedk, yes! but how to check if I am inside the hour_start and hour end
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2016-01-14 13:55 <csotelo> for example, I must not create a journal for friday if today is no friday and there is not shift available
2016-01-14 13:56 <cedk> csotelo: put a domain
2016-01-14 13:56 <csotelo> that is thye reason on the needing on make a way of vlidation or check data before create, and before update for marked as closed
2016-01-14 13:57 <cedk> but I must say all this design seems very complicate
2016-01-14 13:57 <csotelo> cedk, you are right! ( my brain is no thinking well )
2016-01-14 13:57 <csotelo> let me look how to do that
2016-01-14 13:58 <csotelo> cedk, yes.. a litle complex, customer requirement, this is a implementation for my job
2016-01-14 13:58 <csotelo> like a pos, but no exactly a pos
2016-01-14 13:58 <csotelo> is ahealth center
2016-01-14 13:58 <csotelo> where they manage pos shift
2016-01-14 13:59 <csotelo> and the y need to now money entryes and egresses, also the could generate egress without a documents, and just register for the money sald calculation
2016-01-14 14:01 <csotelo> as I must do calculation for find the time interval, is possible to create a domain based on funcion?
2016-01-14 14:02 <pokoli> csotelo: it's possible to eval a function field in a domain
2016-01-14 14:03 <csotelo> pokoli, thanks.. Ia m loioking for it :S
2016-01-14 14:03 <csotelo> :'(
2016-01-14 14:04 <pokoli> csotelo: it's a common pattern in tryton, to declare function field with on_change_with (so it's updated when other fields change) and use them in a Eval of a domain or a states
2016-01-14 14:05 <csotelo> pokoli, I konw, I guess my brain is slept and I am working, Ideas no come fast :)
2016-01-14 14:05 <pokoli> csotelo: on invoice model it's used for currency digits
2016-01-14 14:05 <csotelo> thanks
2016-01-14 14:07 <csotelo> pokoli, yes, I have see, but it is something lie fields.Function. what I looking for is something like Many2One with a function for domain
2016-01-14 14:09 <pokoli> csotelo: yes, on the domain you can put [('field', '=', Eval('your_functional_field_here'))]
2016-01-14 14:09 <csotelo> sorry for continue asking with trying to find the solution on myself
2016-01-14 14:09 <csotelo> thanks
2016-01-14 14:09 <pokoli> csotelo: or wathever domain you need
2016-01-14 14:09 <csotelo> pokoli, thanks
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2016-01-14 14:40 <Omk_> Hi, I want to include invoice number in the dunning letter as a reference, but I'm not able to get it there.
2016-01-14 14:40 <Omk_> This is my first time I am altering the reports. I have read the docs and also Administration / Models / Models, but I don't understand how can I include the related invoice number there.
2016-01-14 15:01 <cedk> Omk_: the easy way is to show the move origin
2016-01-14 15:08 <Omk_> cedk: you mean account.move.line? Will try that
2016-01-14 15:42 <csotelo> dera coders, I am trying to do something like that but I couldnt get workling ( doamin with function ) any suggest please
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2016-01-14 16:35 <csotelo> dear coder, a have a stupid question. How to find a single row? I gues is domain.. but, I couldnt find the way based on a where clause. I hope any suggest
2016-01-14 16:56 <pokoli> csotelo: you can use a domain with the search method
2016-01-14 16:56 <pokoli> csotelo: and if you nou the row id you can instanciate a Class with its, row. f.e: inovice = Invoice(1)
2016-01-14 16:56 <csotelo> thanks a lot!
2016-01-14 16:56 <pokoli> csotelo: a where clause = a domain
2016-01-14 16:57 <csotelo> I see, I understand
2016-01-14 16:58 <Omk_> can you guys guide me how to add fields to invoice letter / dunning letter etc. To the .odt file. I remain confused how to get the data there, for instance, the invoice number. Maybe I'm just dull.
2016-01-14 16:59 <Omk_> pokoli: you know about this?
2016-01-14 17:02 <Nico7878> greetings all. I have a question that I know is recurrent but I can't manage to solve it. I have a purchase order treated, waiting for delivery, but I need to cancel this purchase order. How should I proceed please?
2016-01-14 17:05 <pokoli> Omk_: have to go now, sorry :(
2016-01-14 17:05 <Omk_> pokoli: ok
2016-01-14 17:06 <Omk_> Nico7878: go to the purchase order. See under actions
2016-01-14 17:08 <Omk_> Nico7878: what is the status of the purchase order? Quotation? Confirmed?
2016-01-14 17:08 <Nico7878> under action I can just translate the view
2016-01-14 17:09 <Nico7878> it's at treatment step, already confirmed
2016-01-14 17:09 <Omk_> Nico7878: never heard about such status as "treatment". Maybe it is your own term.
2016-01-14 17:10 <Omk_> Yes, you are right, there is no "cancel purchase" option under actions
2016-01-14 17:10 <Nico7878> it might, it's a french translation, I'll check us wording and I tell you
2016-01-14 17:11 <Nico7878> ok, it's processing
2016-01-14 17:12 <Omk_> in that case I think it has not affected the stock values or anything. So how about you just try deleting the record? You can first duplicate it, so you get the amounts in a new record, and then delete the old one, using the tools menu
2016-01-14 17:13 <Nico7878> I can't delete the record, it says I have to cancel the order first
2016-01-14 17:14 <Nico7878> but indeed I think no stock moves occured until now
2016-01-14 17:15 <Omk_> Which tryton version?
2016-01-14 17:16 <Nico7878> 3.8
2016-01-14 17:18 <Omk_> Ok. Sorry, I cannot help. I have no idea. But as such, this purchase does not affect stock moves etc, but it is quite stunning there is no easy way to cancel it.
2016-01-14 17:28 <Nico7878> I agree, definitly )
2016-01-14 17:30 <Omk_> Pls write about it to the mailing list. Also others would benefit of the answer.
2016-01-14 17:37 <cedk> Nico7878: you have to cancel all documents it could have generated stock move, invoices
2016-01-14 17:37 <cedk> Nico7878: then you could manage the exception by ignoring the recreation
2016-01-14 17:37 <cedk> Nico7878: and the purchase will be done
2016-01-14 17:39 <Nico7878> I think I've managed to cancel and not recreate, thanks the exception wizard, the stock moves, but not the invoice... I'll keep investigate. But it means the purchase order will appear as done? Later on, it should be error prone when analysing the historu of orders...
2016-01-14 17:46 <cedk> Nico7878: yes as far as a purchase was confirmed it can only end as done (even if it does nothing)
2016-01-14 18:03 <Nico7878> ok, finally it's done but I would say it's a bit counter intuitive. Anyway, once again, many thanks Cedk!
2016-01-14 18:06 <cedk> Nico7878: if you have ideas to improve it…
2016-01-14 18:09 <Nico7878> As far as no receiption has been done, couldn't we think about a big cancel button wich perform the same tasks automatically? Or do we have chance to compromise stock valuation or mean purchase price this way?
2016-01-14 18:15 <cedk> Nico7878: it is a special case so it will still be confusing on why sometimes user can cancel and sometimes he can not
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2016-01-14 18:34 <Filipe85> hi
2016-01-14 18:34 <Filipe85> i need help installing tryton in a windos pc from comand line. After run "pip install tryton" i get this: error: can't copy 'msvcr90.dll': doesn't exist or not a regular file
2016-01-14 18:35 <cedk> Filipe85: there is already an issue filled for that
2016-01-14 18:37 <Filipe85> ok, sorry, i am new with tryton is it this one?:
2016-01-14 18:38 <cedk> Filipe85: no
2016-01-14 18:39 <Filipe85> could you indicate where do i get the correct tutorial for fixing it please?
2016-01-14 18:39 <cedk> Filipe85:
2016-01-14 18:39 <cedk> Filipe85: there is no fix
2016-01-14 18:41 <Filipe85> in the link you sent me is where i got the first link i sent you...
2016-01-14 18:41 <Filipe85> cdk: the way to go around is then getting source and installing manually?
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