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yulxI tried neso-setup-3.8.1-20151113.exe but there is a problem on '"No module named chardet".02:00
yulxMay I ask here if how to fix?02:00
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VlijmenFileerHey all.  I have Tryton 3.8 on Debian testing.  Want to try Sao.11:09
VlijmenFileerI downloaded 3.8 (seemed more logical than "development") from
VlijmenFileerI know nothing about Node.js or npm, so I tried the exact instructions11:10
VlijmenFileerInstall (under my home dir), unzip, and npm install11:10
VlijmenFileerUnfortunately it gives errors....11:11
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! tryton-sao@3.8.3 postinstall: `bower install`11:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! Exit status 12711:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR!11:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! Failed at the tryton-sao@3.8.3 postinstall script.11:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! This is most likely a problem with the tryton-sao package,11:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! not with npm itself.11:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! Tell the author that this fails on your system:11:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR!     bower install11:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! You can get their info via:11:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR!     npm owner ls tryton-sao11:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! There is likely additional logging output above.11:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! System Linux 4.2.0-1-amd6411:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! command "/usr/bin/nodejs" "/usr/bin/npm" "install"11:12
cedkVlijmenFileer: Please don't copy/paste in chan use pastebin11:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! cwd /home/user01/Sao38/sao-3.811:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! node -v v4.2.411:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! npm -v 1.4.2111:12
VlijmenFileernpm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE11:12
VlijmenFileernpm WARN This failure might be due to the use of legacy binary "node"11:12
VlijmenFileerAnybody who could give a quick hint?11:12
VlijmenFileer*Whack!*  Ok, will remember that...11:12
cedkVlijmenFileer: what is you run bower install ?11:13
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VlijmenFileerHm that sounds like it is a separate tool.  I assumed this "bower" (and "grunt") were part of npm.11:16
VlijmenFileerAgain, sorry, I know nothing about Node.js plus tools...11:16
cedkVlijmenFileer: no bower is for browser side stuffs and grunt is to compile server side stuffs11:16
cedkVlijmenFileer: in npm we put a postinstall command to run: bower install11:17
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VlijmenFileer"npm install -g bower"?11:17
VlijmenFileerAnd: "npm install -g grunt"?11:17
cedkVlijmenFileer: it should already be installed as it is the postinstall that fails11:21
VlijmenFileerNot sure...  I was hasty, already "npm install -g bower" and that ran fine.11:27
VlijmenFileerNow I have /usr/local/lib/node_modules/bower/bin/bower (and no other modules there).11:27
VlijmenFileerPerhaps Debian does not give those modules bower and grunt "for free"?11:28
cedkVlijmenFileer: the sao package.json consider you will install all localy not globally11:29
VlijmenFileerHere again.  Marginally increased my understanding.  So it seems sao as downloaded brings with it a local bower and grunt.11:55
VlijmenFileerpackage.js wants "postinstall": "./node_modules/.bin/bower install"11:56
VlijmenFileerRunning bower in that location gives "/usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory"11:56
VlijmenFileerWhich perhaps means I needs to install the whole node.js first, right?? (A)11:58
cedkVlijmenFileer: yes npm depends on node.js12:05
aronceroVlijmenFileer: apt-get install nodejs npm works for me12:06
VlijmenFileerI just noted I already got that as dependency with my npm install via apt-get12:06
VlijmenFileerI think this might be the problem, in package.json: "#!/usr/bin/env node"12:07
VlijmenFileerThis means the binary "node" must be in $PATH, right?  But for me it's not.12:08
aronceroVlijmenFilleer: try to use absolut route12:08
aronceroin my case: /usr/local/bin/bower install12:08
aroncerouse "which bower" to find the absolute path12:11
VlijmenFileeraroncero: same result.  i'm pretty sure it's that "node" does not exist as executable in my path12:14
VlijmenFileerMy Debian does give me a "/usr/bin/nodejs".  Maybe the same thing but different name?12:14
aronceroVlijmenFileer: I use Debian too12:16
VlijmenFileerStrange.  I do find some confirmation of my suspicion:12:18
aronceroln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node12:18
VlijmenFileerAlready :)12:20
VlijmenFileerUgh.  Another fail in npm install at bower...  But now exit status 1 instead of 127.12:23
VlijmenFileerI need a feed.  Back later.  Thanks so far guys!12:23
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VlijmenFileerBack again.  Launching soa postinstall action on command line now shows it needs git to be installed.13:26
VlijmenFileerbower jquery#~2.1.1             ENOGIT git is not installed or not in the PATH13:26
VlijmenFileerInstalling git ...13:27
VlijmenFileernpm install now gives lots of green messages, no error :)13:41
VlijmenFileerset data in [jsonrpc] in trytond.conf13:44
VlijmenFileer$grunt I guess has to be $./node_modules/.bin/grunt (not in path)13:44
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VlijmenFileerI get a login interface in the webpage now.  It has a header "database" without database name under it.14:03
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VlijmenFileerTrying to login with user/pass as in tryton client gives zero reaction :(14:04
VlijmenFileerAnybody?  Where does this interface make log files?14:04
cedkVlijmenFileer: in your browser14:05
VlijmenFileercedk: What you mean, look at http in browser?  I was thinking maybe node.js has logging.14:12
cedkVlijmenFileer: there is no node.js14:17
cedkVlijmenFileer: if you don't see the database, it is probably because there is an error in the browser14:18
cedkVlijmenFileer: and when I said "in the browser" I mean in the javascript console log14:20
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VlijmenFileercedk: Almost have to call it a day here.  FWIW, in FF console I see that in the form for "Database", the entities <select id" login-database" and <input-id  login-database are not displayed17:30
cedkVlijmenFileer: I'm not sure what you call console17:31
VlijmenFileerI have zero knowledge of web pogrammign and javascript.  Don't know why they are not displayed.  Will tinker on probably after the weekend.17:31
cedkVlijmenFileer: but there is a console and if there are errors, it will appear in it17:32
VlijmenFileerctrl-shift-k in FF.  It gives many options.  This is in "Inspector"17:32
VlijmenFileerThe Javascript part/console only gave me an "http://localhost/locale/en_US.json NOT FOUND" as error.17:33
cedkVlijmenFileer: ok so no error I guess17:33
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cedkVlijmenFileer: did you prevent trytond to list the database?17:34
cedkVlijmenFileer: and can you connect to it with the native client?17:34
VlijmenFileer"list = True" in trytond.conf, and can connect successfully with native client17:35
VlijmenFileerIn the Inspector console I can manually disable "display: none" lines under "Rules".  Then the database selection field appears, but is empty17:36
cedkVlijmenFileer: are you connecting using trytond server?17:38
cedkVlijmenFileer: I mean is it trytond that server the webpage?17:39
VlijmenFileerIt now is.  localhost:8000.  And works.17:41
VlijmenFileerSorry for bothering, but many thanks for the help.  I really do not yet have a good idea of the architecture of this thing...17:42
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cedkVlijmenFileer: browser doesn't allow javascript to communicate with other server than from where it was fetched17:43
cedkVlijmenFileer: but they are mechanism that are available but it requires web server configuration and it is much more complicate than just serving the page17:44
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marc0sI'm getting "relation "ir_configuration_id_seq" already exists" when setting up a new database from the client into a frshly installed 3.8 trytond, from pip, is it any known issue? search the bugtracker and found nothing.23:24
cedkmarc0s: not aware of it23:35
cedkmarc0s: which version of postgresql?23:36
marc0scedk: 9.523:37
cedkmarc0s: only 4.0 will support 9.523:41
cedkmarc0s: or you can apply the patch23:43
marc0scedk: oh, thanks for the link and the info23:43
marc0scedk: actually I can stick to 9.4; should it be ok?23:44
cedkmarc0s: yes23:47
cedkmarc0s: indeed 9.5 just changed a little bit the output of search_path23:48
cedkmarc0s: and so we don't parse it correctly and so trytond can not find back what it created23:48
marc0scedk: i understand23:50

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