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csotelohello dear coder, I am working on invoicing payment, I need to add some fields values when an invoice is paid, I mean, I am working on paiyment types, buty just at the moment on do the payment, no on before11:41
csotelothen, before marked an invoice as "paid" I need to save some fields, then I am looking for the method or process that make mark the invoice as 'paid' in order on customize this method to add my fields values11:42
csotelomy question is, wich ,class / method mark an invoice as 'paid'? thanks a lot11:43
cedkcsotelo: paid11:44
csoteloI am looking for that, probably I am missconfusing something... let me check again11:45
csotelocedk, what I have found on pid was "def paid(cls, invoices): pass" I gues I am lossing something else11:47
cedkcsotelo: so what is the problem?11:48
csotelocedk, I am trytong to understand how is the invoice marked as 'paid',11:48
csotelotransition do that? "@Workflow.transition('paid')"11:49
cedkcsotelo: yes11:50
csoteloI understood, I continue learning11:50
csotelothen, If I wnat to add some behavior on the 'paid' thanksition, what I must to edit is "def paid", right?11:51
cedkcsotelo: probably11:52
csoteloWhat I need to do is: when customers paid an invoice, they sometime paid on different ways, for exmaple: the invoice is for USD 30, but I just have a chas of USD 20, then I will payment of USD 20 on cash and USD 10 using my credit card, then I need to have theses payments ways stored on a table for make a report on how invoiced on a day were payed and how much of cash and how much cards11:54
csotelochas := cash11:54
cedkcsotelo: no development is needed11:55
cedkcsotelo: just use different journal11:55
csoteloon the class PayInvoice I have a method named "transition_pay", I could add these information here, but I guess is part of paid method11:56
csoteloI see11:56
csoteloI was reading about that, but I have seen that , when I paid an invoice, I just could use one journal at once11:57
csotelothen hou could I use more than journal at once?11:58
csoteloper invoice11:58
cedkcsotelo: no but it is not a problem11:59
cedkcsotelo: regiter 20$ cash and after 10$ credit card11:59
csoteloI mean, I understand I could do that, but registering USD 20 ( less than the invoice amount of USD 30 ) means that I must do an extra process for the invoice, that usually is complex for a cashier, I need a way to make these task as simple as possible, tryton to .. for  exmaple, let the cashiers just add payments as lines of payments, and.. on back of the app, do the rest of the process12:03
cedkcsotelo: the pay wizard is very simple, I don't see how you can make it simplier12:05
cedkcsotelo: but it is not made fo cashier12:05
cedkcsotelo: it is not a POS12:05
csoteloyes, I know is no for a cashier, I am trygin to make it as simple for a cashier without writing to much code12:06
csoteloI mean, I just want to write as few code as possible12:07
cedkcsotelo: It is damn simple so write no code12:07
csoteloas you write on before, is no for cahier, is for an account12:08
csotelosimple for an account12:08
csotelono for a cashier12:08
csotelofor a cashier, is too much science12:08
csotelowhat I have not do full POS module, cause this involves selling and selling involves other process12:09
csoteloI just want to use these simple invoiocing process and make it simple for a cashier12:10
cedkcsotelo: this is false, casher has exactly the same workflow12:10
csoteloconsidering that most of the values could eb configurable at once12:10
cedkcsotelo: you register one payment and the another and then anthor until paid12:10
cedkI stop arguing here12:11
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csotelohmmmm.. then probably I am wrong on someting12:11
csotelocedk, sorry, I dont want to disturbe you, just ..I was trying to make something that I was guessing was wrong after talk to you12:12
csotelocedk, I was reading about that, just one more question, is possible to define journals based on payment types? I mean, I wasn t to pay USD of #= using cash ( Cash journal ), the as default ( no needed to assign  ) the cash journal is selected, and if I do a card payment a journal is set also by default, no needed to select, Is possible to do that?12:43
cedkcsotelo: I don't understand the sentences12:45
aroncerocsotelo: the journal is the "payment type" itself12:46
csotelogoing back to your suggestion on, for pay an invoice of USD 30, with two different payments, one of USD 20 and other one of USD 10 with a credit card, then I must register two payments with different journals, right12:48
csoteloaroncero, thanks12:48
csotelosorry for continue makeing questions, I want to have it clear, please12:48
aroncerocsotelo: you must "pay" the invoice "twice"12:49
aroncerocsotelo: first 20 with cash journal12:49
aroncerocostelo: then 10 with credit card journal12:49
csoteloaroncero, until here, I have it clear12:50
csoteloThen I could have , for exmaple: this journals: [Cash, Visa, MasterCard]?12:52
csotelosorry for these dumb question12:54
csotelojuts looking for havit clear12:54
aroncerocsotelo: yes, you can12:54
csotelothe reason on tryton to create "payment types" as lines of payment is that I have seen payment_type module12:55
csotelothen, as I understand Is no needed12:55
csoteloone more dumb question:wich table stores the payments register?12:57
cedkcsotelo: there is no standard payment_type module12:58
csotelocedk, I just understood that, I have seen that on bitbucket12:58
csoteloI guess is no needed then12:58
cedkcsotelo: I think this module define wrong concepts12:59
aroncerocostelo: i suppose a payment_type_module is to define multiples workflows for a payment12:59
csoteloANd my knowledge on account is poor12:59
aroncerocsotelo: but it is a assumption12:59
csoteloaroncero, no.. I was reading it, what is true is that, credit card payment have a different behavior or something like that13:00
csoteloI have been reading about that, probably I am wrong, a cash payment just go to the cash account entry, but on credit card involves other issues like the fees for the card13:01
csotelohave a diffrerent work flow13:02
csotelobut my accounting knowledge is not enough yet for process it, until now I was trying to manage as simple cash, and havit clear on multiple payment for an invoice13:02
cedkcsotelo: you don't register the fees on the payment but when you receive your statement13:02
csotelothen I will study more for crdir card13:03
csotelocedk, until that is clear for me13:03
csotelonow ( I gues so )13:03
csoteloon the statementes ( one more thing is no yet clear for me ) I gues I need an accounting copurse urgent13:05
aroncerocsotelo: fees are not from your client, they are from your bank13:05
aroncerocsotelo: so you must create another account move for thats fees13:06
csotelothen I just assigning to a different journal is ok, right?13:06
csotelowhat do you about having on the payment wizard multiple payment vregister instead just one? I mean, like a grid that let the person responsible on the payments regiter multiple payment and have the way on know when the meney is wnough or he must give a money change13:13
aroncerocsotelo: you can make a new wizard to do that, but i think the normal method in a company is like this now13:27
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csoteloaroncero, I am writing it for a customer, it must have a similar behavior like a POS13:29
csotelobut is not a POS13:29
csoteloall works ok, but cahiers need something like the behavior description on before13:30
csotelowhere they receive payments on Soles ( Peruvian money ), Dolars, Credit and Debit, if there is money change, they could know that13:32
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aroncerocsotelo: you can make payments in different currencies and different journals, so you can write a wizard to make different payments in a unique form13:40
csoteloyes, something that I forget to write you is, if I pay on a different currency form the company, I must do the conversion and register as the normal currency, Then if I pay with USD I must convert to SOl and regiter on SOl13:42
aroncerocsotelo: tryton do it, you must define a USD - SOI value13:46
aroncerocsotelo: i receive payement in EUR and GBP13:47
aroncerocsotelo: and it works out of the box13:48
csoteloyes, I have seen the method "compute"13:54
csoteloI also use it to manage other more currency rates I live it :)13:55
csotelofor exmaple, here is common to use 4 different currecy rates13:55
csotelo2 of them for the taxes authority ( buying and selling ) for USD and EUR, and street rate ( buying and selling ), when a customer pay on foreign currency, the company compute based on street buying, but when company pay on foreign, computes as selliing, but for tax autority must use selling rate privided for them13:59
csoteloThen I have over ride the compute method :)13:59
csoteloover write*14:00
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aroncerocan be a tree view grouped by criteria?14:55
aroncerosimilar to "Open Chart of Accounts" but in a tree view14:56
cedkaroncero: order by what you want14:57
cedkaroncero: but if you want aggregation, you have to create a Model for that using table_query14:58
cedkand if you want to display different Model in the same view, you can use UnionMixin14:59
aroncerocedk: thanks, i will read about it14:59
aroncerocedk: but sounds it is complicated15:00
aroncerocedk: i will try it anyway15:00
cedkaroncero: most of the time user only need sorting15:02
aroncerocedk: I agree but sometime they want to group15:03
cedkaroncero: you mean aggregate?15:10
aroncerocedk: yes15:15
aronceroin groups15:15
cedkaroncero: so it is normal that you have to define how to aggregate15:17
cedkare you doing a sum, average etc.15:17
aroncerocedk: in this specific case a sum15:19
cedkaroncero: yep specific :-)15:23
aroncerocedk: yes, i know... :D15:26
cedkaroncero: you can look at timesheet module there are many table_query with aggregation there15:28
aroncerocedk: thank, i will look it. Under reports menu?15:30
aroncerocedk: but i want the aggregation (for example sum ) and the individuals lines (that's the "group by" reason)15:32
cedkaroncero: usually we just add a tree_open action that will open the content of the selected line15:40
cedkaroncero: otherwise you can use the UnionMixin to union both model15:40
cedkaroncero: but if number of line is great than a tree is not really good15:41
aroncerocedk: i am looking "Open Chart of Accounts"15:42
aroncerocedk: I think that this is the behavior I want15:43
cedkaroncero: but chart of account is a tree of the same model15:44
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aroncerocedk: I am a newbie yet, I start with a model and then I will try mix more models :D15:46
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mariomopHi, I downloaded tryton 3.8.3 client for Windows and ran the installer in a Win XP, but when I try to launch the program it says:  Could not run tryton.exe because of wrong configuration20:36
mariomopI tried in a Win 7 box, no message appeared, but tryton didn't started neither20:38
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mariomopHas anyone been through something like that?20:40
cedkmariomop: never hear about such problem20:54
cedkmariomop: did you correctly instal it with adminstrator rights?20:55
mariomopcedk: I have installed in Windows a couple of times before this, never happened20:55
mariomopI don't know what's the problem now20:56
mariomopIm pretty sure I did it with administrator rights, I check the users, but maybe that could be a guess20:57
mariomopcedk: using regedit tools, I can see an entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > tryton-3.8.3, pointing to the instalation directory, that's all21:03
mariomopcedk: thanks anyway, I'll give it chance later21:05
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cedkmariomop: that's for the uninstall22:51
mariomopcedk: when I uninstall the entry disappear22:52
cedkmariomop: otherwise tryton doesn't use at all registry22:52
mariomopcedk: but it's the only one I see after installation22:52
mariomopcedk: hmmm, ok22:53
mariomopcedk: by the way, where do I have to configure the ssl certificate in Windows client?22:53
mariomop./config/tryton/x.y/ca_certs/ is in Linux22:54
cedkmariomop: the same on windows but in APPDATA22:56
cedkinstead of HOME22:56
mariomopI got it, the registry it's used for the uninstaller to know where is the installation that must be undone22:57
mariomopcedk: oks, thank you22:57
cedkmariomop: yes it is the nsis standard way22:58

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