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dj_xatraThe library example ( looks like a nice intro. Is that still current for the latest Tryton version?10:41
cedkI don't know but it is a pity that it doesn't reuse the training module:
dj_xatraIs there a tutorial that does use the training module?10:47
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meanmicioI think we should re-introduce the style on reports.10:54
cedkdj_xatra: there is:
cedkmeanmicio: I think no10:54
cedkmeanmicio: it doesn't work properly10:55
meanmiciocedk : Extending a report (ie, adding a logo) was simpler, and it scaled better than today10:56
cedkmeanmicio: it was a crappy hack that did not work10:56
meanmiciocedk : :)10:56
meanmiciocedk : So we should come up with an easy solution that allows to customize the header / footer , as you do in the company model, but with more features (such as including images)10:59
meanmiciocedk : going through each standard report is not scalable, for a simple task as adding a logo11:00
cedkmeanmicio: I don't think there is so much report11:01
cedkmeanmicio: we live in a paperless world11:01
meanmiciocedk : Sure. We send the report in pdf via email. Not on paper11:01
cedkmeanmicio: logo could be managed as the company header/footer11:04
cedkmeanmicio: I don't see a problem to include such option in base11:04
meanmiciocedk : That would be great11:08
meanmiciocedk : So we can have a fixed (left, right,..) position and size for the logo in the header.11:09
pokolicedk: meanmicio we have a module for defining the logo in the company
cedkpokoli: does it deserve a module?11:39
cedkpokoli: a module to add 1 field, seriously…11:40
pokolicedk: If it's included on base it does not reserve a module11:41
cedkpokoli: even if not11:43
cedkpokoli: this is insane to create a module to add 1 single field with no real usage11:44
pokolicedk: we use it ass dependency for other X modules that use the field in the report11:48
pokolicedk: what you suggest to copy the field to all the other modules?11:48
cedkpokoli: it sounds like bad design11:49
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pokolicedk: so what will be a good design?12:16
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cedkpokoli: don't know the usage13:12
pokolicedk: we use the logo field in reports13:38
cedkpokoli: so it is customization and so it has no sense to publish it13:39
cedkpokoli: but of course, it would have been smarter to talk about the need and see if it can be in base13:39
pokolicedk: Ok, so lets go for what we need in base. Logo, width and height is OK?13:43
cedkpokoli: :-)13:45
pokolicedk: with roundup credentials? Or I have to register?13:46
cedkpokoli: new register13:47
pokolicedk: and Why not an issue?13:48
cedkpokoli: it is better to discuss first13:49
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cedkI'm pretty sure there are many usage/needs for such feature13:49
cedklike the position of the logo, what to do if there is no logo etc.13:50
cedkand maybe there is more needs13:50
pokolicedk: I'm afraid we will end up with so much fields13:50
cedkpokoli: that will be the goal of the discussion to reduce to a minimal set13:51
cedkthat matchs 80-90% of the cases13:51
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cedkpokoli: with discuss, I think it is good to update the topic to match the concensus that emerge15:00
cedkpokoli: in some way, the original author is responsible for the final of this topic15:00
pokolicedk: I agree, but I think we have to add a topic explaining all those things15:13
cedkpokoli: you can also change your post into a wiki15:16
pokolicedk: how i do this? I don't understand15:19
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cedkpokoli: you have an option on your post to switch to wiki15:43
cedkpokoli: click on "..." (show more)15:45
cedkpokoli: and normally you have an option "Make Wiki"15:45
pokolicedk: I can not see this option. I'm only see edit, bookmark and permanlink :S15:47
pokolicedk: nor I can see it on a new post creating page15:48
cedkpokoli: I guess it is linked to your level15:53
dj_xatraWhere in the docs can I find info about what "res_model" means for window action?15:55
pokolicedk: so you can update it?15:55
cedkpokoli: yes I can turn it into wiki15:59
cedkpokoli: done15:59
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nh2hi, can anybody explain me how to "just start" Tryton with an sqlite backend after having installed it tryton and trytond via pip?23:02
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nh2the UI configuration seems inherently hardcoded to a host:port config, even though the docs say that `sqlite://` is the default database23:03
nh2I've tried for half an hour now to just get the UI up, but I didn't manage, so any help would be appreciated23:03
cedknh2: quite confuse you are talking about sqlite and the UI23:04
cedknh2: sqlite is a configuration of the server23:04
cedknh2: in UI, you just have to put the host of the server23:04
nh2cedk: what confuses me is that in the client (I'm using the `neso` executable, is that right?) it allows me to create databases and such23:06
cedknh2: ha you are using neso23:06
nh2I mean I'm happy to use trytond+tryton as well, whichever is easier / more supported; I just read in some docs that for a single user setup neso might be easier23:07
cedknh2: so what is the problem with neso?23:08
nh2cedk: So let's see if I'm doing this right. I start `neso` from my virtualenv without args. A `Login` window popsup, with a Database "Create" button, and a user name and password field. Should I hit create?23:09
cedknh2: yes23:09
cedknh2: you need to create at least one database23:09
nh2OK, then I'm in the "Create new database" dialogue. First thing is "server connection", which is currently set to "localhost:8000". That seems wrong to me, since sqlite uses files and no ports. Should I hit "Change" next to it?23:10
cedknh2: no, it is because neso is a bundle of the client and the server23:12
cedknh2: so it simulate a local connection23:12
nh2cedk: OK, so I leave that to `localhost:8000`. Now "Tryton server password", do I need to enter something, or leave it blank?23:13
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cedknh2: you can leave it empty, it is again something that come from the client/server bundle23:15
cedknh2: indeed it should be filled but any value works23:16
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nh2cedk: OK, so I clicked "Create" having them all set to "test"; then the UI hangs for 17 seconds, and now I'm back at the Login window with the database set to test. But if I set "User name" and "Password" to "test", and click "Connect", I get "Connection error! Bad username or password!"23:27
cedknh2: because admin user is hardcoded to admin23:29
nh2cedk: so what should I enter here, test/admin, admin/test, admin/admin all don't work23:32
cedknh2: admin as user and the admin password you entered at the creation23:39
nh2cedk: OK, that worked, thank you! Is there a list of pip modules for which it makes sense to install by default? I'd like to do mainly accounting for my company23:47
cedknh2: the advise is to install only what you need23:50
cedknh2: I most also warn you that neso purpose is more for testing than production usage23:50
cedknh2: as it is based on sqlite, it will not scale too much and lack of some features23:51
cedknh2: also it is very complicate to switch from sqlite to postgresql later23:51
nh2cedk: OK, once I have tried it out a bit, I'll be happy to install postgres for my real usage23:51
cedknh2: and for accounting abviously take a look at all the account_* modules23:54
cedknh2: but don't install module you don't need23:55
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