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csotelo_dear coders, is possible to set a domain based on a context value or user loged value?05:01
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jcrhi everyone10:08
jcrI am having quite some problems setting up a tryton server with pgsql db10:09
jcrwhen I reach the step "initialize a database", the instruction ends with a Errno98 port in use error10:10
jcrother steps should be good, but the jsonrpc thing dosen't like it10:11
jcrchecking the 8000 port shows that tryton is already listening ...10:12
jcrI installed from debian stretch (tryton 3.8), both server and client, and the db is setup as shown in the doc10:13
jcrbecause I am setting up a server box from nothing, I can reinstall the whole system if needed, but I am afraid it won't solve the main problem ... is there a mandatory order of proceeding for the installation with pg ? (first set up db, then modify /etc/tryton/trytond.config, then run the trytond -c config etc. line ?10:17
jcrsorry I have to leave for the moment, I will check in tomorrow10:19
jcrthanks for any input ! :-)10:19
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csotelo_hello, I have a lazy questions, is there an event lie on_create? thanks15:26
cedkcsotelo_: ModelStorage.create15:29
csotelo_cedk, I mean an event that is triggered on a record create. I guess create is a method to create records using a dict of values15:32
csotelo_or.. COuld I do something like def create(cls): Super().create() .....15:33
csotelo_without break the normal behavior?15:33
cedkcsotelo_: of course15:41
csotelo_perfect! Thanks15:41
cedkcsotelo_: Tryton moduliraty is not even based, it is real Python inheritage15:41
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ninaI created a new module to print a new report that will replace the old one. And also created his .po file, but some strings appear untranslated although I have them placed in the file. can someone help me?17:21
ninaI'd like also override some words.17:23
cedknina: how did you create it?17:42
ninacedk: I created the new health_history, and I used replacing existing reports.17:45
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ninacedk: Do you like I send my module to you?17:46
cedknina: I mean: How did you create the translations?17:48
ninacedk: I copy the original translations of the module health_history and delete the words that I didn't want, I added the new words  and I kept the ones I wanted to subscribe17:53
cedknina: this will not work17:55
cedknina: you have to use the translations wizards17:55
ninacedk: In 'Override translations'?17:56
cedknina: no, you are doing a new report so it is new translations17:58
ninacedk: Ok, I thought that was override. Thanks.18:09
ninacedk: The translations is just for my odt file.18:11
cedknina: do the translation for your module18:11
ninacedk: ok18:11
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