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csotelohello dear coders, I have an issue related with virtualenv. I have installed gnuhealth using installer, nad I have noticed that, when I try to install tryton from pip, I get a message like """../gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.10""" any suggest in order on no load this tryton instance on my new current virtualenv? thanks13:18
csoteloI have found "--ignore-installed" thanks13:19
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csotelodear coders, any url to run tryton as service?14:43
sisalpcsotelo: the client ?14:50
csoteloNo, for Systemctl or init.d14:50
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sisalpcsotelo: so what do you mean by url ?15:14
csotelolike an article or something like that were I could read about how to implement tryton as linux service15:14
sisalpcsotelo: read documentation of your linux distribution.15:16
csotelono extra information? just as any other python script runnig inside virtualenv?15:16
sisalpcsotelo: just as any service15:17
csotelogreat! thanks a lot15:18
sisalpcsotelo: if you plan production, there are good practice rules to follow as sys-admin15:19
csoteloyes, I understand... each day I am getting in love more than the before day on tryton :)15:19
csotelotime to go back to family15:19
csotelohappy coding day15:20
sisalpbye for now15:20
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apostatizeI've defined a view_attributes modification like so: ('//group[@id="example_id"]', 'states',{'invisible': Equal(Eval('_parent_name', {}).get('key'), 'example').18:10
apostatizeWorks fine in some instances, but after a form_relate action, the modification doesn't work on the subsequent form view.18:10
apostatizeIt's being called, but it seems the _parent_name is not defined then? Or?18:11
cedkapostatize: of course _parent_ only exist for view inside a One2Many18:15
apostatizecedk: Hmm... so I can't access the parent record in form_relate tree/form view?18:16
cedkapostatize: no there is no parent18:16
apostatizecedk: Got it. I want to access the many2one field like... name.example ... so I'd have to define a functional field to grab it, if I needed to use it in a form_relate view?18:18
cedkapostatize: yes18:21
apostatizecedk: Appreciate it. Thanks. That was my next idea. =-)18:22
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