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cedkpokoli: why not01:52
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vezzaHi! I'm trying tryton and I'd like to know if there is an italian translation/localisation to import...09:19
cedkvezza: yes there is but not complete:
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shroxcedk: I am getting the following error while trying to connect the database I made with tryton
shroxcedk: Also, I am unable to use this command trytond -c <config file> -d <database name> --all . It says that --all is unrecognized.12:40
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pokolishrox: on latest trunk you should use trytond-admin -c <config file> -d <database> --all to update all the modules13:58
shroxcedk: What does 'trunk' imply?14:02
shroxpokoli: ^14:02
shroxpokoli: I did that. It asked me to set an admin password and I set one.14:06
pokolishrox: trunk is the latest development code, default branch on mercurial14:08
pokolishrox: so you can no access from a trytond server with the admin user and the password you set14:09
shroxpokoli: It says that mydb.sqlite doesn't exist. Why is it searching for an sqlite database by default14:10
pokolishrox: you miss the -c <config_file> option, with the postgresql uri set if you're using postrgresql ;)14:11
pokoliACTION is going to eat something 14:11
shroxpokoli: Ah, let me check.14:12
shroxpokoli: Still not working for me. Also, I try to set up database using the tryton client and it says wrong server password.14:28
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shroxcedk: pokoli: I am unable to resolve the database mydb.sqlite doesn't exist error. I have made a postgresql database and have connect the configuration file while running ./tryton20:36
pokolicedk: can you upload you config file to some paste service?20:38
pokolishrox: sorry20:38
pokolishrox: the error is basically that you are accessing a sqlite backend on the tryton server, and you should use postgressql20:38
shroxpokoli: Just resolved it!20:39
shroxpokoli: I really have no idea why it wasn't working the first time.20:39
shroxpokoli: Stuff like this happens more than once with me.20:39
shroxpokoli: Was able to login.20:39
shroxpokoli: Thanks anyway, haha.20:40
pokolishrox: this happen to all of us. I'm happy you solved it20:42
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shroxpokoli: I want to make a report so that I can test the format change in invoice.odt from format_currency to format_number20:48
shroxpokoli: What's the best way to do it?20:48
shroxpokoli: Can I access a demo of some sort?20:49
shroxpokoli: Also, if you're aware of this bug , can you tell me what exactly cedk meant by more digits than the currency?20:58
shroxpokoli: How would I decide how many digits?20:59
cedkshrox: see the definition of unit_price in invoice.py21:04
shroxcedk: okay21:05
prayashmcedk: Can I assign issue5366 to me?21:40
shroxcedk: digits in unit_price is equal to price_digits. But it says price_digits is not a member of account.invoice.line. price_digits = (16, config.getint('product', 'price_decimal', default=4)) in the product module, however.21:40
shroxcedk: I tried exporting the price_digits definition to, but it still says the same thing21:41
shroxcedk: am I doing something wrong?21:41
shroxprayashm: There should be no problem in assigning an unassigned issue to yourself.21:58
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