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aronceroHi, I want to use production module to disassembly a product instead of an assembly11:41
cedkaroncero: the production module has no distinction between assembly or disassembly11:47
aroncerocedk: I know, but when you make a production order11:49
aroncerocedk: you must select a product11:50
aroncerocedk: and this product must be an output no an input11:50
aroncerocedk: example: I receive a table11:51
aroncerocedk: and it is been 4 kg of wood11:51
aroncerocedk: and 1 kg of steel11:52
aroncerocedk: I must can select product table in production, but now product is mandatory to be an output11:53
aroncerocedk: I think if we put a check in BOM that mark as "reverse"11:54
aroncerocedk: and the list of selectable product in production will be inputs instead of outputs11:54
aroncerocedk: now i make a dirty way creating the product "out table" in output without a significant qty11:56
aroncerocedk: but it is a botched job11:58
cedkaroncero: you just have to not put a product on the production12:03
cedkbut I agree that it will be great to be able to use bom for such case12:06
aronceroI will think about it and I will create a entry in discuss12:08
aroncerocedk: but if I dont select a product, Can I select a BOM?12:09
cedkaroncero: for now, no because to explode the bom we need a quantity as reference12:11
cedkaroncero: but I think this could be improved12:11
aroncerocedk: So, I must use "a trick" to make a disassembly12:30
cedkaroncero: no, you can right now create a production order12:31
cedkaroncero: it is just that you can not use BOM but it is often the case when you disassemble you don't really now what you will get12:31
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aroncerocedk: create inputs and outputs manually in each  production order?13:12
cedkaroncero: yes13:19
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aroncerocedk: It does not seem very productive for a recycling plant (WEEE)14:00
aroncerocedk: I will work in a paper to discuss it14:01
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andrespolitiis there a way of generating a report for a readonly model with property fields? I have16:21
andrespolitia model that displays records from a view and depending on what you select on a combo, shows additional information in property fields16:22
andrespolitibut all the property fields are blank in the report because they cannot be saved16:23
cedkandrespoliti: by property do you mean Function?16:24
cedkandrespoliti: Property are stored but you should avoid to use them, there are going to be removed16:25
andrespolitibut if i use fields.Function i would have to define getters, but these fields should not have them16:26
cedkandrespoliti: I don't understand your design16:27
andrespolitithese fields depend on the value of the combo field, so initially they are empty16:28
cedkandrespoliti: for me, it is clearly a Function field and not at all a Property16:30
andrespolitithe property fields are set with the combo's on_change16:32
andrespolitiand have no getters16:32
cedkandrespoliti: this is bad design16:32
andrespolitiif i make them function, i should define a lot of empty getters16:32
cedkandrespoliti: Property fields are stored in a separate table, but it is *stored* fields16:32
cedkandrespoliti: what you describe is clearly a Function: something computed out of other values16:33
andrespolitiok, i will review the design16:34
andrespolitithank you!16:34
cedkandrespoliti: you can use an on_change_with as getter of the Function field16:35
andrespolitiokey, i will try that16:36
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