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pokolicedk: one doubt about I added test and it's faling11:56
pokolicedk: on sqlite, and I think it's because that sqlite uses float for sum11:56
pokolicedk: so I'm wondering how to solve it11:56
cedkpokoli: I don't know11:57
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pokolicedk: ok, i will try if i can solve it casting arguments12:01
pokolicedk: i was asking in case you have something in mind. Thanks!12:01
cedkpokoli: but indeed what is the result of SQLite?12:09
cedkpokoli: also I think the cast should be the last operation12:10
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pokolicedk: sqlite returns the float12:13
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pokolicedk: and the first cast is needed for postgresql doesn't know a function to round non numeric fields12:13
cedkpokoli: but I don't see what is the problem12:16
cedkpokoli: if it is a float as far as it is rounded12:19
cedkalso at the end, I'm wondering if it is really useful to have such searcher12:20
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pokolicedk: I don't know exactly what's de problem. I uploaded the review with the failing test if you want to have a look.12:26
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pokolicedk: solved it as cleaner as possible13:12
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shroxcedk: It's been a while since I uploaded the invoice.odt file for issue5386. Please review it when you have the time?14:41
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cedkshrox: yeps when I will have time15:35
cedkACTION boring to be the only one who reviews15:36
pokolicedk: you are the best reviewer, i try to review some reviews when possible15:53
cedkpokoli: nothing against you, you are part of the rares that care15:56
pokolicedk: i imagine, I understand that the first review is always dificult. I will like to have more reviewers too16:02
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kstengercedk: I try to learn as much as I can from you, I have had to dealt for a long time with this feeling a mix of frustration plus amazement plus fear of beeing wrong, because your efficiency is really out of the scale! All in coding and reviewing, or thinking of a solution right out of the box. My contributions are still little, because I keep learning. I hope I can be more helpful with time :-)16:11
pokolicedk: BTW, when you have time can you close (as it's already implemented)16:20
pokolikstenger: please don't fear beeing wrong, we all have mistakes. The important think is that we can improve by collaborating ;) and thanks for your effort16:21
kstengerpokoli: yes, that's exactly what I try to do pokoli, I've been doing really a great work inside (which by coincidence matched the time I joined the tryton community, but it wasnt the trigger), now I want to work on the feeling of embarrasment I get when I'm wrong :-D (you know... women are complicated :-p)16:25
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pokolikstenger: yes, women are complicated :P hehhe16:36
kstengerpokoli: 1st step to cure is acceptance ;-)16:38
shroxHaha, this thread was funny. :P16:43
pokolikstenger: so it seems you are close to cure it16:44
kstengerhehe... I kind of already regret this thread, but oh, well... it's sincere :-)16:45
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kstengeractually, my point above is: maybe others feel in a similar way but don't dare to say it, or are not yet conscious about it (yes, even if they are men :-P)17:07
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shroxkstenger: Yes, definitely. What you said was entirely valid.19:13
kstengershrox: :-)19:15
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kstengershrox: your issue was left in "chatting" status after your last comment (it's automatic when you post on a closed issue), close it please :)20:02
shroxkstenger: Yup, just changed it to 'resolved'20:02
kstengerah, ok!20:02
kstengerdoes anyone know in which cases a hostname can contain "[" and "]" ?20:03
cedkkstenger: ipv6 address20:04
kstengeroh, thanks cedk!20:04
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