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csotelohello dear coders. I have gotten an issue extending a extended view, for example, when I try to append a field on an extended view, it works well, however, when I try to append a field on a extension of an extended view, it doesnt work. do I need to do something else? my code:
pokolicsotelo: do you have dependency with the extending module in tryton.cfg?13:13
cedkcsotelo: you must always extend the base view13:14
csotelopokoli, yes I have it13:14
csotelocedk, I have tryed to extends the base view, but fields on the extends view wich I would like to replace appears as no found!13:15
csotelothen, What must I do in order to replace some fields on an extended view?13:16
cedkcsotelo: it should appear, it is done like in many base modules13:18
cedkcsotelo: but the dependencies should be correct, the xpath based on the resulted view13:19
csotelook... I will look for the error then, however. I have an advance on know what I must no done about extending views..( I must just extend the base view )13:21
csotelothanks a lot13:21
pokolicsotelo: you can add a print tree.tostring() before to see the parent view13:27
csotelothanks pokoli13:27
csotelopokoli, I could access and edit parent fields without problems, my issue is on trying to replace fields from a third extends view13:29
csoteloI have gotten something like AttributeError: Couldn't find tag (xpath: /form/notebook/page[@id="party_gnuhealth"]/group[@id="person_details"]) in parent view!13:30
csoteloI am trying to extend a gnuhealth view from party13:31
csotelobut I need to replace a field and add other one13:31
csoteloI am asking here sonce is a generic code topic13:31
cedkcsotelo: I'm pretty sure your module doesn't depend on the module that adds the field13:32
csotelocedk, I ma sure this is a dumb question, but... I am doing this and my question is, What am I doing wrong? please13:36
cedkcsotelo: I don't know but I think you are not depending on the module that adds the group your xpath is based on13:38
csoteloI hope been clear on my question in order on no bothers you.. I just doung something like "class Party (ModelSQL, ModelView): ->  'Party' -> __name__ = ''"13:39
csoteloand the module code that I am extending is class PartyPatient (ModelSQL, ModelView): ->    'Party'->    __name__ = ''13:40
csoteloboth of that models ( base and extended have the same name )13:41
csotelohow then I must extend the extened model from the module health13:42
csotelotrying to be clear party module has, then health have a, I need to extend from health13:43
csotelohow to day that?13:44
pokolicsotelo: there is no need for inheriting from ModelSQL and ModelView if you use the PoolMeta metaclass13:46
pokolicsotelo: just extend and add the dependency with gnuhealth in your tryton.cfg file13:47
csotelopokoli, I will check again13:50
csotelotime to go job13:53
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prayashmshrox: Congratulations!21:33
shrox prayashm: you too :)21:45
prayashmshrox: ;D Thanks21:45
shroxAnd thank you so much for the opportunity cedk, kstenger and all the other wonderful mentors :)21:45
kstengershrox and prayashm Congratulations to you both :-)21:45
prayashmcedk, kstenger, pokoli: Thanks a lot for your help. Looking forward to work more with you :)21:46
prayashmkstenger: thanks!21:46
kstengerand thanks for your contributions too!21:49
pokolishrox and prayashm congratulations :)21:49
prayashmpokoli: thanks!21:50
kstengerAnd I'd like to extend this thanks to all contributors of Tryton. I think it's good to remind this to each one of us once in a while.21:50
shroxpokoli: Thanks! You were the first reviewer of my buggy patch, haha.21:50
pokolikstenger: its curious that you are thanking yourself :-) hahahha21:53
pokolishrox: you're welcome. The important think is that it's fixed now21:53
kstengerpokoli: why not, you should do it too ;-)21:54
kstengerpokoli: Lately I've seen too many harsh arguments. And I think people is just forgetting to say thanks.21:55
shroxcedk: kstenger: Hey just to let you know. My exams are currently ongoing and will end on the 28th. I will be very active after that :) And I love to blog so the blog that I've set up will be very active as well.22:54
kstengergreat shrox! hope your exams go well :-)22:57
shroxkstenger: Thanks! I hope so too, haha22:57
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