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prayashmneed some help. I cloned the latest version of the tryton client source (4.1.0). Running it. But its unable to connect to the server why is that?07:06
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prayashmOops. doesn't exist maybe. Switched branch. Works fine.07:47
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cedkprayashm: no odds number releases are developement so there is no demo08:20
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mrichezhi, i'm trying to understand why my new module is automatically changing state (workflow) from draft to validated when i'm saving my record...There's a default_state = draft. Any suggestion about this behaviour ?16:12
cedkmrichez: maybe you have override the create or write method?16:15
mrichezno, i don't override those methods16:19
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cedkmrichez: are you sure the default value is exactly the same as one of the selecion value?16:22
mrichezyes exactly the same. My code is quite simple, i don't understand this strange behaviour... it was working before (but before what...)16:23
mrichezshould a function used by a cron defined as @classmethod ?16:23
cedkmrichez: yes16:25
cedkmrichez: did you define a trigger?16:27
mrichezonly a cron16:28
mrichezi'm still searching, i'll retry to recode my module step by step until it will reproduce this behaviour16:30
cedkmrichez: maybe you can put a link?16:32
mrichezon bitbucket ?16:38
cedkmrichez: where ever you want16:40
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cedkmrichez: which model?16:45
cedkmrichez: it is because you defined a button 'validate'16:46
cedkmrichez: 'validate' is a reserved function for Model integrity check16:46
mrichezit's a keyword ?16:47
cedkmrichez: so it is called by create and write16:47
cedkmrichez: not really a keyword but an existing method from ModelStorage16:47
cedkmrichez: usually in such case we name the button: validate_mies16:48
mrichezwow, i don't knew16:48
mrichezstep by step, i'll learn :-)16:48
mrichezthank you for help!16:49
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andrespolitihi, in the docs for 3.8 it says you can define a field as required in the xml of the view. How can I do this?17:44
cedkandrespoliti: you can not17:45
cedkandrespoliti: it is a mistake in the doc17:45
andrespolitii have fields in class A inherited from another class. How can i make them required only in class A?17:50
cedkandrespoliti: you can not17:54
cedkandrespoliti: there is no inheritage in Tryton, it is extention17:54
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lucasSlamHellow, i have a question?19:27
lucasSlamabout Product unique ?19:28
lucasSlamin Tryton version 3.8 module product , code and description  are not unique ?19:30
cedklucasSlam: no, it is done on purpose19:31
cedklucasSlam: most of the time unique constraints are blockers so we create one only when it is strictly needed19:32
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cedklucasSlam: but you can add one if you want with a custom module19:35
lucasSlamok. i need to crate one. how can i do19:35
cedklucasSlam: you can look at how it is done in party module for the party code19:36
cedklucasSlam: but I suggest you to first think if you really need such constraints19:37
lucasSlamok it is what I imagined19:37
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lucasSlamyes, y really think so, because the user needs to add more than a thousend products, with a barcode pistol and she dose not know if the product has been already registered19:40
cedklucasSlam: I think there is a process issue here if people don't know if a product is already created or not19:41
lucasSlamyes, of course. the mistake is produced for their own way working.19:44
lucasSlamand Tryton is the solution to their product registration process19:45
lucasSlamthanks Cedrik19:47
cedklucasSlam: probably a initial search is better than a constraint19:48
cedklucasSlam: because the constraint is raised after filled the form so the work is already spent19:48
lucasSlamGood point but you have to add a new process. donkey user19:54
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lucasSlamuser Supermarket ;)19:55
cedklucasSlam: usually it is advanced users who create products because it requires full knowledge of the company19:56
lucasSlamWe live in South America. Welcome to the third world19:58
cedklucasSlam: don't see the link19:59
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lukiohi cedk! i20:11
lukioi'm implementing a tryton server 3.8 in a server that i have at the internet. I do not know why, but the client (debian/ubuntu) if the user dont do anything for 5 minutes (for example) the client freeze.20:13
lukioI see that it was incorporated the KEEPALIVE on socket at tryton client since dicember 2014.20:15
cedklukio: it looks like the connection is dropped without notification20:16
lukioWe capture traffic with tcpdump and saw that the client it's not sending anything to the server when the user it's not using the application. I can see the keepalive only when the user double click on item menu for example.20:17
lukioWe set the timeout of the server to 3600.20:18
cedklukio: it is the OS who is responsible to send keep-alive packets20:20
cedklukio: see
cedkACTION bbl20:24
lukiocedk: The first two parameters are expressed in seconds, and the last is the pure number. This means that the keepalive routines wait for two hours (7200 secs) before sending the first keepalive probe, and then resend it every 75 seconds20:26
lukiocedk: perhaps, at the tryton client we can implement something like this:20:28
lukio    It activates after 1 second (after_idle_sec) of idleness,20:28
lukio    then sends a keepalive ping once every 3 seconds (interval_sec),20:28
lukio    and closes the connection after 5 failed ping (max_fails), or 15 seconds20:28
lukio    """20:28
lukio    sock.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_KEEPALIVE, 1)20:28
lukio    sock.setsockopt(socket.IPPROTO_TCP, socket.TCP_KEEPIDLE, after_idle_sec)20:28
lukio    sock.setsockopt(socket.IPPROTO_TCP, socket.TCP_KEEPINTVL, interval_sec)20:28
lukio    sock.setsockopt(socket.IPPROTO_TCP, socket.TCP_KEEPCNT, max_fails)20:28
lukioso we do not depend on the implementation of the OS.20:29
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cedklukio: I don't see why the client should be customized, those parameters depend on the network of the OS22:16
lukiocedk: are you talking about of the OS of the client or OS of the server?22:38
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