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shroxkstenger: Hi! I have a question. Will I be pushing the code that I write for GSoC daily to any repo?18:38
kstengershrox: no, I think you should be using the review, and update it whenever you have changes, so you receive comments back from us. This is the usual flow in Tryton, and I see no reason why it would be different for GSoC18:40
kstengershrox: if a review is accepted, then it will be pushed to the main repo18:40
kstengershrox: so you may actually have to work on different reviews, depending on the tasks you can divide your work in18:41
shroxkstenger: Ah, okay. I was confused because my project I feel is somewhat independent from relatorio/tryton. It will only need to be incorporated with the two after my main project is finished. But I think I know get what you mean.18:43
kstengershrox: actually what you will be working on is just like any patch to any of those repositories, so it makes no difference, since you can upload the reviews as many times as you want, and it is even better because you can get comments back in-line.18:44
kstengershrox: my only doubt is if you should do a daily update.18:45
kstengershrox: I think it's maybe too much, but I'd like other mentors opinion on that18:47
shroxkstenger: Okay. My concern was the repo. I will have a look at relatorio's repository and upload a test review so that I don't have any confusions after the 23rd. Thanks!18:59
kstengershrox: ah, yes, basically your patch should be finally applied for the relatorio repo. So you should work on a copy of it, and upload this review with the right title indicating the repo name in it.19:02
shroxkstenger: Yup.  So I can make another folder in the relatorio repo and work entirely inside it, right? Upload the reviews for the code in that one folder?19:04
kstengershrox: no, don't make another directory, just clone the repository and make your changes in it, then upload with hg review19:04
shroxkstenger: But I think I will be beginning from scratch, in the sense, that I will not be using the existing codebase of relatorio until the towards the end. So the changes that I make will be in a new file that I create.19:06
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kstengershrox: so create the file in the right directory, use 'hg add <your file>' and then you can upload the review. This way it will be easier for you to start doing tests asap. And we all understand what is actually going on19:09
shroxkstenger: What would the right directory be? There is only a templates and tests folder.
kstengershrox: 'hg clone'  This will create for you a copy of the current development version of relatorio in a directory called relatorio under your current directory19:22
kstengershrox: I meant https19:23
kstengershrox: 'tip' is just the default name mercurial gives to the latest commit19:24
kstengershrox: the name of the changeset you are browsing appears when you use the web browser, it will not appear after you clone19:26
shroxkstenger: Yes. I mean, let's say I'm creating a file So where in the relatorio directory would I make it? Would it be in relatorio/relatorio or relatorio/relatorio/newfolder19:26
kstengershrox: inside of your cloned repository, I think it should be in relatorio/templates/ in paralel to and pdf.py19:29
shroxkstenger: Okay. This was my question. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the answer :)19:30
kstengershrox: no problem, ask whatever you need to19:30
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