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michalehow will I get context?09:19
pokolimichale: hi, which context? what are you trying to achieve?09:21
michaleI mean user preferences09:22
cedkI think we should write a description for
cedkmichale: User.get_preferences09:24
cedkmichale: with argument context_only=True09:24
michaleis this good?09:28
cedkmichale: no, I said argument must be True not a dict09:30
cedkmichale: and also JSON-RPC call must always have a context as last argument09:31
michalecan you please correct my JSON RPC call?09:32
michaleI am just trying to get preference that's why I am not append context in this call as well as login09:33
michaleas same as login09:33
cedkmichale: login is special call without context09:33
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michaleisn't it this also because I am just trying to context via this call?09:34
michaleafter this call only, I am able to set context for next calls09:35
michaleAm I right?09:35
michaleisn't it preference == context?09:36
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cedkpokoli: do you plan to write the doc?10:30
pokolicedk: which doc?10:30
cedkpokoli: for triggers10:30
pokolicedk: not now10:30
cedkpokoli: OK, I will maybe10:31
pokolicedk: ok, at least I will review it :)10:31
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michaleisn't it preference == context?10:41
cedkmichale: it is what the client does10:42
michaleso both are different?10:44
cedkmichale: I don't understand the question10:46
cedkmichale: context is a mechanism, you can fill it with what you want but the client fill it with get_preferences10:47
michalemy question is this correct? I understand preference == context,right?10:47
michaleget_preference used to get context,right?10:48
cedkmichale: I already told you that it is wrong, arguments must be True and a context10:49
michalethen how can I get context?10:49
cedkmichale: you put whatever you want10:50
cedkmichale: the client uses an empty dict10:50
michalenow  ?10:53
michalecedk, sorry to disturb you, are you there?11:00
cedkmichale: and where the True parameters?11:03
michalecan you just correct me? I don't understand where to put it11:05
cedkmichale: did you look at the method?11:07
michalehere nothing is menthion11:10
michalehere nothing is mention*
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cedkmichale: I'm talking about the method User.get_preferences11:17
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michaleno sorry I am not able find it11:21
cedkmichale: to find method you can use:
prayashmWhy does exporting a CSV append a blank line at the end of the file?11:22
michaleare you talking about this ?11:25
pokoliprayashm: it does not export any blank line on my case11:25
cedkmichale: no it is not documented but Python is made to be read11:26
pokoliprayashm: are you sure you are not exporting a record with all the fields you selected as blank?11:26
prayashmpokoli: Yes, I haven't selected any blank records11:28
prayashmpokoli: I am default branch. Version 4.1.011:28
michalenow ?11:29
prayashmpokoli: s/am/am on/11:29
pokoliprayashm: me to, are you opening the file directly or saving it to your drive?11:31
prayashmpokoli: I am saving it on my drive.11:32
cedkprayashm: is not just your viewer who display the '\r\n' ?11:33
cedkmichale: did you test it?11:34
prayashmcedk: I think it is11:34
michaleyes, it gives me dictionary11:35
prayashmcedk: This happens when I open the file with Sublime Text / Nano / PapaParse11:35
prayashmI did a cat file.csv. That showed correctly11:36
pokoliprayashm: so it's your editor/paparse that does not show it correctly :)11:36
pokoliprayashm: I see it correctly in vim also11:36
pokoliprayashm: and I can confirm it is not correctly shown in nano11:37
michaleas here
prayashmpokoli: right11:38
prayashmcedk pokoli: thank you :)11:40
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mrichezhow to get current user employee_id ?15:29
mrichezi'm trying: if (Eval('_user',{}).get('') ==
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cedkmrichez: _user contains only the id15:31
cedkmrichez: it is set in the context normally15:32
mrichezcedk: ok, i see so i should use Transaction().context['employee'] ?15:34
cedkmrichez: you can15:36
mrichezcedk: working ! thanks :-)15:39
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