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Michalehello, anyone can help me for JSON RPC call?06:18
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Michaleanyone know about JSON RPC in triton?08:23
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pokoliMichale: hello, could you explain what are you trying to achieve with JSON-RPC and whats problems/doubts do you have?09:12
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shroxedk: I have done three of the five things you asked me to. Namely, removed the global variables, replaced concatenation with string format % and replaced classes with functions. I'm skeptical about the other two. Can you guide me how I should proceed with 1) creating the manifest file directly without reading the file list after they have been made. 2) handling images while making content.xml instead of reading it again.09:20
cedkshrox: for the manifest, you could have an object that you call each time you add a new file to the zip09:25
pokolihi prayashm, could you explain the concurrency issue you have with deeper levels? What's the problem?09:25
cedkshrox: there is something similar in relatorio also for the Manifest09:26
cedkshrox: indeed you could maybe re-use it09:26
shroxcedk: Oh, that would be cool. I'll have a look.09:26
cedkshrox: for the image, when you remove it from the content, you could directly add them in the zip09:27
prayashmpokoli: when calling on_row_expanded, it needs to wait till the following <ul> is populated09:28
shroxcedk: How would I manage the various attributes (href, simple, show, actuate)? And since I am splitting the files one after the other, won't there be unnecessary code related to the images while the function primary splits files?09:29
pokoliprayashm: so you need a promise and add the code as callback of that promise09:29
pokoliprayashm: get_fields returns a promise, doesn't it?09:29
prayashmpokoli: get_fields does09:29
cedkprayashm: I think you must do recursion using callback09:30
prayashmpokoli: I should have another promise inside on_row_expanded or within auto_detect?09:30
cedkshrox: I think you must almost have a single function to read only once the file09:31
cedkshrox: it is bad for performence to parse again the XML09:32
prayashmcedk: you mean, I should replace the current while loop with recursive callbacks?09:32
cedkprayashm: yes I think09:32
prayashmcedk: it will differ from the code in gtk client then, isn't it?09:33
shroxcedk: Okay, how about if I make another function specifically for the body tag in content.xml? That can split the file as well as convert the binary data to the images.09:34
cedkprayashm: yes but async in JS is different09:35
cedkshrox: why not09:37
shroxcedk: I shall do that then. Thanks!09:38
cedkshrox: I think you can also have images in the styles file if you put an image in the header/footer09:38
cedkby the way how is it possible to comment code on GitHub?09:38
shroxcedk: Oh, I didn't know that. So I shall separate the both of them then.09:39
cedkshrox: you must check before09:39
pokolicedk: yes, but AFAIK you have to add the comment on the commit that added those line09:39
cedkpokoli: that's stupid09:40
cedkI can not spend time to find commit09:40
prayashmcedk: I will do that09:40
prayashmcedk: Click on the commit id09:40
cedkshrox, prayashm: you should start creating *real* review09:40
shroxcedk: Okay. Should I add what I have right now as a review?09:41
pokolicedk: there is a blame button may help you find the commit09:41
cedkpokoli: if UI is poor for review, it is. We have better tools09:43
prayashmcedk: okay09:44
cedkshrox: it is better that you try to integrate with the existing code before09:44
shroxcedk: If there are any specific code related comments, won't it be easier if I can get to know them now?09:46
cedkshrox: it will be easier on codereview09:49
shroxcedk: Yes, I meant, if I put this code on codereview right now, I can have a look at your comments. Later I could submit another review after integration.09:50
cedkshrox: of course but just always use the same review09:51
shroxcedk: Oh, okay. I shall do that now then, after making a few changes.09:52
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prakhi, I have been tryting to run Trytond 4.1 on Mac... I am getting "Could not connect to server"10:16
prakany ideas ?10:17
prakI am using Postgres from it make any difference ?10:18
pokoliprak: are you sure trytond server is running an you are connecting on the correct port10:23
prayashmWhile submitting for review, with command: --rev upstream/develop, I encounter an error saying "Got error status from 'git show 02e799...' "10:23
pokoliprak: also starting the server with --verbose flag will give you more information10:23
cedkprayashm: can not help on git10:43
cedkprayashm: you should try to use the hash10:50
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