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prayashmI don't understand why this line is required?
cedkprayashm: it is to not take the first line as values09:28
cedkprayashm: usually the first line is header09:28
prayashmprayashm: But why set it while auto_detecting?09:28
prayashmcedk: *09:29
cedkprayashm: if you run autodetect, it means you have on the first line headers09:29
prayashmcedk: Oh ya. That makes sense ;)09:30
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prayashmI asked PapaParse when the custom quote character can be in a release? He replied that he's not sure about that. And asked to pull from the master.11:17
prayashmshould I change the dependency in bower to point to the exact commit where custom quote character is implemented?11:18
cedkprayashm: no never11:24
cedkprayashm: if there is no way to know if the feature is available then we will have to wait for a release before using it11:25
prayashmcedk: So for now, should I comment or remove all the code for quote char?11:25
cedkprayashm: I think you can keep the input but it should be disabled11:26
prayashmcedk: understood11:26
cedkprayashm: and just put a TODO where the options should be passed11:26
prayashmcedk: sure11:27
pokolicedk: will be great if you can have a look on and give some tips on how to solve it12:28
pokoliI spend a lot on time on it without any progress :(12:29
cedkpokoli: I don't understand step 712:37
prayashmcedk: Are you sure about not changing the browser default?
cedkprayashm: indeed it is trange that bootstrap does not provide good default12:43
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prayashmcedk: Bootstrap does provide a list-group > list-item but that was too space consuming12:44
pokolicedk: It's just create a new task at the same level of the previous task (using the children fields of both existing records)12:45
cedkpokoli: which level12:47
pokolicedk: third level12:47
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cedkprayashm: list-group looks good to me12:48
cedkprayashm: and there is the active class for it12:48
cedkprayashm: bootstrap is always too space consuming, it is something we will have to find a solution. For now, we advise to just zoom at 90%12:49
prayashmcedk: There is bg-primary in helper classes which works same as active classes, and doesn't require to be in any parent class12:50
prayashmcedk: I used list-group > list-item initially, but for Tabs like Products, it consumes too much of screen space, so switched over plain ul > li12:51
prayashmcedk: Plain ul > li keeps it more similar to GTK client12:51
cedkprayashm: active class is more meaningful12:51
prayashmcedk: ^ Why is that?12:51
cedkprayashm: list-group is the correct usage otherwise you have to fine tune the css of your raw tag12:52
cedkprayashm: alos reusing standard bootstrap classes will ease the usage of themes12:52
cedkpokoli: I'm wondering it is not a problem of o2m widget which is still using the old screen/group12:54
cedkpokoli: so maybe the re-display did not change it12:54
pokolicedk: yes, it seems something related to using an old reference. I will investigate, thanks13:01
prayashmcedk: I don't list-group should be the solution, if I append deeper level nodes to parent:
prayashms/don't/don't think13:21
prayashmcedk: and if I use .after(child) then we have to write css to indent the child nodes properly13:22
cedkprayashm: so OK13:28
cedkprayashm: but try to have a more meaningful css13:29
cedkprayashm: probably by using an id on the CSV dialog and to change the default padding-left of all li13:30
prayashmcedk: okay13:33
prayashmcedk: Can I use a class (instead of id) for the CSV dialog? (the Sao.Dialog class already accepts class as a parameter)13:39
cedkprayashm: probably13:39
pokolicedk: after saving the group have and empty list of records. This is normal?14:15
mrichezhello, what is the best way to set a default unit ('Unit' for example) when we don't have a product ?14:23
mrichezunit, =[('name', '=', 'Unit')])14:23
mrichezthis code is only in tests14:25
pokolimrichez: don't set a default unit, but fill it via on change where a product is set14:28
mrichezpokoli: but product is not mandatory14:29
mrichezso in the description user can ask for '1To hard drive' and specify a quantity of 4 and i would default uom : unit14:30
mrichezuom is required in purchase request, i'm testing issue 27431002 with a purchase_requisition (issue 23231002) without product14:35
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cedkmrichez: indeed I should remove the required on uom also15:00
mrichezcedk: would be the solution :-)15:05
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