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cedkpokoli: do you plan to complete:
pokolicedk: it will be great, but I don't know when I will work on it09:31
cedkpokoli: can I do it?09:33
pokolicedk: of course, I will add you as collaborator09:34
pokolicedk: done, do you what to work also on dependent reviews?09:37
cedkpokoli: yes09:37
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pokolicedk: done on all the reviews, let me know if you need anything else09:53
cedkpokoli: OK thx09:56
g5pwhello everyone! we're thinking about using tryton in our local hackerspace and I have a couple of questions:10:08
g5pw1) how does one activate the web gui?10:09
g5pw2) I saw a ticket about recurring billing, we  would need that, how could one implement that?10:09
pokolig5pw: about web gui you have to install tryton-sao for your version
g5pwaha, thanks pokoli!10:15
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pokolig5pw: about contrat you can use a third party module:
pokoliany tip in order to fix  ?10:36
pokolihere is the code
cedkpokoli: are you sure you run 2to3?10:43
g5pwoh, that's the updated version? awesome, thanks pokoli10:44
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pokolicedk: mmm, that fixed the issue. Thanks!10:47
pokolig5pw: sorry but I don't understand your question10:48
g5pwpokoli I saw the tryton_contract module (the url on ticket but that was for tryton 2.8, the one you linked looks compatible with the 4.010:49
cedkpokoli: in python3 metaclass are defined: class C(metaclass=PoolMeta):10:50
cedkg5pw: there is also the Move Templates now which allows to create accounting moves quickly10:52
g5pwcedk thanks, will keep that in mind!10:53
pokolig5pw: it looks compatible, but contact the author if you have some troubles10:54
g5pwit looks like it requires tryton 4.1 development :/10:55
pokolig5pw: because you used the default branch, use 4.0 branch in order to work with 4.0 trytond version :)10:55
g5pwI'll talk to the author, thanks again for the help pokoli :)10:55
mrichezhi, can someone help me about this:!topic/tryton/w9_5tH98-zA12:03
cedkmrichez: answered12:10
g5pwhey all, how can I create a party identifier type?12:11
pokolig5pw: you should create a custom module that adds the new type in the type selection values12:13
cedkg5pw: you have to extend the party module and append new type to the method: PartyIdentifier.get_types12:13
mrichezcedk: thanks12:15
g5pwoh, I though it was easier, I might just as well use VAT (here in italy we use Fiscal Code for people, similar to SSN in USA)12:15
cedkg5pw: the Italian VAT is supported as standard VAT12:17
cedkg5pw: we use python-stdnum for validation and iva is an alias for vat12:18
g5pwcedk yeah, but "normal people" don't have a "Partita IVA" (which i think is the VAT), they have a "Codice Fiscale" which is a unique ID of the person12:19
g5pw"Codice Fiscale" is alphanumeric, btw12:21
cedkg5pw: I guess it is available also in stdnum/it/codicefiscale.py12:21
g5pwoh, cool!12:22
cedkg5pw: so the best is to create a module that add it12:22
g5pwok! any guides on how to do that?12:22
cedkg5pw: but usually, business does not need such information12:22
cedkg5pw: there is
g5pwyeah, we're not a "real business", we are a non-profit association, and we're required to have a "codice fiscale" for each member12:24
g5pwthanks cedk, i'll ho through that 😊12:24
cedkg5pw: it contains much more than needed to do the module but if you want to customize Tryton, it is the way to learn12:27
g5pwyep, that would be the end goal :)12:27
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Michael_I am getting some problem with Index13:47
pokolihi Michael_, which Index are you refering to?13:49
Michael_actually I am using offset & limit to call API as page wise13:59
Michael_but sometime the index are changed from server side, so it stops working14:00
Michael_can you tell me how exactly get party list as per paging14:00
pokoliMichael_: so I imagine that there is someone that's creating new records in the server14:00
Michael_no, let's my limit is 2 so first it gives 2 records14:01
Michael_after sometimes that parties index are changed, so I will get only first 2 parties always14:02
Michael_if it seems complex & confusion, can you tell me how can I use paging for API?14:02
cedkMichael_: limit/offset is wrong for pagination:
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Michael_how to use pagination for search_read?14:06
Michael_cedk, thanks for your answer but I am not getting you14:11
pokoliMichael_: still don't understand what's your problem14:20
pokoliMichael_: but you have to use the same parameters as in SQL14:21
pokoliMichael_: see
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g5pwhey all! I installed trytond_contact, but i'm getting a "ValueError: can only parse strings" as soon as I try to open a contract menu. Am I missing something trivial or should I write to the author?15:24
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pokolig5pw: this error is usually thrown when there is a view that is refering to a file which does not exists. So it seems an error on the module15:34
pokolig5pw: BTW, how you installed the module?15:34
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g5pwaha, I see15:48
g5pwI installed it via "python install"15:48
g5pwbut I have it in a virtual envirinment15:49
pokolig5pw: so it seems that there is a bug on the module that does not copy the view files when installing15:58
pokolig5pw: BTW, you can extract directly the source in a contract folder of the modules dir and it should work15:58
pokolig5pw: and you should contact the author to fix this issue15:58
g5pwok, i'll investigate. At a first glance, it does not copy the correct files (there is no trytond/contract dir in site-packages)15:59
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g5pwmoved the dir, now it works, thanks again pokoli17:58
pokolig5pw: I'm always happy to help :)18:00
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