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MichaleI have some domains error while search_read with multiple domains07:36
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cedkMichale: you have to give the code and the traceback to get help09:25
cedkMichale: use a pastebin for that09:29
prayashmUnable get focus on an element here:
prayashmwhere am I going wrong?09:38
cedkprayashm: probably the dialog is not yet displayed when the code is run09:38
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cedkpokoli: for changeset 6d7c53854f41, I think a changelog entry should be added10:44
pokolicedk: ok, so I will add it now10:45
pokolicedk: done, btw should we add a changelog entry for each tryton missing feature implemented on sao?10:51
cedkpokoli: I think so10:52
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prayashmcedk: That's right. The focus should be done, after the predef list has been populated12:20
prayashmcedk: I couldn't make it work with .load() or .ready()12:20
prayashmcedk: should I try something like:
pokoliprayashm: please don't use set_interval12:21
pokoliprayashm: use a promise instead12:22
prayashmpokoli: But when do I resolve the promise?12:23
pokoliprayashm: when the predef list has been populated ;)12:23
pokoliprayashm: and the register the function to set focus as a callback of the populate promise12:23
prayashmpokoli: the problem is I don't when the populated list is ':visible' on the screen. If I try to focus the element, just after the list is populated, it doesn't show on the screen.12:26
prayashmpokoli: I don't know*12:26
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pokolipokoli: how do you make the list visible/where on the screen?12:30
pokoliprayashm: how/where do you make the list visible on the screen12:31
pokoliby where i mean which line of code12:31
prayashmpokoli: this is where I add it to the DOM to be shown12:33
pokoliprayashm: so after this append the list is visible, so you can resolve the promis there12:33
prayashmpokoli: Instead of resolving promise, I can just set the focus after appending the elements right?12:36
pokoliprayashm: after reading the code, i think that you don't need a promise12:37
prayashmpokoli: so when do I set the element to focus12:38
pokoliprayashm: i will put it exactly where it is, so I don't understand why i does not work :S12:41
pokoliprayashm: have you tried to debug it?12:41
prayashmpokoli: I am trying to12:43
pokoliprayashm: You just need to add a breakpoint on the browser webmaster tools on the line and then execute your function ;)12:46
prayashmpokoli: Just did that. The element is not hidden when it executes the line12:51
pokoliprayashm: so the selector is not returnig any elements?12:52
pokoliprayashm: or what's the problem with focus?12:52
prayashmpokoli: nope, the element is there. just .focus() doesn't work12:53
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prayashmOh done!12:55
prayashmFinally :D12:55
prayashmHad to add tabindex=0 attribute to the elements12:55
prayashmcedk and pokoli thanks!12:55
pokoliprayashm: elements with negative tabindex are not focusable ;)12:56
prayashmpokoli: I hadn't given any tabindex previously12:56
pokoliprayashm: I'm not sure but maybe you are inheriting tabindex attribute fromp arents13:00
pokolifrom parents*13:00
prayashmpokoli: that might be the case. well it's solved now ☺13:01
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andrespolitihow do i make a cron method, which does a write, ignore the validate of the model?16:38
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pokoliandrespoliti: it's not possible to ignore validate, and you *should not* try to ignore it16:46
pokoliandrespoliti: you need to ignore validate?16:46
andrespolitimy validate only show a warning but it still lets you save the record16:47
andrespolitibut if a cron task makes a write, it shows many warning signs for each record that triggers the warning16:48
pokoliandrespoliti: so you want to ignore the warning?16:50
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pokoliandrespoliti: you can set some flag on the context if called from cron, and before raising the warning check the precense of this warning.16:51
pokoliandrespoliti: if it's present yo don't raise the warning16:51
Timitosandrespoliti: is it a user_warning? there is a way to keep the user warning quiet16:53
andrespolitiyes, it is a user warning16:54
andrespolitiare you referring to the checkbox in the waring dialog box?16:55
Timitosandrespoliti: yes. but you can do this in the database too16:56
andrespolitibut wouldn't checking it also disable the warning when saving manually from the form?16:56
Timitosandrespoliti: you can do that per single action16:56
Timitosandrespoliti: if you check the checkbox an entry is created in res.user.warning16:57
Timitosthere are entries per user. for your cron user you can deactivate the check 'always'.16:58
Timitoscould be a solution for your problem16:58
Timitosif you do not use the 'always' boolean field. the warning will be deactivated only for the next occurrence of the warning16:59
andrespolitiokey, i will try inserting records in res_user_warning by xml to make cron user ignore these warnings17:05
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