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prayashmHow should I write tests for import/export? I read about QUnit. Going through tests/sao.js.10:50
cedkprayashm: it is going to be very difficult because it will require to have a trytond server running10:51
cedkprayashm: but you can try to test some methods10:51
prayashmcedk: Thanks. I will ask if I get stuck.10:54
cedkprayashm: do not worry too much, in Tryton the GUI is not really tested automatically10:59
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prayashmcedk: Oh alright. :)11:53
g5pwhey all! I'm dealing with a bug when creating sequences:     if sequence.last_timestamp > next_timestamp:11:56
g5pwTypeError: unorderable types: NoneType() > int()11:56
g5pwis this known?11:56
cedkg5pw: yes and fixed12:14
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pokolig5pw: :)12:18
g5pwoh :/ I just installed from pip though, is the fix already released?12:22
pokolig5pw: not released, but you can manually apply the patch if needed12:32
g5pwok, thank you12:33
cedkI planned to do some releases this week12:40
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g5pwthanks pokoli and cedk, I applied the patch and now it works :)13:37
g5pwHello! is there any way to import gnucash transaction in tryton? we are trying to switch and having past transactions would be useful.14:50
pokolig5pw: there is no module that i'm aware, but as far as gnucash can be exported in a readable format it should be doable15:11
g5pwaha, something like gnucash -> csv -> tryton15:12
pokolig5pw: normally accounting migrations are a llittle bit more complex as you have several relations15:17
pokolig5pw: the easier option is to migrate only the initial balance with a manually entered initial move15:17
g5pwwell, yeah, you'd have to migrate parties, invoices, etc15:22
pokolig5pw: yes for parties, invoices are not necessary as you have the balance in the accounting moves15:23
pokolig5pw: so as far as you have the amount in the customer account tryton will compute correctly the amount to pay for the party15:23
cedkg5pw: usually we write proteus script for such migration15:40
cedkg5pw: you can find example here:
g5pwI see, thanks!15:40
g5pwright now I need to reinstall everything in python2 because trytond-contract does not work with python3 :D15:41
pokolig5pw: you can try using 2to3 to convert it to python315:53
g5pwheh, I just reinstalled in a separate virtualenv for now :)15:54
cedkg5pw: be aware of
g5pwoh, fresh from the presses, cedk ๐Ÿ˜Š thanks!16:01
g5pwis it derived from
pokolig5pw: it's not the same, as nantic one is focused on invoicing, and this is focused managing the contracts, and generating the contract document using templates16:15
pokolig5pw: you can find the discussion on:
g5pwyeah, I noticed from the discussion associated with the bug16:15
pokolig5pw: but I'm also interessed on invoicing contracts :P16:16
cedkpokoli: I do not think you invoice a contract16:17
g5pwI'll take a look at the implementation and see if I can contribute something, althugh tryton is still a bit esoteric to me ๐Ÿ˜Š16:17
pokolicedk: no you invoice some services related to it16:17
cedkpokoli: so there is nothing to do16:31
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pokolicedk: generate the tasks to do the services :)16:35
cedkpokoli: I do not think neither that a contract generate tasks16:36
cedkpokoli: but you could have a reference to the contract on the task16:37
pokolicedk: I think the part about generating the tasks is quite specific, so I understand this is customization.16:38
pokolicedk: and Yes, I agree that tasks can reference a contract16:38
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g5pwis there any website to familiarize myself with some tryton terms like "journal", etc?16:55
pokolig5pw: The account doc may be a good starting point
cedkg5pw: maybe:
g5pwI went through the account docs, but that explains what data is contained in journal entries, and not what it is, or what it's used for. I'm not really an accountant, just a programmer :)17:04
cedkg5pw: journal is useful only in the eyes of accountant17:09
cedkg5pw: it is a way to classify operations17:09
g5pwwell, in this case I'm a programmer and would-be accountant (needed for operations at our hackerspace)17:10
g5pwaha, thanks for the explanations17:10
cedkg5pw: it comes from past, where accounting was done on paper17:10
g5pwI'm messing with journals because nantic-contracts needs them17:10
cedkg5pw: where does it need?17:14
g5pwwhen I generate contract consumptions, it says that I need to configure a journal17:14
cedkg5pw: no idea what it is17:16
pokolig5pw: you should define the journal used to invoice the contracts in the contract configuration17:18
g5pwthanks pokoli, I'll go check ๐Ÿ˜Š17:18
cedkpokoli: why does it not choose the default journal?17:19
g5pwyup, that was it, thanks for the help! :)17:20
pokolicedk: don't know, it was introduced recently:
cedkpokoli: strange, because it is always possible to change the journal on the invoice17:24
cedkand this is usually something that project managers do not care about17:24
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csoteloHello Dear Coders20:33
csoteloHi cedk .. let me ask directly on deposit module since you were full involved please20:33
csotelobefore it.. let em prepare an scenary fort make a clear and smart question20:34
cedkcsotelo: if it is a long question, it is probably better to ask on mailing list20:36
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csotelocedk, no long.. just looking to understand why... just I want to make a clear as possble20:37
csotelolet mne explain an scenary..20:44
csoteloI am doing a deposit for Carlos Sotelo of USD 100.00, as a rule each deposit is an invoice and is affected to taxes, the tax is 18%, the the calculation with taxes says that the ammount for been invoiced is 18%. I will buy a product named MyProduct wich one his cost is USD 200. Then the taxes will be USD 36.00, with a total of USD 236.00. When I call deposit, it just call the USD 100.00 with out the taxes payed on before ( USD 18.00 ) and the the20:49
csoteloinvoice tell that I must pay USD 136.00, cause 200 ( Product cost ) plus USD 36.00 ( taxes ) less 100.00 ( deposit without the taxes payed )20:49
csotelowhen the right ammount for been payed must be USD 118.00 since the depรณsit have its own payed taxes20:50
csoteloplease suggest20:50
cedkcsotelo: deposit should not be taxed20:50
csotelothen I have an issue there.. since I will invoiced, then must taxed it...20:51
csoteloissue on my side20:51
csoteloany suggest?20:51
cedkcsotelo: I do not understand your logic20:51
cedkcsotelo: deposits are not subject of taxes20:51
cedkACTION bbl20:52
csoteloon my country any way of money received must be taxed20:52
csoteloprobably I must do an extension for make the taxes movement on a deposit, right?20:53
csotelowhat do you think?20:53
pokolicsotelo: but you have to declare the deposits and the taxes to your country regulation?21:44
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cedkcsotelo: what is your country?21:48
cedkcsotelo: but any way, you can add also the same tax on the recall line21:51
csotelocedk, sounds great!23:13
csoteloI am from Peru23:14
csotelopokoli, yes.. any kind of income that generate a payment document required taxes declaration23:14
csoteloI just call the accountant in order to ask about that.. since.. as I understood, a desposit is not a sell, and just sells must have tasks, however accountant told me that any kind of incomming money must be declarated and invoiced23:17
csoteloand any invoice must declare taxes23:17
csotelosince the deposit is a kind of income, then must been invoiced and declarate taxes23:18

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