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nramirezuyhey, any ideas about how can I debug this?
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samsagazhi guys, someon eknow some good tutorial about tryton, i try a few that i found but get a lot of troubles to get it working :/04:55
samsagazi really cant understand how works with tryton04:56
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Michalewill country & subdivisional remains same for all db?08:01
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pokoliMichale: country data is static09:32
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csotelodear coders.. dummy question, is there a way to setup a default model value?12:22
pokolicsotelo: you mean a default value for a many2one field?12:43
csotelopokoli, no exactly but applies also on many2one12:52
pokolicsotelo: to define a default value of a many2one you must use the normal default_<field> method and return the id of the default value12:52
csotelopokoli, what about want another field as default value12:53
csotelofor example12:53
csoteloI am calling a model, then it will set the id as default. but that is no readable for a final user12:53
csotelothen when I call a model object ( like on many2one ) I want to use something like a name field, or title or something else12:54
csotelowithout writing extra code12:54
pokolicsotelo: don't understand12:54
csotelolike django12:54
pokolicsotelo: what do you mean by readable. The user does not have access to the fields?12:55
csoteloI could set a field as default name12:55
csoteloI mean.. friendly12:55
csotelofor example12:55
csoteloyo have users12:55
csoteloeach time when I call users,the default name value will be the id12:55
csotelobut that is o friendly12:56
pokolicsotelo: are you talking about the rec_name of the field? :$12:56
csoteloI want each time I call a User, I must have name as default12:56
csoteloI guess so....12:56
csotelorec name?12:56
csotelothanks a lot pokoli12:57
csoteloI am reading code and studying :)12:57
csoteloon before I was copyng and replaceing or reading what I need12:57
csoteloI am taking same time for study code12:57
csotelothanks a lot12:57
pokolicsotelo: you can customize the rec_name of every model, so you can customize which is the rendered string12:58
csoteloI see12:58
csotelothanks again13:00
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samsagazhi guys, someon eknow some good tutorial about tryton, i try a few that i found but get a lot of troubles to get it working :/14:42
samsagazi really cant understand how works with tryton14:42
pokolisamsagaz: i don't think there is a magic tutorial14:46
pokolisamsagaz: what are you trying to achieve with tryton?14:46
samsagazi just cant install14:46
samsagazi just want to test it14:46
samsagazi have a friend that sell books14:47
samsagazand need something to manage clients and orders14:47
samsagazthats all14:47
pokolisamsagaz: you can test on https://demo.tryton.org14:47
samsagazwell let me ask something if i need to build a new app, need to use the tryton software (the one that i need to set an profile, username, password...14:49
samsagazi cant start :/14:49
samsagazthe docs that read looks confucious to me14:49
samsagaz(sorry for my english)14:49
pokolisamsagaz: you can install the tryton client (what you call the tryton software) and connect to the demo server too14:50
samsagazyes i see that14:50
samsagazbut if i need to make a new app for a friend, they will use the tryton client?14:50
pokolisamsagaz: you can make a webapp that connects to tryton without using the tryton client, but using the tryton client will be easier14:52
samsagazok. at least now i understand something more14:52
pokolisamsagaz: feel free to ask anything you doubt here14:56
samsagazthanks pokoli14:57
pokolisamsagaz: you're welcome ;)14:58
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flachtassekasseI tried to sync contacts via webdav and got this error:
pokoliflachtassekasse: Which version are you using?16:17
pokoliflachtassekasse: could you please open an issue on the bugtracker?
flachtassekasseok, done.16:24
pokoliflachtassekasse: so if you can contribute a patch it will be amazing :P16:27
cedkit looks like a missing classmethod decorator16:29
flachtassekassewhat i did, was to make an instance of the class, like this: address = Address() in the vcard2values function and change the Address to address.16:29
cedkflachtassekasse: it does not seem correct16:30
flachtassekassecedk: i add the decorator, and now the error is gone.16:45
cedkflachtassekasse: please follow:
cedkflachtassekasse: and try to add a test16:47
flachtassekassecedk: ok i will try that.16:53
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samsagazhey guys! i get tryton running18:04
samsagaz(cant beliave it)18:04
samsagazpokoli :)18:04
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