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shroxcedk: Hi! Did you have a look at the latest patch?10:07
cedkshrox: not yet10:18
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shroxcedk: Anything I should be doing in the meantime?10:24
cedkshrox: write test10:25
shroxcedk: tests to automatically convert sample FOD's?10:25
cedkshrox: and fix all your TODO10:26
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scrapperHi everybody!10:35
scrapper-> I got a new computer and i installed the tryton-client 2.2.4 (running tryton 2 server). Now I am missing the "protocol" icon. I try since yesterday, but no clue why it is not showing. all other icons work fine, but this important icon disappeared and now i am not able to grab id of an invoice and other useful things. Here is an impression, the icon marked red is missing.
scrapperas an admin i used the icon in the upper left corner a lot! this was really useful! Anybody remembers old tryton 2 times and why this icon could disappear?10:39
cedkscrapper: 2.2 series is no more maintained10:43
scrapperi know cedk. unable to upgrade due to lack of resources.10:44
cedkscrapper: I remeber that Ubuntu broke this and there was a fix for it10:45
scrappergreat. this is already a very useful issue, so its not a config setting in the tryton db, its a system issue. thanks for the info cedrik!10:45
scrappercedk: thanks for the info.10:46
cedkscrapper: probably changeset db9c458879f510:50
scrappercedk: thank you, i will check this out and report back as soon it is solved. -> must be client side issue. works on other clients. thanks so far!10:59
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Gregwhen user enters the host, how can I fetch the list of all databases?11:36
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pokoliGreg: it's done from the profile management option11:39
csotelogood morning dear coders11:44
Gregpokoli: I know it is from profile management but how can I do with API request?11:46
csoteloI have done an update on development version, and I am havin an issue on the tryton cliente. When I start the profiles section on the client, it starts to look for the server, since this domain is no active ( I guess so ) the client crash and I couldnt continue setting my local profile, Must I report it as a bug or is an error on my side? thanks11:47
cedkGreg: it is the method: common.db.list11:48
Gregok, thanks cedk11:49
csoteloerror is "name or service not known"11:52
cedkcsotelo: already reported11:56
csotelowhat I have done for no having this error is replace a raise for a pass on exception on no server no know,11:56
csotelosince raise will brak the client11:57
csotelothanks.. then I will continue11:57
csoteloI juts need to know is is ok, cause I have solved on my host11:57
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Gregwhat are the parameters for db.list method?12:14
pokoliGreg: it does not require any parameter12:16
Gregpokoli: it gives me 502 bad gateway error12:46
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pokoliGreg: so it seems that do you have a proxy between the trytond server. Could you access the trytond logs?12:49
pokoliGreg: it seems there is something wrong with the request12:49
Gregcan you let me know example with demo host ?12:49
pokoliGreg: just post to the base url with the following json: {'method': 'common.db.list', 'params': []}12:54
Greg    is this right?12:58
pokoliGreg: it works on my local server13:01
pokoliGreg: make sure you send a POST request13:01
GregI am sure with POST request13:02
pokoliGreg: so it seems there is something wrong with the proxy, could you review the logs?13:09
Gregsorry, but I don't know how review logs?13:10
GregI also try with but I am unable to receive any response13:30
cedkGreg: on 3.2 it is common.list13:32
Gregit is also not working13:34
cedkGreg: indeed it is well common.db.list13:37
cedkGreg: see
Gregcedk. can you check here
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Gregcedk, did you try that?14:30
cedkGreg: try what?14:32
GregI mean with https://www.hurl.it14:33
cedkGreg: no14:33
Gregso can you help me for fetching db lists?14:37
cedkGreg: you are not very helpful to help you14:47
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pokoliGreg: i have tried and it does not work in this page15:08
Gregsame problem when I also tried with Postman IDE15:11
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cedkpokoli: about changeset 646d8d173b5a, where is the fix for rnc?17:00
pokolicedk: rnc was correctly defined in 627b84a0d0f5, isn't it?17:02
cedkpokoli: how could that happen?17:04
pokolicedk: I run tests for trytond, tested the client but didn't run the test for the module which used this feature17:06
cedkpokoli: but rng is generated17:06
pokolicedk: and latter when I run the module test i realized it was not correctly defined17:06
pokolicedk: yes? I didn't know now, i'm always modyfing it by hand :$17:07
cedkpokoli: trang17:08
pokolicedk: wow, I run it and now it give me some diferences in calendar.rng should I upload this?17:13
cedkpokoli: yes17:15
pokolicedk: done. And sorry didn't know about anything about trang17:20
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