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silwolWhen I have a reference field (like the "Product Template" field in the variant form), I have an "Edit" entry in the context menu which opens the referenced item on toplevel.10:09
silwolWhen I have a list of references (e.g. "Variants" in the "Products" form), then I have no method of directly switching to this like the "Edit" entry does this.10:10
silwolWould it make sense to have this on the list items as well?10:10
silwolImo, it would help navigating around between articles and products a lot.10:11
cedksilwol: are you talking about Many2One instead of Reference ?10:28
silwolcedk: I don't know how it's called internally, just speaking from a UI perspective.10:29
cedksilwol: Do you mean you want to switch to form list when selecting a record for a Many2One?10:30
silwolcedk:see vs.
silwolcedk: I would like to have something similar to the first picture in the context menu in the second picture10:36
cedksilwol: you can double click10:39
cedksilwol: we can not add such contextual menu on one2many because it is records inside the main record10:39
silwolcedk: if I double-click, I don't get the full form as if I had opened the referenced variant directly from the variants list.10:40
silwolcedk: e.g. I am at the product form, and I would like to edit the default locations, I have to go to the variants menu entry, search by name which I copy from the product name, and then open it. I can not directly open it from the context menu.10:42
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cedksilwol: which verions?10:49
silwolcedk: It applies for all versions I have tried (3.8 and 4.0), but becomes more relevant because 4.0 shows less variant details in the product form10:51
cedksilwol: the missing field could be added to the simple form of variant if needed10:54
cedkI guess for default location it makes sense10:54
silwolit's the same with BOM10:56
silwolnot being able to switch over to the referenced data directly slows down product maintenance a lot10:56
cedkor better there could be a relate from template to variants10:57
cedksilwol: could you fill an issue?11:10
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silwolcedk: ok11:22
silwolcedk: done, issue #581311:30
pokolisilwol: i have implemented it in
pokolisilwol: will be great if you can provide feedback11:43
silwolpokoli: that was fast.12:20
silwolnot being familiar with the codebase, I made a quick attempt to change the code to do what I wanted in the first place, and I quickly came to this: (diff against current devel branch)12:21
silwolI am wondering if there are any reasons why this should not work…12:21
pokolisilwol: I don't know what you try to achieve with your diff12:27
pokolisilwol: but for me what you propose should use the relates functionality12:27
silwolpokoli: I am just wondering: I can use the context menu to open the attachments and the notes of the referenced item, but not the item itself.12:29
silwolpokoli: adding this to the relates works for this reference (template->product), but does not for others. adding it to the client code makes the functionality available for all relation lists12:31
pokolisilwol: but relate can be also openen from all the views12:33
cedksilwol: No, we will never add the contextual Edit on One2Many, it will broke the application12:33
silwolok, then it's probably best to go with the relate entry.12:35
silwoli'll test the patch from pokoli12:35
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pokolicedk: is domain inversion implemented on sao?17:21
pokolicedk: the domain you proposed on works correctly on GTK but not on sao :$17:21
cedkpokoli: it is17:34
pokolicedk: could you point to the code? I'm searching for it without success17:35
cedkpokoli:  Sao.common.DomainInversion17:58
pokolicedk: yes this is working correctly, but the value is not correctly set on the form when clicking the new button18:01
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pokolicedk: nor is readonly when editing an existing record18:01
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zdenek_I've searched the IRC logs and What is the recommended way to handle overpayment of an invoice from a customer?20:39
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