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sisalphello, would you be interested ina discussion about UBL at Tryton unconference ?09:42
cedksisalp: yes09:43
mrichezcedk: Hi Cedric! Is there a script to have the same tests as the reviewbot ?10:03
pokolimrichez: reviewbot code is available here:
mrichezpokoli: thanks!10:04
pokolimrichez: it runs flake8 ( )and you can see the options to ingore in the code10:06
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mrichezpokoli: ok. Will try it !10:08
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pokolicedk: do you know which causes this error: ?14:10
cedkpokoli: no, did you try to re-run it?14:12
pokolicedk: yes, re run twice with same error, but on my local machine it worked correctly (on a fresh clone)14:13
pokolicedk: but it fails to fast, so it seems a problem while fetching dependencies or something14:14
cedkpokoli: I manually test it and indeed npm -s install exit with code 114:23
cedkthe problem is: No compatible version found: tap@'>=7.0.0 <8.0.0'14:25
pokolicedk: which node version did you use?14:31
pokolicedk: it works for me on node v0.10.46, but i think this is a quiet old node version14:34
pokoliACTION is going to eat something14:34
cedkACTION hate javascript world14:37
cedkpokoli: it is the F**king stupid bower who does not want to run as root14:42
cedkand also new node was not compatible with local-npm and private-bower, I have updated them14:43
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pokolicedk: i'm reading it, thanks15:03
pokolicedk: it's a pitty but the --allow-root option seems the unique solution15:08
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