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SamSagaZguys, i copied an module to /home/user/.virtualenvs/tryton40/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/module_name and are not displayed into my modules list of tryton, someone know some doc that tellme the right way to get listed?05:49
SamSagaZtryton_my_invoice-4.0.1-py2.7.egg is the directory name of the module05:50
SamSagaZand cant get it read by tryton, needs to run some command to get installed into tryton?05:50
SamSagaZfound -u option, testing...05:51
SamSagaZlooks like version 4 dont have -u option :(05:52
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pokoliSamSagaZ: you have to use trytond-admin in version 4.0 to manage your modules10:56
pokolicedk: for updating modules with sequence_ordered, do you want me to upload a review for each module, only for one module, or with the current one is enought (as it's the same as done in
cedkpokoli: I think we can go without review11:16
pokolicedk: ok, the other day i found which it may be usefull for this refactorings and can be shared for third party modules.11:17
cedkpokoli: I do not care about tools, dev are using as far as they commit correct code with the minimal changes11:19
cedkpokoli: often such tool can not do that correctly11:19
pokolicedk: yes, normally is dificult but providing some code/xml migrations may help tryton users to update their modules to newer versions.11:22
cedkpokoli: for me, this gives the false impression that it will work11:23
cedkpokoli: also such tools break often the style11:24
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pokolicedk: agree that i may break the style12:07
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cedkpokoli: this will not work:
cedkpokoli: oops indeed it is OK14:30
cedkpokoli: he no, because rule will be before sequence14:30
cedkpokoli: idem for;node=91dce2c0cb0a14:31
cedkpokoli: and for;node=77aa1e77d06b14:31
cedkpokoli: and for;node=4f6fe41813ed14:32
cedkpokoli: and;node=af3ee1ac698014:33
cedkpokoli: this is wrong, you can not update states like that:;node=3f16dfe49324#l1.3314:34
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pokoliACTION is reviewing ceds comments15:12
pokolicedk: for bank module, it's correct [('account', 'ASC'), ('sequence', 'ASC'), ('id', 'ASC')] and the same for party (the ones one the sequence is inserted at 1)15:15
pokolicedk: and you are right about the ones which sequence is inserted at 0 with another field, as sequence should be the first element15:16
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pokolicedk: what's workn with stock_location_sequence module? I've tested and it's working correctly16:38
cedkpokoli: update remove any previous states16:47
cedkpokoli: maybe sequence_ordered should not override existing field16:48
pokolicedk: but the field does not have any previous states as its added by the mixin16:49
cedkpokoli: for now16:49
pokolicedk: then not overriding the field will miss the mixin states as well16:52
cedkpokoli: then you must update keeping previous existing states16:53
pokolicedk: i will upload a review soon16:57
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