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sisalphello, do you know party relationship ?10:20
pokolisisalp: hello, yes I know the party relationship module10:27
sisalppokoli: thank you. how do you define types and what are types ?10:31
pokolisisalp: types define the kind of relation, for example: A contact of a Company, An Accountant of a Company, A worker of a Company10:35
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pokolisisalp: an they are defined on the Party -> Configuration -> Relation Type menĂº10:37
sisalppokoli: thank you10:45
sisalppokoli: are there some modules to enhance the contact fonction ?10:45
pokolisisalp: what do you mean by "enhance the contact fonction"?10:47
sisalpadd fields and search caps10:48
pokolisisalp: there is this nantic module:
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sisalppokoli: it's not relevent in my case, the question id to improve fields of contact means in partu form11:05
pokolisisalp: I don't know any module that improves the party form11:08
sisalphow to add discount on order line12:05
cedksisalp: change the unit price12:07
cedksisalp: this can be done using price list12:09
sisalpand how the discount is showed12:10
cedksisalp: it depends on what you consider being the original price12:10
cedksisalp: you could show the list price of the product for example12:11
sisalpbut the12:11
sisalp% ?12:11
pokolisisalp: if you wan't to save the discount on the order line you can use this module:
sisalpthre is not comment field on parties and products ?12:33
pokolisisalp: you can use the note functionality to add comments on every model12:34
cedksisalp: what do you want to comment?12:36
sisalp:-) a comment is whatever we want to record12:37
cedksisalp: it should not12:37
cedksisalp: at least not on referencial data12:38
sisalpwhy ?12:43
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cedksisalp: because if something need to be known by others it should be done using a workflow, users will not read referencial data13:09
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sisalpcedk: I understand this answer13:39
sisalpsisalp: notes/comments are for the person in charge of modifications/maintenance only, something like attachments but for text. I think this is a custom requirement.13:46
sisalpcedk: even if users don't read, it can be incorporated to some reports.13:47
cedksisalp: yes, notes is about discussion and information between users about the record14:23
cedksisalp: if it is some data needed to be put on specific report, I think it can not be a general note but a specific field with a defined usage14:24
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sisalpHi, I added electronic_mail modules from Nantic but get dependencies errors Exception: Missing dependencies: [u'activity_contact', u'smtp', u'imap']17:30
sisalpis there a list of required dependencies ?17:31
pokolisisalp: no, but you should find all in the nantic repositories17:51
pokolisisalp: it's a pitty that modules are not available on pypi, so dependencies are automatically fetched17:51
sisalppokoli: I searched on bitbucket but cannot find where documentation is.18:03
pokolisisalp: i don't think there is any docs, but you can find the module using<module_name>18:03
pokolisisalp: just take care to checkout the correct branch18:03
sisalppokoli: I downloaded the zip for each module. maybe not the right one indeed18:04
pokolisisalp: on bitbucket you can download a zip for each branch18:05
pokolisisalp: if you do not specify any branch it uses the default branch which is latest development18:05
sisalppokoli: but in, I don't find anything18:08
cedksisalp: if they use the standard setup, the dependencies are computed from tryton.cfg19:01
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